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FAQs & Answers For Subtitling

Frequently Asked Questions on Subtitling

Answer: Our company builds a team as per the requirement of the project to perform the best and make it easy to adjust the timing. Also, we periodically keep a check on our team members to ensure that their performance goes above our high standards. Furthermore, we always assure to give you high-quality work and are ready to correct the issues created by us.
Answer: We can provide subtitles in 150+ languages. Some of them are: Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Kannada, Malayalam, Chinese, Korean, Sanskrit, Arabic, Gujarati, Bengali, French, Russian, Urdu, and so on. From Indian to Foreign languages, we have it all.

Answer: If you want to ensure whether we are right for you or not, here are some points to show how we work:

– We always aim to incorporate subtitles that fits the purpose and satisfy our valuable client’s expectations.

– Our team is always ready to spend extra time on a project for making sure nothing is missed.

All these things ensure we provide the best-in-class subtitles for audiences all across the world.

Answer: According to the outcome you want, there are different formats available. Subtitling follows a specific set of rules and guidelines so it’s important to select the right format that will suit the visuals of the video.

Answer: You can mail us at [email protected], or call us at +91-8527599523 ,We can also provide you with a quote and soon someone will get connected to you for further assistance.

Answer: It depends on the video’s length and the language you want your subtitles in. As every request is different, the time consumed in each project differs from one another. However, we always provide you fastest TAT on every project in comparison to others.


We are working with hundreds of well-qualified and skilled subtitle experts chosen by vigorous testing. With their experience and language skills, they are able to provide top-notch work.

For a more secured work process, the team members working on your project will sign a strict confidentiality agreement so that no important information gets leaked to the third party.

Answer: Yes, it is important. For marketing and promoting a company’s products and services, audiovisual content is increasingly used nowadays. If you take an example of a social media platform like Facebook, you will find that around 80% of videos are watched without sound which depicts the importance of subtitles. It has a huge potential to grab a larger portion of viewers.

Answer: We have a professional team of subtitling experts that sometimes work around the clock to provide you with everything on time while also maintaining accuracy and quality in the files.

To produce a subtitle, we:

  • Accept your video and check the quality.
  • Add timed subtitles to the file.
  • Translate the text in the language you want.
  • Check the accuracy of the translation.
  • Deliver it to you.
Answer: Although we can do it by going through the video, it can help massively to save time in subtitling and will make the work process way smoother and hassle-free.
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