Canadian Embassy & Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata

With an aim to offer consular services, the Canadian Embassy/Consulate in India New Delhi Mumbai Chandigarh Kolkata is the sole destination, where you need to go when stuck somewhere in India. It aims to protect the rights of the Canadian nationals in India as well as help those Indians who wish to go to Canada for employment, study and various other reasons.

Canadian Consulate in chandigarh Canadian Consulate in India -1 Canadian Consulate in kokata Canadian Consulate in mumbai

Important Documents Required

■ Valid travel document; passport
■ Two recent passport photos
■ Bank statements to provide a proof for your funds
■ A proposed itinerary
■ Identification cards
■ A letter of invitation from the employer or relatives in Canada (as the case may be)

Which countries do not require a Canadian visa?

Austria Australia Belgium Bahamas Cyprus Andorra
Czech Republic Antigua and Barbuda Chile Ireland Barbados Croatia
Brunei Denmark Iceland Holy See Liechtenstein Estonia
Finland Korea France Germany Israel Malta
Norway Italy Japan Luxembourg Greece Hungary
San Marino Latvia New Zealand Lithuania Papua New Guinea Netherlands
Monaco Poland Samoa Slovenia Taiwan Singapore
Solomon Islands Slovakia Sweden Switzerland Spain Portugal

Value Added Services

1. Accommodation

Accommodation is really a messy concern that one has to decide on while travelling to a new place. But this certainly can be effortless and easy with us, if you are travelling to India. With a strong bond with a number of hi-end hotel groups in India, we can assure you to deliver amazing and budget-fitting accommodation facilities as per your liking and specifications.

2. Business Meetings/ Get-Togethers

Committing for effortless arrangements, we resolve all your travel and venue arrangement related problems for your business meetings and get-togethers. If your business meeting is supposed to be conducted in India, we will help you in organizing the venue and all the travel related stuff, such as booking a cab, within a short leap of time. As per your specifications, we will arrange hotels, hotels’ room, auditorium, cabs, conference halls and the like.

3. Excursion

As mentioned above, we are here to guide you throughout, to make your trip/excursion in India, the most memorable one – where you need not to worry about any of the arrangements for accommodation and travel. Whatever be your specification or need, you can easily contact and explain it to us. With due respect to your needs, the output delivered from our end will be worthy of your appreciation.

Translate On the Go with TridIndia

TridIndia has become a synonym for multilingual translation, way before, when translation was not even known to most of the masses. With years of experience, we offer premium quality translations in more than 100 languages and dialects. Hence, if you are stuck anywhere in the world and require translations for your medical, legal, technical and other business documents along with any type of certificates, then TridIndia is all what you need to escape from the situation.

Priceless Services at Less Price

Both of the services that we offer are utterly priceless, as we inculcate quality and honesty in it. Our ethical principles do not allow us to cheat or mislead the customers. Henceforth, our team of translators and the professionals for arranging all the travel and accommodation stuff for you, work in line with your specifications – in a manner that will cost you the least price. So, whatever be your requirement (falling under our scope of operations), we commit to deliver the same at affordable rates with quality intact in it.

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