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Why You Should Invest in Education Translation Today?

About 60% of the population speaks their native language other than English at home. Several parents who are raising kids report that they don’t feel right that they cannot assist them academically. Non-English-speaking parents in India, for instance, feel a big barrier in being part of their kid’s education and, therefore, future. Besides, One of the quickly emerging segments of the education industry is online learning. From sites that assist parents who are home-schooling their kids to K-12 alternative schools to online universities, the e-Learning industry is rapidly growing every year. The institutions that want to make their lessons/training sessions available in written form in more than one language need education translation for effective communication.

Are you looking for higher education opportunities abroad? Or you’re looking forward to gaining the attention of more students from foreign nations? You have used many online translating tools and other methods still not able to take out the vital information from it due to language gaps? There is only one solution to all these requirements – translation. Fastest professional education translation services by 4000+ certified education translators who offer accurate education translation in 121+ languages. Universities making efforts to reach prospective international students, with the help of our manual translation solutions, can easily accomplish their goals by translating their academic brochures, website, admission forms, and other documentation into the language of targeted regions.

Affordable Education Translation Services for Your Business

While working with parents, students and guardians with non-English proficiency, education translation is an important aspect of providing a great opportunity for students to further progress academically. Whether an education institution is private or public, you want an education translation partner like us who knows the particular translation requirements of education, and who can fulfil the demands of the institution. Tridindia has a talented team of expert native linguists as well as subject matter experts who specialize in translation for ample academic disciplines as well as fields. We have the strong experience, exceptional processes, and advanced translation strategies to ensure the top level of linguistic quality as well as localization efficiency.







Need of Education Translation Services For Your Business Today

Most schools and colleges organize debates, conferences, etc. which help students from all over the world to connect with each other. In such activities, proper academic translation plays a major role. Whether it is about understanding the education curriculum of the foreign country or adapting the teaching methodology, etc.; you may definitely need a translation in multiple languages.

Penetrate New Market

Education is the sector where gaining people’s trust is highly important before entering any market. Through translation, you can satisfy the audience’s needs in their native language, and make them trust you.

Reach Targeted Audience

Translation helps to effectively connect with people from other regions. Hence, if you want to attract global students, then let registration brochures, parent letters, and other required content be translated by professional experts.

Create Reputation

For educational institutions or organizations, it is significantly important to create a recognized image in the targeted areas. Translation helps to gain appreciation from intended people for making efforts in adapting their native language.

Better ROI

Translation is a cost-effective and time-saving process. Through translation, you can convey your intended message without paying a great amount to multiple parties, which eventually boosts your ROI.

Translation helps to bridge the gap between parents, students, and school staff for the achievement of educational objectives. Apart from this, the progressive importance of translation service has been identified in many more aspects of the education field. So, don’t overlook its importance.

Types of Education translation We Offer

Backed by native and professional translators, we perform various types of translation to ensure our clients get the accurately translated content that meets their requirements. Some of them are mentioned below –
  • Education Website Translation
  • Education Content Translation
  • Education Document Translation
  • Education Certificate Translation
  • Education Website Localization
  • Education Content Localization
  • Education Audio Translation
  • Education Video Translation
  • Education Contract Translation
  • Education Book Translation
  • Education Manual Translation
  • Education Literary Translation
  • Education PowerPoint Translation
  • Education Diploma Translation
  • Education Patent Translation
  • Education Paper Translation
  • Academic Research Translations
  • School Newsletter Translations
  • Engineering Translations
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Translations
  • Arts Translations
  • Law Translations
  • Systems Science Translations
  • Computer Translations
  • Earth Sciences Translations
  • Psychology Translations
  • Life Science Translations
  • Optical Astronomy Translations
  • Astrophysics Translations
  • Social Sciences Translations
  • Pediatrics Translations
  • Finance Translations
  • Business Translations
  • Marketing Translations
  • Accounting Translations
  • Humanities Translations
  • Computational Chemistry Translations
  • Neuroscience Translations
  • Elearning Translations
  • Mathematics Translations
  • Agriculture Translations
  • Econometrics Translations
  • And so on…
Apart from being the most trustworthy language service providers, we are also known for our dexterous team that focuses on some major areas (like a quality check, faster turnaround and streamlined work process), which helps us deliver error-free translations.

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Professional Education Translation to Make Your Message Understandable

The key goal of translation in the emerging education system is to make sure that both students and teachers are knowing each other on different levels. That means translating beyond just words – students have to be able to know the concepts that the teachers are generally sharing with them too. When it comes to considering the professional’s help, we are the right resource which can deliver your quality translation in the language of your choice. Tridindia professionals can do accurate paper translation, translate worksheets, and so on.

Greater Understanding – Our translators have a good understanding of the education industry and stay updated with the continuous changes that happen in this industry.
Specialization – Our expert team are specialized in translating various forms of education materials and assure that translation done by them will be the same as the original.

