Cypriot Embassy & Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata

As an official body, the Cypriot Embassy & Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata offers emergency and consular services to the citizens if Cyprus in India and to the Indian citizens who plan to travel to Cyprus for employment, tourism or any other specific purpose. It endeavors to maintain friendly and cordial relations between the governments of India and Cyprus.

Necessary Documents

● Two passport- sized photographs, precisely attached with the duly filled application form
● Passport along with copy of its main pages
● Itinerary of travel arrangements
● An official invitation letter from the company in Cyprus, if going for business or employment purposes
● A letter of invitation with the complete information, including phone number, address and occupation in Cyprus, if going to visit a friend or relative residing in Cyprus
● Tax declaration photocopy

Value Added Services

1. Accommodation Facilities

This is one of the basic facilities that every human desires for, at a minimum. While you are on a tour, the most important concern that strikes your mind is arranging the precise accommodation facilities for your friends and family. Henceforth, if you plan a tour to India, then you can be assured that the accommodation facilities would be arranged, as per your specifications within the time proposed by you. We have a strong bond with some of the major hotels in India. This way we can easily arrange such facilities for your comfort.

2. Business Meetings

Many a times, it happens that the managers, CEOs and various high position employees take their family out on a tour at the place, where they need to host or attend a business meeting. This helps them in simultaneously performing their task and enjoying quality time with their family. Hence, if you travel to India for any such purpose, then we can arrange the most suited venues for you to conduct the meeting as well as arrange cabs and accommodation facilities for you.

3. Excursion

Committing for precise solutions for travel and accommodation, we aim to make your trip memorable and exciting, by making all the travel and accommodation arrangements on-time. So, whenever you travel to India, you need not to worry about any arrangement. You can just turn upto us for any assistance or query. Our team would be delighted to guide you.

Translation into Foreign Language

These days, it is generally advisable to keep abreast with effective and authentic translation, if travelling to a non-native country. In a non-native country, where you are unaware of the language, you cannot enjoy to the fullest without translation. Moreover, you may also need to translate the certificates, identity proofs and various business related documents. Hence, in such a situation, you can always rely on our supreme grade translation services. Translation, as our core expertise, lies at our fingertips.

Your Friend in Need

Our translation firm truly sticks to the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Whether you are in the need of translation or travel arrangements; we are certainly your friend, as we guide you throughout the way, making it sure that everything delivered to you, is authentic and one of a kind in terms of excellence. Our team always enjoys helping the clients for any of their requirements (under our business scope).

We will be pleased to hear from you..!!

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