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Why You Should Invest in Academic Translation Today?

Do you know that about 70% of educational institutes translate all their documents to give the benefit of accessibility to global learners? This shows that academic translation is very important. If your company wants to expand its reach, it is for sure that you will observe a need for translating documents from one language to another. Mostly, the need for translation is not permanent, and hence hiring full-time staff is just a waste of time. If your company is not related to language translation, then outsourcing your translation need to a trustworthy translation company would be the most effective option. This is very true as translation requires an individual who has proper skills and knowledge to translate efficiently.

Fastest professional Academic Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ certified Academic translators for quality translation services in/ for Academic Industry in 200+ languages, dealing with all types of technical, Academic as well as government, private, NGOs, firms and many more sectors for last many years, with a well-known position in the market of Academic translation services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata Chennai and worldwide. Our veteran Academic interpreters supply significant Academic interpretation services required for Academic and non-Academic purposes. With our Academic localization service, we localize mobile apps, websites, or any tech-related Academic into/from any language at a cost-efficient and nominal price.

Affordable Academic Translation Services for Your Business

Reputed and reliable language service providers have immense experience in operating smooth processes. This means that a company will assess your project, handle the workload, and provide it within quick TAT in comparison to an in-house team at a very affordable price. Companies have a team of professional translators available, it is way convenient for them to choose the best translator according to your project needs. In other words, by outsourcing translation solutions, you can make sure that you get experts specialized in multiple fields. It is suggested to hire translators that can assist you in expansion.









Need of Academic Translation Services For Your Business Today

Partner with a reputed translation company that can offer you accurate translation on time. This is the correct method to have smooth communication. High-skilled translators, whether working individually or as part of a company, can offer different types of translation as per your needs.

Identify Market Potential

The academic translation is very vital to analyzing the potential of the market. You would not be able to analyze your target audience’s responses if you do not translate your academic documents into the target region’s native language. Hence, to identify market potential, translation is very essential.

Reach Target Audience

If you need to effectively reach a target audience, it is essential to communicate to them in their native language. Not just you can decrease the language barrier but also help in converting a customer into a long-term consumer. Thus, translation can build a long-term relationship with the client.

Boost Sales

The more your customer base increases, the more you will be able to boost your sales. Thus, reliable translation is very essential for you, as it will help you in every way for increasing your growth. Translation will help you attract a genuine audience, encourage them and convince them to engage. .

Better ROI

If your sales graph increases, your return on investment will automatically improve. Translation helps you to enter the international market and decrease the language gap. Therefore, ensure you have the correct plan and strategy for correct translation that will ultimately increase your ROI. .

This type of translation requires a renowned and experienced translation company that is familiar with your industry, and particular sector terminology or business jargon. But before hiring anyone, you should know how to find translation services near me. Your institution will not only get an advantage from academic translation, but it will also have the potential for massive growth in the global marketplace.


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We at Tridindia

Professional Academic Translation For Documents

When translating into some other language, experienced translators will utilize their best skills and knowledge to convey the message, in the same manner, as a native speaker would. Obviously, sometimes it is the only left option, for rare language combinations or when you want to generate content in a foreign language from the beginning. By hiring a reputed translation company, you will also get editing and proofreading done by experienced translators in both International and fruitful Indian language translation. Hence, your message will be conveyed properly and efficiently.

Native translators –Our team has 150+ native translators who can translate maintaining cultural relevancy and language nuances.
Specialization – The translators we work with are specialized in various industries and help you grow further with full effectiveness and professionalism.

Types Of Academic Translation We Offer

The demand for various types of language translation is increasing day by day as translation encourages to grow rapidly shaping the success of every business. Listed below are some type of academic translations we offer to help you better understand which one will be best as per your needs.

  • Academic Website Translation
  • Academic Content Translation
  • Academic Document Translation
  • Academic Certificate Translation
  • Academic Website Localization
  • Academic Content Localization
  • Academic Content Writing
  • Academic Audio Translation
  • Academic Video Translation
  • Academic Contract Translation
  • Academic Technical Translation
  • Academic Legal Translation
  • Academic Literary Translation
  • Academic Book Translation
  • Academic Manual Translation
  • Academic Patent Translation
  • Academic Paper Translation

Are you planning to grow in a new market and want international growth? If yes then you need to ensure your site is appropriately translated into other languages. To attract global educators or students, you need to attain the global benefits of translation value. Whether it’s your product information, software, marketing content, or website, if you want growth, translation is a crucial step that should not be missed.

