Find, search or Hire HR staffing solutions & services at TridIndia that is one of the leading HR staffing companies with 75+ staffing executives since 10+ years. We offer comprehensive HR staffing services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Japan Sweden Russia China Germany France Portugal Gurgaon Chennai Noida Bangalore Chandigarh Pune Hyderabad Ghaziabad Kolkata Amritsar and worldwide nations. In short, we are counted among the top HR staffing agencies that offer its placement services all over the world and for all the industries, like technical, fashion, retail, aerospace, travel, academics, legal, medical, machine installation, food and beverages etc. we have placed almost 3000+ professionals in different sectors and organizations. Further, we hire for both language and non-language profiles on permanent staffing basis, temporary staffing basis and contract staffing basis. Hence, you can outsource multilingual staffing services plus non-lingual staffing services at TridIndia, with an assurance talented manpower recruited at your service.

☞ Need of HR Staffing Companies

Due to the increasing competition and the need to hire employees across a range of skill-sets and location, staffing has become an essential solution that every company is looking for. Thus, you too may need to outsource human resource solutions/ services because of the following reasons:

◆  To lower the initial employment costs
◆  To recruit candidates in bulk amount within a short span of time
◆  To hire manpower for specific time bound projects
◆  To address specific skill sets required for a job task
◆  To quickly strengthen your team
◆  To retain focus over key business functions
◆  To maintain your company headcount

With this, it is evident that how much importance does staffing hold for your organization. Our executives have years of experience in this industry and thus, can help you out with all types of manpower requirements.

☞ What We Offer

We understand the need of acquiring talented workforce in an organization. Thus keeping your manpower needs in mind, we provide comprehensive staffing solutions to you in India and abroad –

1. Temporary or Contract Based Staffing

This type of staffing relates to the process where the employees are hired for a certain time period. When an organization requires talented staff/employees for a particular project or time frame, we hire fresh or experienced professionals (as per the needs of the client) to fulfill the vacant positions in the client”s organizations. So, you can term this type of staffing as temporary staffing, contract staffing or short-term staffing.

2. Full-Time or Part-Time Staffing

If you are looking for employees who could work for you full time or part time, you are at the right place. According to your needs, we search and recruit candidates who are perfect for the specific job role. This way, you get right person at the right position and at the right time. So, to satisfy your workforce needs with highly talented professionals, you must contact us instantly.

3. Direct or Permanent Staffing

Our staffing consultants deliver customized solutions to the clients. Thus, we can also help you with permanent staffing, where the permanent employees are directly paid by the employer and are protected from unanticipated job termination by a number of policies. Thus, we can help you find the perfect match for your company”s requirements and also indirectly help to boost your business profitability (by hiring talented manpower).

4. Freelance Staffing

This type of staffing relates to the staffing of freelancing employees, who work for you and get paid by you, but, work from home or from other place, other than your office premises. The presence of such employees is not really necessitated in the organization. The companies generally assign them a project and after it is done, the employers pay for the work done.

☞ Industries Served

We work for a number of industries, as mentioned below:

Retail Publishing Media and Marketing
Aviation Engineering HealthCare and Pharmaceutical
Education Manufacturing Real Estate and Construction
Logistics IT & Technical Travel & Hospitality and more..
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☞ Get Smarter With TridIndia Staffing Solutions

We help you grab the most professional “lots” of employees for a specific job role or designation; Thus, making your organization smarter with smarter employees on board. We offer comprehensive staffing services and solutions that include hiring deserving candidates, background check, induction training and following up with the organization. This implies that we are here to guide you from the time we search for potential candidates to the time he/ she joins the organization and undergoes induction training.

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