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Want to make your videos accessible to French-speaking audiences? As you know content is a king, thus it should be presented in a way that is highly appreciated by the audience. French transcription offers you a unique way to promote your videos along with their transcripts so that viewers view as well as read the message conveyed.
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Why You Should Invest in French Transcription in India?

As per Ethnologue, there are around 300 million. However, this covers a more confounded profile of the language. Within the 300 million are local speakers, yet also partial speakers as well as speakers of various French dialects. Through diaspora and colonization, French is the 7th most commonly spoken language in the world, following English, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Bengali. It’s an official language across five continents as well as it is also the second most commonly studied language in the world. Overall, businesses need to present content in the right manner whether it’s audio or video.

A transcription service will assist you with transcripts for any form of the audio file. Tridindia is a reputed company, which backs up French language transcription for different audio files like – recorded lectures, conference calls, podcasts, sales meetings, etc. There are several advantages that one can get by transcribing audio content. Transcripts are very useful for businesses as well as organizations. They can transcribe their conference calls for capturing every crucial action point and different idea discussed. Also, it can benefit them while covering events or meetings of the company. Transcribing your company’s press conferences will be great when it comes to promoting your services or products too.

What We Offer in French Transcription in India

Not everyone in the world understands English. From skilled to unskilled, most people are dependent on their native language for better understanding. Thus, they want the content they read or view should also be in the French language. Businesses that are doing good in French-speaking countries, have taken French transcription services from Tridindia and received amazing outcomes so far. It’s now your turn to go ahead of your competitor and smooth your work process. We are providing different types of transcription services that would surely be worth your money and time.
  • French Legal Transcription
  • French Medical Transcription
  • French Media Transcription
  • French Religious Transcription
  • French Interview Transcription
  • French Lecture Transcription
  • French Research Transcription
  • French Academic Transcription
  • French Audio Transcription
  • French Video Transcription
  • French Insurance Transcription
  • French Podcast Transcription
  • French Voice Transcription
  • French MP3 Transcription
  • French Subtitle Transcription
  • French Speech Transcription
  • French Music Transcription
  • French Movie Transcription
  • French Book Transcription
Tridindia prides itself on offering top-quality transcripts each time. A genuine and reliable company delivering premium service to clients nationwide. We understand the significance of your transcription project as well as work towards offering you a transcript with integrity. Our client base involves a wide spectrum of professionals and businesses that have utilized our transcription services for several years.

Benefits of Outsourcing French Transcription Services in India To Us

In every industry, transcribing meetings as well as speaker events gives employees scannable records without forcing someone to take notes. This can help with everything from project management to repurposing a transcript into the marketing content. If you want the transcription to help your employees retain information in a much better way, then think about taking the help of experts for transcription. Outsourcing your French transcription requirements can help your business gain more productivity whereas our team will work dedicatedly to convert your audio/video content effectively to text form.

Quality Assurance

Transcription is not just about changing the recording to the text, it is also important to make sure that the transcript should be quality rich. Our expert quality control team will checks the transcript thoroughly based on certain factors & confirm the quality.

Professional Transcriptionists

Our key motive is to provide you exceptional transcript in the French language. We have a team of professional native transcribers who hold many years of experience and skills to create a top-notch transcript that will be culturally relevant.

Quick and Accurate Translation

You don’t need to hire a translator separately. When you outsource your requirement to Tridindia, we have a complete team to work on your project. Our native translators will translate the original transcript to French faster and accurately.

Secure and Confidential

Securing information is very much important for any business. Thus, at our place, we make sure that each and every file that you have shared with us should be kept completely confidential and away from the reach of anyone’s use.

Companies across a different range of vertical markets such as law offices, medical practices, education and so on, have highly discovered the various benefits of outsourcing their transcription needs to professional transcription companies like Tridindia. Technology in digital recording as well as audio technology has made outsourced transcription quite cost-effective and has provided it meaningfulness in daily business needs. So, if you have any conference calls, audio recordings, court hearings etc. that need to be transcribed, then get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Get Trusted French Transcription

Several businesses are using Tridindia’s French transcription services to make their video content searchable. Search engines can’t listen to audio or view a video. If a video or audio is transcribed, Google can read the transcriptions as well as understand exactly what content is available within the video. Our transcription services ensure that the created transcript will surely attract the viewers and help you reach to the target audiences.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

To make sure your content reaches your targeted audience, we provide comprehensive language solutions to convert your content to the French language.

Native Expert Transcriptionists

We have French-speaking translators and native transcribers who work together, use their skills, experience and knowledge to create a correct transcript.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We have an excellent team of proofreaders who ensure that the transcribed audio or video script should meet the high standards of quality and accuracy.

Easy Project

We conduct easy project consultation in which we learn more about your requirements and what type of transcription you are looking for.


To get the exceptional transcript, always choose our certified transcription in which the transcript created will be error-free and fully accurate.

Fastest Turnaround

Our approach towards transcribing audio or video is different. Our experts will ensure that they will complete the transcription work faster.
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    Transcription in the French language can be done in various steps, but not by the unskilled professional. Thus, assigning your project to us can be a great deal for you as it brings a lot of benefits to your business and workers. Just follow these steps and get our best service now.

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