Type of Languages We Offer for Education Translation

For the past 15 years, we are constantly working for a number of education-related organizations to allow them to enjoy effective cross-border communication. We offer precise document translation for various languages including the following –
  • Tamil Education Translation
  • Gujarati Education Translation
  • Telugu Education Translation
  • Kannada Education Translation
  • Punjabi Education Translation
  • Marathi Education Translation
  • Malayalam Education Translation
  • Bengali Education Translation
  • Urdu Education Translation
  • Oriya Education Translation
  • Haryanavi Education Translation
  • Bhojpuri Education Translation
  • Sanskrit Education Translation
  • Hindi Education Translation
  • English Education Translation
  • Japanese Education Translation
  • German Education Translation
  • Russian Education Translation
  • Spanish Education Translation
  • French Education Translation
  • Arabic Education Translation
  • Chinese Education Translation
  • Dutch Education Translation
  • Turkish Education Translation
  • And Many More…
We are one of the well-recognized top translation companies. We are successfully translating a variety of content for educational institutions, teachers, students, research organizations, academic journals, and more clients in diverse language pairs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Education Translation Services To Us

When it comes to expertly translate a book be it educational comics or moral story books, outsourcing education translation to us will make you enjoy multiple benefits. Here they are:

Native Translator

We have a team of native translators who have good knowledge of nuances, grammar, dialects, etc. many languages.

Faster TAT

Once the project is assigned to our translator, he/she will complete the work on your project with faster TAT.

Years Of Experience

We have many years of industry experience in delivering excellent translation to education institutions.

Culturally Relevant

We make sure that the translation done by our translator must be culturally relevant and convey the right message.

Data Privacy

We ensure end-to-end confidentiality of your essential papers provided by you to save them from others' access.

Quality Control Systems

Our team of quality analysts and proofreaders work together to deliver error-free and quality-rich translation.

We take some time to know your language needs and discuss with you how to achieve your business goals. When you hire us, you will know the best practices we follow for education-related high-value book translation.

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    Do you need to promote your educational publication in foreign markets? You need credible globalization and translation. We overcome language barriers and help promote your publication through our quality translating solutions.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We focus on delivering error-free and accurate translations. Thus, we let translated output undergoes a stringent quality check by experienced supervisors.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We offer comprehensive language solutions with the assistance of our professional linguists to ensure quality written communication in different languages.


    Our certified translation ensures clarity in the translation of the educational content that seems culturally relevant and easy-to-understand meets the client's expectations.

    Native Expert Translators

    We have on board with us, a qualified team of experts, who are not just linguistically sound, but also hold expertise in delivering a culturally sound translated document.

    Easy Project

    Project consultation enables our project manager and clients to have discussions on the project they want to assign us and how we can help them reach wider students.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Our company has been recognized for providing the fastest professional translation solutions even within 24-36 business hours to avoid delays in your business.

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    Translated files are thoroughly proofread and undergo stringent checks on different parameters. Our language specialists help you get quality results within a short time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Video Captioning

    Answer: The perfect translation for business is not just limited to conveying words. It’s about winning the person’s heart too. There are complexities woven into the way we connect with each other, specifically, when it comes to differences and meanings.

    The main purpose of translation in the educational system is to make sure that the students and teachers are knowing each other on different levels. By translation beyond just words, students have the ability to know the concepts teachers  are also sharing with them.

    Answer: The translation is not just helpful in helping any education-based business to grow. But it also helps:

    • In engaging parents in their kids learning
    • In ensuring the success of the students
    • In meeting the compliance requirements

    Today, as many education centres are promising to educate students across the world, that is making them invest and enjoy the massive advantages of good translation service.

    Answer: Cross-cultural communication is crucial in almost every facet of an existing globalized world. Students who even speak another language must not be held back because of the communication barrier. This is where the accurate translation is required.

    By helping your business tactically empower your students and parents, we can help strengthen your communities.

    So, if you or your company is looking for the right company to engage non-English speaking students and parents, our translation solutions are something you need. Our process includes translating content in the selected language and comprehensive proofreading in translation.

    Answer: Translation cost mostly depends on the number of words required to be translated and the specific language that you are translating into.

    Projects that include formatted content like brochures, whitepapers, newsletters and any other content may need the proper attention of the translator. Thus, the actual translation cost is based on our analysis of your original material and is even charged on an hourly basis.

    Answer: We decide on turnaround time based on the project complexity. We offer a quotation for most of the projects within 24 hours of getting your original materials. Complex projects that involve web content may take extra time.

    Answer: Whenever you feel the need of hiring a professional company for translation, we are always ready to assist. To gain detailed information, you can check our website. You can even contact us at +91-8527599523  or mail [email protected]. Feel free to visit our office- Second Floor, Plot-19, Sector-5, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (N.C.R.), U.P. – 201005.


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