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Find, search or hire employee assessment companies in India with 10+ years of experience in offering HR assessment services to MNCs, NGOs and global businesses or industries. Being associated with 75+ talent assessment executives, we have flourished as the most reputed employee testing & assessment service providers in New Delhi NCR India UAE Portugal Sweden Russia Germany Japan France China Mumbai Noida Gurgaon Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Ghaziabad Chandigarh Pune Amritsar Kolkata and worldwide nations. We believe that employee evaluation and testing is really important to make sure that the company hires the perfect employee for the job role. Thus, keeping this in mind, our HR assessment company uses different types of employee assessment tools (like personality behavioral assessments, motivational assessment, pre/post employee assessments, psychometric tests, employee engagement, integrity testing, emotional intelligence test etc.), to make sure that your manpower needs are fulfilled upto the maximum satisfactory level. So, if you wish to boost your organization’s productivity and take your business to a new horizon, it is time to contact our HR assessment consultants, who will guide you at every step and see to it that, only the motivated and dedicated professionals (with desired HR competencies) occupy the deserving job roles.

☞ What We Have in Store for You?

Right from pre-screening or pre-employment test to assessing the motivation level of the employee, we will help you throughout. In short, we have a bunch of employee testing or assessment services for you, which are categorized as follows:

1. Pre-Employment Testing and Assessments : Our assessments and testing (pre-employment) measures are so well designed and organized that they help us in accurately predicting the performance of the candidate, before he/she is hired for the job. We make sure that we hire the right employee at the very first attempt. For this, we identify the qualities needed for job role, conduct cognitive tests and determine whether or not the candidate possess those qualities. This way, we will help you in making highly confident hiring and candidate selecting decisions.

2. Testing Against Performance Standards : For every specific job role, there are certain performance standards, which must be fulfilled. Hence, we assess the candidate’s performance against the demands of the job description. A JD clearly defines all what is expected from a candidate, thereby setting the performance standards. So, our experts see to that the candidates meet all the requirements mentioned in the JD. Further, we also focus at employee development solutions like 360° Leadership Assessments to evaluate the leadership skills in an employee.

3. Organization Development/ Motivational Assessment : For the consistent growth of an organization, it is important that the new hires plus the existing employees are motivated and work with full dedication. Thus, to make sure that your organization develops and grows in terms of success, we assess the employees on their motivation level. We conduct various tests and surveys through which we become able to identify the motivation level and explore the reasons of a lacking motivation among the employees.

4. Behavioral Assessment : This aims at making the workplace a better and safer place for each employee. In this, the candidate or employee is assessed on his behavioral patterns or personality traits. The personality risk factors can result into human error and unpredicted incidents on the job. Thus, we thoroughly check the background of the candidate and also evaluate his/her behavior through different tests, like role play etc. Further, we also recommend management and self-coaching tips for minimizing any impact of the personality risk factors on workplace safety.

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We are the leading firm that centers at offering advanced assessments solutions to global organizations and businesses. Most of the companies outsource our services due to the following reasons:

✓  10+ years of experience in this industry

✓  Offer world class and effective employee assessment solutions

✓  No hidden charges

✓  75+ assessment executives on board

✓  Offer candidate assessment and testing services at highly feasible rates

✓  Comprehensive support to the clients

✓  100% confidentiality

✓  Guaranteed reliability

✓  Committed to client’s satisfaction

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