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Gain access to every bit of information about our transcription solutions through Transcription FAQs. We have covered all the most frequent questions that are asked by individuals who show interest in our transcription solutions.

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FAQs & Answers For Transcription

Frequently Asked Questions on Transcription

Answer: We have hired certified transcribers and a quality control team to ensure your transcripts have the best quality as well as accuracy possible. We offer around 99% accuracy in the transcript. We are renowned for providing quality customer services to clients.

Answer: There are a plethora of languages from regional to foreign we can easily transcribe into. We have a wide network of transcribers to get this job done.

Answer: We are a well-structured and prestigious transcription company that has made strict privacy policies in place to ensure the protection of the client’s files. We would also be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Also, we can give one upon your request.

Answer: We are specialized in handling all types of transcription work — interviews, business meetings, focus groups, conference calls, lectures, legal deposition, radio shows, video shows, etc.

Answer: We accept any type of audio file format such as mp3, mp3, MSV, mp2, mpga, mpg, ogg, 3gp, flv, mkv, m4a, AVI, WAV, mp4, etc.

Answer: If audio files are just 30 minutes long with excellent quality, then we will deliver them within 1-2 days, often quite quickly. For lengthy recordings or recordings with bad audio quality, it may take a little longer.

Answer: We have a big pool of transcribers, thus we can efficiently handle projects of small and large sizes. But, we may require some time to organize for transcription work.

Answer: First of all, we offer human transcription to ensure our clients get quality transcripts. A team of trained and vetted professionals work at Tridindia. Your services will be given by a transcriber specialized in a specific area; whether it is a business, academic, podcast, legal or verbatim transcription.

Answer: If requested, we will provide a time code in your transcript every 30 seconds or every time the speakers’ change, whichever comes prior. If you have many time coding requirements, talk to our project coordinator.

Answer: Our standard transcription omits all uhs and ums. In case, you need a verbatim transcript, please let us know immediately.

Answer: We can efficiently do transcription for panel discussions, focus groups, and other various speaker files. We will do labelling of the speakers as Male, Female or Female 1, Male 1, when possible.

Answer: If your audio file is small in size, then you can send us through email. If your file is large in size, you can talk to our experts who will tell you alternate upload methods.

Answer: To know the status of your order, you can get in touch with our project coordinator at any time to know the status of your order.

Answer: Our transcripts are delivered through email in MS Word format. Upon request, we are also fine to deliver transcripts in another format like PDF.

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