Third Party Payroll Services

Professional third party payroll services by 200+ workforce payroll specialists who offer multilingual hiring on third party payroll, short-term, contractual & permanent basis to help you concentrate on your core business functions. In an urge to become better day by day, companies around the world often fail to give proper attention to the administration part of their organization. For example, managing the employees’ salary, making revisions in salaries, updating the attendance software, educating the staff about any change in the rules and regulations and various other functions remain unnoticed. Additionally, a business owner often comes across a situation where he needs to look for dedicated professionals for temporary positions. Managing the in-house payroll activities for the temporary employees further becomes a major challenge. Hence, the ideal way to come out of this situation is to outsource the services.

What Do We Offer In Third Party Payroll?

We help businesses around the world save time, money and other resources on payroll processing. No matter what size your business is, payroll processing demands a great level of attention from your end. If you neglect it, you would face serious issues from your workforce, and if you focus on it, you will neither be able to understand the changing needs of customers, nor be able to devise revenue generating tasks for your organization. This is why we offer 360 degree third party payroll solutions to you –

a) Multilingual Hiring

Short term or long term
Contractual basis
Permanent basis
For any language, job profile or industry

b) Onboarding Management

Release offer letter
Joining documentation and formalities
Background verification

c) Statutory Compliance Management

ESIC or Workmen Compensation
Income Tax
Provident Fund
Minimum Wages
Professional Tax
Labor Welfare

d) Attendance & Payroll Management

Employee leave tracking
Timesheet tracking
On time salary payment to the employee

e) Exit Management

No dues clearance
Online PF transfer/withdrawal
Relieving or experience letter

Administration is one of the most prominent pillars for the successful running of an organization. Hence, neglecting it partly or completely ain’t any effective step for your business. However, as discussed above, the process consumes too much of time and often becomes too complicated to handle. But, you need not to get even a single frown on your forehead, as long as we are here at your rescue.

How We Resolve Your Multilingual Hiring Problems?

We aim to offer you comprehensive services under the umbrella of human resources. This is why apart from just managing your payroll activities, we also focus on offering you multilingual hiring solutions. We hire deserving candidates for you (on our payroll), keeping in mind your specific requirements of language expertise, experience, job profile or industry specialization. Here is how we find the right talent for you –

☞ Job Portals: We have access to the leading job portals through which we headhunt the perfect candidate for you. Our team of recruiters knows exactly how to make the search or what keywords to use, in order to search the most befitting candidate for the desired job role.

☞ Global Network: We have a global network of multilingual professionals, who have satisfied a number of our previous clients for multiple long term, short term assignments. Our database is strong and impressive enough to help you acquire the right talent, the moment you outsource the requirements to us.

☞ Advanced Hiring Sources: We do not simply restrict our efforts to the job portals for finding the right candidate for you. We rather, use all kinds of advance hiring techniques, such as social media platforms to find and hire unmatched professionals at your service.

Be it long term, short term or contractual hiring, we have got you covered from all sides, in the case of multilingual hiring and payroll outsourcing. We help you skip all the efforts and time involved in hiring candidates and managing the payroll functions. All you need to do is get in touch with us, share your requirements with us and simply leave all the hiring and payroll activities to us.

Why Choose Us?

We clearly understand that you are overburdened with several important activities related to your core business. To scale up your business operations, it is important to design, plan and implement business strategies in the most productive manner. However, other activities, like payroll management and employee hiring might hold you back. But, you must not stop, as we will always be there in the backdrop to handle and support such needs.

  • 15+ years of experience
  • Save your valuable time
  • Handle all payroll management activities
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs
  • Minimize risks related to penalties and compliance
  • Instant resolution of employees’ queries

Are you looking for end-to-end payroll and hiring solutions? If yes, leverage our expertise and get a chance to forego all of your worries and concerns related to payroll and talent hiring. Simply focus on generating more revenue for your business. To know more about our services or talk to our experts, give us a call at +91-8527599223 or write to us at

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