Czech Embassy & Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata

Known to represent Czech government, this Czech Embassy & Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata maintains a productive dialogue between the governments of India and Czech. Whether you are a Czech citizen residing in India or an Indian citizen wishing to travel to Czech for any specific reason; this embassy will definitely help you with varied emergency and consular services.

Important Documents

● Original passport with 2 blank pages
● Passport size photo
● Invitation from the employer (if going for employment purpose) or relative (if going to meet one of your relatives) in the Czech Republic
● Return air ticket
● Bank statements that will serve as a proof of sufficient funds with you
● Proof of your current occupation
● It is advisable to retain a photocopy of all the documents

Value-Added Services

1. Accommodation Facilities

If you are planning a tour to India and concerned about precise accommodation facilities for your family and friends, then you no more need to take stress about it, as we can easily arrange accommodation facilities as per your specifications. Basically, we are in contact with a number of hi-end hotels in India. Therefore, if you face any such problem in India, then we can surely help you in this regard.

2. Arrangement for Business Meeting

If you are a businessman, you might require to host and attend several corporate meetings or get-togethers. Hence, if the meeting requires to be conducted in India, then we can certainly arrange the venues, to help you conduct the meetings in India. We can arrange auditoriums, hotels, restaurants and other such venues for your assistance.

3. Excursion

The responsibility to make your tour (to India) exciting and tension free, is totally ours, as we are here to arrange all the travel and accommodation related facilities for you. Whether you require booking a cab or hotel room; we will arrange everything to help you enjoy the precious and quality moments with your family.

Authentic Translation While Travelling

Suppose you have landed a foreign country with your family and after two there days of your tour, suddenly you are asked to get the certificates and identity proofs translated into the native of that particular country, then what will you do? For certain security reasons, you might be asked to do so. Hence, if you are travelling to a non-native country, it is advisable to keep translated certificates with you. As far as the translation assistance is concerned, so, we will translate all types of documents in the desired language, as we are a translation biggie in the global market.

Reliable and Authentic Solutions

No matter you require either one of our services (travel arrangement or translation services), or both of them, we commit to render reliable and authentic solutions for both of them. Right from assisting you with the travel arrangements to providing error-free language translation, we excel at performing both the tasks within proposed budgetary and timely constraints.

We will be pleased to hear from you..!!

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