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Are you thinking about how to publish an interview of a renowned person and attract audiences to listen or read it? Transcription enables you to convert the audio file into text form. Whether your audiences speak the Chinese language, or some of them belong to the hearing impairment community, your recording will be accessible to everyone.
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Why You Should Invest in Chinese Transcription in India?

Beyond 1.2 billion individuals speak the Chinese Mandarin dialect. It’s among the ones that you just can’t ignore when you are talking about the leading languages for business, as it is the 2nd most famous language among internet users. If markets keep on growing their internet utilization, Chinese could be expected to replace English as the most commonly used internet language soon. From offline to online, this language is becoming the biggest hit. If you are targeting this language, you need to translate your message.

Recording a business meeting as well as having it transcribed is important for each organization. There is no business organization that can run viably without holding meetings to talk on different topics. The most famous business meetings attended by organizations are inter-organizational meetings, board meetings, performance reviews, disciplinary, and strategic planning meetings. In all such meetings, the participants are generally more than two with every person owning different views thinking about the topic at hand that is expressed in a quite quick manner.

What We Offer in Chinese Transcription in India

Nowadays business conferences are going beyond the real world, running live across different countries as well as accessible on-demand just after the doors have shut. Video as well as live-streaming technologies are developing business conferences worldwide, and so is transcription which is all about converting audio to text services. At Tridindia, we deal with different types of businesses that are specialized in different fields. They often conduct conferences and feel the need for the transcript to keep the information handy and organized. Our transcribers hold expertise in different types of transcription services.
  • Chinese Legal Transcription
  • Chinese Medical Transcription
  • Chinese Media Transcription
  • Chinese Religious Transcription
  • Chinese Interview Transcription
  • Chinese Lecture Transcription
  • Chinese Research Transcription
  • Chinese Academic Transcription
  • Chinese Audio Transcription
  • Chinese Video Transcription
  • Chinese Insurance Transcription
  • Chinese Podcast Transcription
  • Chinese Voice Transcription
  • Chinese MP3 Transcription
  • Chinese Subtitle Transcription
  • Chinese Speech Transcription
  • Chinese Music Transcription
  • Chinese Movie Transcription
  • Chinese Book Transcription
Recording your seminars, keynote sessions, and interviews with significant figures on the day is an ideal way to boost the reach of your conference. Transcribing your recordings in a Chinese language using Tridindia’s services is a fast and easy way to get to Chinese-speaking audiences across the world, where it’s transcribed by the professionals using the right techniques that bring it to 100% accuracy and quality.

Benefits of Outsourcing Chinese Transcription Services in India to Us

Transcription is an important tool to make sure your business conference content is available to every type of audience. While hosting video or audio recordings of your conference on your website, you have to be certain that the content is available to anyone like individuals with hearing disabilities. If you want Chinese-speaking people to access your content and get to know about your brand, you should provide the transcript in the Chinese language. Outsourcing this requirement to Tridindia can be a great solution that gets you a high-quality transcript that should be readable and understandable.

Quality Assurance

Quality plays a great role in making a transcript worth reading for the viewers. Our transcriber and quality analyst will make sure that your transcript should have high quality from start to end so that readers get the information from it.

Secure & Confidential

We understand the importance of keeping business information confidential. When you outsource your requirement to Tridindia, we assure your each and every file will be kept safe and fully confidential.

Quick and Accurate Translation

Our speed of doing translation of your transcript is exceptional. Once your transcript is created from the video or audio recording you are provided, it is given to the translator to translate it into the Chinese language accurately and faster.

Professional Native Expert

A professional transcriber is someone who knows the art of transcribing. Our transcribers will understand your requirement, use their experience and skills and put their best efforts to provide a rich quality transcript that will be accepted by you.

If you choose the give the task to someone in your team, it’s possible that they might be not well informed about the transcribing. Worse, odds are they’ll not have the suitable skills that are required to handle the task effectively. Also, you will not get the transcript delivered on time. Now as you are aware of the benefits of transcription, you should hire Tridindia and outsource Chinese transcription services to get your transcript created by professional transcriptionists with the same-day turnaround!
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Transcription needs a lot of energy, time, and skill to transcript a video or audio recording properly. Professional transcribers are hard to come by and are needed to make sense out of complex audio and have a great command over grammar and the Chinese language. At Tridindia, our perfect Chinese transcription is provided to global businesses that need effective, best-in-class transcription at affordable rates. Tridindia is always here to meet your needs. We promise that our results will never disappoint you.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

Chinese is very much in demand in business. To make your transcript accessible, we provide comprehensive language solutions at reasonable rates.

Native Expert

Our team of native transcribers is capable and create a quality transcript out of the audio files that can easily attract your Chinese-speaking audiences.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We have an efficient quality control team who will review the transcript and make sure the transcribed content is rich in accuracy and quality.


We bring the facility of certified transcription services for you to help you get the error-free and grammatically correct transcript.

Easy Project

We will get in touch with you for project consultation so that we do a discussion on your requirement and understand your goals.

Fastest Turnaround

We promise to deliver your transcript without compromising the quality. Our team of transcribers ensures that work gets completed on time.
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    Attending many discussions, seminars, and conferences can leave you with no time to make notes. Transcribing your audio files can provide you with impactful transcribed files that you can use later to make crucial business decisions. Contact us now, to know more about our services.

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