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Are you looking for a way to make your videos presentable for deaf people? Chinese Captioning is the right approach to do so. Captioning enables the audiences to understand the dialogues spoken in their native language that will be displayed in the video. It makes it easier for deaf people to view even if they cannot listen.
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Why You Should Invest in Chinese Captioning in India?

There are over 800 million local Mandarin speakers. Across the world, Mandarin is the authority language of China. Mandarin is the main language of China. (It’s also considered as Standard Chinese or Putonghua.) But that doesn’t imply that Mandarin is the just language in China. Far from it! While the several varieties of spoken Chinese are often known as “dialects,” several of them are different sufficiently to be languages in their own right. When you have a look at all of the Chinese languages together, the majority of speakers turn out to be more staggering: around 1.2 billion native speakers, or about 16% of the world’s population. While spoken Chinese languages as well as dialects differ across the country, written Chinese has just some of the regional variations. That’s due to the Chinese characters that are logograms. They show phrases or words instead of sounds. As such, they exceed most of the variations in speech found across China.

Businesses that target Chinese-speaking audiences are adopting the idea of captioning their videos. The reason behind this is it’s easy to do and has a great impact on the viewers. People who will watch your videos and will not be able to understand the dialogues, can read the captions and know what message you want to convey. This service is available at an affordable rate at Tridindia which is providing Chinese captioning with the help of trained captioners.

What We Offer in Chinese Captioning in India

Captioning can be valuable for your business if used in the right way. All just you need to do is look for a Chinese captioning service provider who can ensure that all the viewers will be able to follow everything. Tridindia has a team of captioners who have sufficient knowledge of wide industries and they are well-versed with the vocabulary used in every industry. If you want to know what type of captioning service is best for you, check the list below.
  • Chinese Closed Captioning
  • Chinese Webcast Captions
  • Chinese Open Captioning
  • Chinese e-Captioning
  • Chinese Audio Captioning
  • Chinese Video Captioning
  • Chinese Language Captioning
  • Chinese Offline Captioning
  • Chinese Voice Captioning
  • Chinese Multilingual Captioning
  • Chinese Broadcast Captions
  • Chinese Industry Captioning
  • And Many More…
Captioning has the power to capture the attention of the audience quickly that you can’t even ignore. You have also watched and liked videos that have captions. The same happens with the viewers who even if don’t understand the dialogues, can read the captions below and understand the whole concept. Our main objective is to help your audience connect with your brand and know what do you have in your store for them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Chinese Captioning Services in India to Us

Captioning has now become a necessity to make video content popular. So, it is crucial to make sure that the captions created should sync well with the dialogues spoken by the speakers in the video. Thus, it would be a great idea to give the captioning a professional when you feel the requirement of adding it to your video content. Tridindia is the right company to outsource Chinese captioning solutions with the fastest turnaround time.

Quality Assurance

Tridindia is serving quality for many years. We understand that the video will become a hit if it seems quality rich. Before delivering your video after captioning, our QC team checks the captions thoroughly to ensure their quality.

Professional Captioners

An amateur or an unskilled person cannot give you the right captions that will meet your requirements. Thus, you need to outsource your requirement to us where your project will get the support of our skilled and experienced captioners.

Quick and Accurate Translation

Captions don't need to be in the same language, your video is in. If you are targeting audiences who speak the Chinese language, the captions can be accurately translated into the Chinese language with the help of our translator.

Secure and Confidential

Data privacy is very important to secure information from end to end. Thus, at Tridinida, we take care that all your files will be kept fully safe and confidential. We will not share the captions with a third party.

The key reason for booming popularity of outsourcing services is due to internal professionals as well as a cost-saving initiative. For some businesses, there is no requirement to hire an in-house team of experts to do certain tasks. Thus, outsourcing is the ideal option that can assist a company to acquire captions done perfectly as well as reduce costs. Tridindia is the ideal company that can assist you at its best. So, hire us now and get high-quality work at the best affordable price.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Get Trusted Chinese Captioning Services

Captioning can either make or break your audience. This is why it is always said to look for a professional company that delivers broadcast-quality captions. Tridindia is one of such companies serving various large and small companies belong to different sectors. Our team of captioners is adroit, trusted and hard-working who delivers the best possible result for you in the shape of captions. Their expertise can help your videos gain huge numbers of viewers, and boost brand engagement that will help your business grow.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

Tridindia has the best language solutions to offer that ensures you will definitely get accurately translated captions for your video content.

Native Expert

With the help of native captioners, we make it possible to deliver exceptional quality captions that will meet your requirements.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

With the help of our experienced QC team, we ensure that the captions will be having a higher level of accuracy and quality.

Easy Project

We conduct project consultation at the beginning of the project to make our clients learn about our different captioning solutions.


We bring cost-effective certified captioning with the assistance of our proficient captioners who deliver effective captions.

Fastest Turnaround

Our captioners know how to work faster in order to deliver the work within the deadline. Therefore, when it comes to quality work, choose us.
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    To promote your brand or to educate the kids worldwide, from meetings to conferences, captioning is the one-stop solution to boost engagements and sales. Our Chinese Captioning services ensure that your target audience resonates with the message you want to convey more efficiently.

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    Easy Steps to Book Chinese Captioning Service

    Captioning is the widely used technique now because it brings engagement and boosts the interest of the people to watch some more videos with captions. It breaks the language barriers and enables the Chinese-speaking to watch videos at ease. If you want such service for your videos, just follow these steps:

    Reach us

    When you feel the need for professional captioning, connect with us over the call or just email your requirements.

    Discuss with professionals

    For more discussion about our service, we will also schedule your appointment to meet our project manager.

    Fix your service

    To enable us to serve you, fix your service soon.

    Get Quick Delivery

    We will deliver captions in the Chinese language as fast as possible.