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Do you have any doubts about interpretation services? Tridindia is here to give answer to all your interpretation FAQs. The mentioned FAQs & answers for interpretation are designed to educate our clients regarding the solutions we provide.

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FAQs & Answers For Interpretation

Frequently Asked Questions on Interpretation

Answer: All business information provided is held strictly confidential. We do not disclose the details of any our customer’s projects without taking their permission. If needed we can also sign our standard non-disclosure agreement or yours as per the preference. 

Answer: Don’t worry, here it will be cleared. Translation is converting text from one language into another. Translation helps to convey the same message into some other language. Interpreting is the intellectual activity that provides sign language or oral communication, either consecutively or simultaneously, between people who do not communicate in the same language.
Answer: Tridindia’s dedicated team works round the clock and this gives you an ease to access your data any time. It also helps companies to stay connected to important data which encourages many more powerful operations.
Answer: Yes, we offer diverse range of translation packages – Professional Translation, Budget Translation, Value Added Translation and Standard Translation.
Answer: We utilized an effective combination of intelligence and creativity to develop consistent quality interpretations, quickly. Basically, as per your project needs we choose the interpreters from a pool of 250+ professional and high-skilled interpreters worldwide. Our team dedicatedly concentrates on every task that brings value to the final results of your conference or meetings.
Answer: We provide experienced interpreters for 150+ languages around the world. Some languages are Hindi, Marathi, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Bengali, Telugu, Middle-east, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Urdu, and so on. We offer interpretation in both Indian and Foreign languages.
Answer: Yes, our team of interpreters have massive experience in satisfying your interpretation needs. We offer interpretation for various fields in every language in any city in the world. If you utilize specialized terminology, it’s requested to discuss this with us. Later, we may request that you deliver the additional information to assist our interpreters be aware of your industry well.
Answer: Interpreters can be accessed at any time when you need. In order to meet the demands of our clients from all around the world, our services are available to all of our clients the entire day. Also, we give prompt response to your every mail or calls.
Answer: Yes we do, while most of our linguists are located in the country where their specialist language is spoken, our international network permits for the possible chances of working even with unusual language combinations in unexpected regions or countries.
Answer: All our interpreters are well-qualified, holds linguistic degree, and accredited. When Tridindia chooses an interpreter for you, we ensure that they have an in-depth knowledge of your industry as well as have the language expertise to perfectly suit your needs.
Answer: When booked for interpretation, we enlist our interpreters ASAP just after a booking. Arranging a booking with them also means that for the particular date, they will decline all other work offers. Because of this, we have to give a fee, which differs on the time frame before the event was actually to take place. For more information please contact us.
Answer: Interpreters has the duty of conveying oral message in some other language, but sometimes they have to translate documents like consent forms or discharge instructions. Although longer as well as more technical translation should be managed by a skilled translator, an interpreter should be trusted on a good job for short translations that are not too complicated.
Answer: Tridindia adhered to diligent confidential standards. The interpreters abide by a strict code of confidentiality and ethics. They are experts who are restricted not only by a professional code of ethics, but also by written company policies and methods that forbid them from revealing any information about an interpretation.

• Simultaneous – When the interpreter translates the target language at the same time as it is being spoken.

• Consecutive – When the speaker leaves gap in between of every sentence or say conceptual breaks so the interpreter has enough time summarize what was said.

• Telephone Interpreting – When the interpreter works over the live video connection or remotely over the telephone.
These three are the most famous one from all the other types of interpretation we offer.

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