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FAQs & Answers For Dubbing

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubbing

Answer: We value our customer’s precious time that is the reason why we have created simple form with all the essential information required. All you have to do is fill the form and mention all project’s specifications in it. After receiving your request for quote, we will contact you quickly.

Answer: Tridindia provides an array of dubbing services, specifically crafted by our specialist dubbing talents, who can dub in different languages. We have an in-house team of dubbing talents as well as technical subject matter experts who give special attention to the language, tone, pitch, punctuation, synchronization, pace, and consistency while dubbing.
Answer: It is essential to provide direction, before starting recording. You have to mention the tone of voice you need, what pace to consider and so on. Further, when you write the script, it is suggested to add instructions. Put words that should be highlighted in italics or bold, and if you want longer pauses write that also in the script.
Answer: We use the perfect combination of technical assets and human creativity for developing powerful dubbing. Some of our work have been highly appreciated by foreign as well as Indian companies and that make us different as we provide positive results consistently. No other platform will offer you a wide range of dubbing like Tridindia provides.
Answer: You can always approach us for a free custom demo before hiring us. This will provide you a great idea how your project will sound, and it will provide you an opportunity to request changes in cadence, tone, and so on.
Answer: Yes, you can. Our team dubbing experts different foreign languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, and many more. We have a pool of native foreign dubbing professionals who put their dedication and efforts into providing you a top-notch end-user product.
Answer: It should be decided according to your preference, what way works fine for you. But note that the dubbing is generally recorded before the video. Additionally, syncing a dubbing to an existing video costs an extra amount.
Answer: We provide the best dubbing professionals around the world at the reasonable rates. You know upfront what a recording is going to cost, therefore you can stay within your fixed budget. The rate is decided according to the words included in the script. The majority of time a dubbing artist is actually the cheapest part of the advertising campaign.
Answer: Our company plans are mainly developed for corporates searching for dubbing service providers providing quick TAT and high quality. Our specialized solutions comes with below-mentioned perks:
• Suggested dubbing artists
• Dedicated customer support
• Fast delivery
• Streamlined Project Management
• Flexible payment terms
You can reach out to us for more details and we will be happy to assist you.
Answer: This is the most common myth that people have. Creating dubbing includes a lot of work. It requires time and skills to provide a satisfactory dubbing. Adding to that, the audio must also be edited.
Answer: Whatever you want. After receiving payment, you are asked for direction and set a deadline. Then we let the talent know the format you require and anything more you want. Standard audio formats we offer are MP3 and WAV.
Answer: Nothing can take the effectiveness of experience. The more experienced the dubbing artist is, the better job they will likely to do for you. Relying on the task, we choose a dubbing artist who have great acting experience, or at least has some professional dubbing training from a reputable institute.
Answer: As per your script, we will provide you a fully furnished audio output. In case you require some particular edits in a dubbing or in a video, you can reach us through mail or call and we will be there to assist you on the same.
Answer: Yes, we do hold a privacy policy to maintain the confidentiality and security of our client’s information and documents. Before starting working on the project, we sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements with both dubbing professional and clients and work with your standard agreement or offer ours. 


Answer: It is believed by many that anyone can do dubbing. It takes many years of training to sound believable, natural, warm, friendly, and trustworthy. When you have tried to save some money by getting any known individual to record your company’s important message and you realize how unprofessional it sounds, reach us!
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