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FAQs & Answers For Voice Over

Frequently Asked Questions on Voice Over

Answer: A voice-over is the utilization of voice in filmmaking, television, and theatre as a production practice whereby the vocal sound is not the aspect of the narrative. The information available on a script can be read and spoken by a voice talent specialist in the production set.
Answer: At the time of the synchronous dialogue, a voice actor narrates a video at the same time as an action is taking place. But for asynchronous exchange, the voice is pre-recorded then positioned over the top of a video. Documentaries as well as some news reports usually use asynchronous dialogue to clarify specific information.
Answer: For a great voice over, its pace should be deliberate and natural. It should not be very slow or fast. The voice actor should speak pronounce words rightly without mumbling or shouting. The voice over volume should also be balanced and have clarity. Last but not the least, your tone should be very pleasing to the human ear in along with being natural.
Answer: Tridindia has more than 10 years in providing audio for diverse clients across the world. Clients range from start-ups who want audio for their advertising video to companies who want e-learning content, on hold messaging as well as everything else you can think of.
Answer: No matter which industry your business belongs to, we provide different voice over services. When it comes to the cost of the service, it completely depends on the complexity of the projects. We make sure that the price of each one of the services would be affordable and you will still get a professionally recorded voiceover.
Answer: Voice over is now not just limited to audio books, narrations, video games etc. Businesses are now including voiceover in their business presentations, websites, and tutorials. The voice actor’s tone, vocal qualities, and cadence build a “personality” for your company.
Answer: If you want to boost your business, adding voice over can be beneficial for you. Tridindia has a team of professional voice over actor with excellent tone, enunciation, and ability to read tough words without stumbling. They are aware of how to speak into a microphone correctly.
Answer: Commercial voice-over services are meant for advertising and marketing purposes. Our voice actors comprehend the significance of commercial message deliveries. They pay attention to the message being delivered instead of the character. We know the message to be conveyed as per the needs of the businesses.
Answer: Tridindia is prestigious that delivers professional voice-over services. We deliver voice-over services for various educational as well as corporate videos like Training materials, human resources videos, university course videos, explainer videos, learning modules, etc. Our voice actors maintain a professional tone and avoid taking many risks.
Answer: Yes, we provide different voice over services in various languages. Actually, we have a team of skilled and experienced voice artists who are well-versed 100+ languages and can get work efficiently on your project. We simply assign the project to a suitable voice over artist who knows that specific genre, language, or elocution imaginable.
Answer: Tridindia is the best provider of myriads of voice over services. We have a pool of excellent voice-over talents and we also stay updated with the latest innovations in the industry. We put our best efforts to pass on not just the text, but the essential meanings, nuances and tone of the actual text over to the voice over.
Answer: Turnaround time for voice recording will mainly depend on your project size. However, if your voice over project is quite long and highly involved, it will take much time to complete. Customarily, the average turnaround time for any voice over task is 36 to 48 hours for every hour of audio that you want to be recorded. So, the earlier you book, the better you would get.
Answer: While even the most high-quality and professional recordings may seem good, maybe the voice actor misstated a word or there’s a minor issue that you just don’t like. Feel free to connect with the agency and request revisions. Often you can come and discuss the problem as early as possible to know the agency handles revisions.
Answer:  Tridindia team has no problem in revising as long as there are no big changes required in the script. We know that, at the time, it’s tough to convey the vocal tone you’d like to hear, and our objective is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your recording.
Answer:  We take the best care in keeping up the security and confidentiality of information given by our clients. We follow a strict confidentiality policy and are deeply invested in modern innovations to make sure that your data is completely secured with us.
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