Benefits of Outsourcing Academic Translation Services to Us

Outsourcing effective translation for every sector, be that translating your content, marketing materials, site, or blogs, can be a powerful method of making sure accuracy, decreasing cost, and maintaining consistency. When you outsource a solution, you will have to pay for a particular translation to satisfy your needs. You don’t have to establish a special staff for translation and pay full wages, thus saving you a lot of money in the long term.


Data Privacy

We know how much it’s important to keep the sensitive and important data of a company in full safety. Therefore we follow certain data privacy guidelines so that nothing gets leaked to a third party.

Faster TAT

We offer the translated assignments within the fastest turnaround time. In urgent situations, we even deliver the translation output within 24 to 48 hours.

Quality Control Systems

We make sure that the quality quotient in the translated output is always higher. For this to happen, our team of quality supervisors involves in stringent checks at every step of translation.

Culturally Relevant

The translation we deliver are culturally relevant and maintain language nuances. Our team makes sure that the final translated document is in line with the cultural preferences.

Years Of Experience

We have 18+ years of experience in this industry and hence know how to convey information accurately in the target market’s native language for better engagement.

Native Translator

For the last 15 years, we are delivering authentically translated files to our global clients. The credit for this goes to our native translators, who help in keeping up with the time deadlines.

A true business fact is that you need to focus on premium translation and its importance to get profitable results. Being a reputed translation company, we know how much translation can assist a business to strengthen the clientele base, increase sales overseas, and improve SEO efforts.


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    A translator if hired for your business will bring you many benefits that can assist to satisfy your business goals. With various international languages spoken all across the world, you will have the power to reach customers from different parts of the world. You don’t need to avoid any project or region due to the language barrier as your translator will translate all data and information essential for you to proceed further in the language you want. Translation will benefit you massively as your institution or business will be able to expand into a new market and enhance its operations internationally without any miscommunication. Professionals can help you with various types of credible document translation.

    Major Highlights of TridIndia

    4000+ subject-matter experts or academic translators

    ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company

    100% confidentiality and data privacy

    Stringent quality check by experienced supervisors

    Stringent quality check by experienced supervisors

    On-time delivery, i.e. faster turnaround time15+ years of translation experience

    Complete testing and quality assurance

    Zero additional or hidden costs

    Huge and impressive clientele globally

    Transparent pricing policy

    Work on diverse file formats

    Our team has professional translators who have a linguistic background and an additional university degree in Pharmacy, Economics, IT, Finance, or any other subject matter. Such a person understands how to handle the norms and rules of their native language and various foreign languages learned in the university.

    Translators who are well-experienced know how to translate specific phrases, words, and tenses and translate them accurately in another language. They also have immense knowledge of elite website translation and can utilize proper terminology whenever needed.

    The capability to read and speak in both the original and the source language on a daily basis is a key factor to accomplish the skills essential to stay fluent. For learners, this means being introduced to more than one language not only at home but also at school. Also, it means an increasing demand for multilingual education programs. It is necessary to translate these programs properly, which is where academic translation comes into play.

    Our Experts Academic  Translators

    Experienced Translators

    We proudly confess that our team consists of hardworking and professional translators, who have years of experience in translating all types of documents in varied language combinations. We understand the need for accuracy and quality in translations. Thus, we assign the project to the most experienced and deserving translator, who could deliver the highest degree of accuracy in the translated output and can identify actual wrong translation signs. Additionally, our team makes sure that the translated text mirrors the exact intentions and tone of your message in the target language.

    Translation for Various Organizations & Individuals

    We work for every individual or organization that demands translation related to academic sectors. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • StudentsTutors
    • Research organizations
    • Universities Colleges
    • Educational institutions
    • Schools
    • Publishing houses
    • Academic journals and so on..
    All Academic Disciplines Covered
    • Computer
    • Dentistry
    • Law
    • Psychology
    • Physics
    • Earth Sciences
    • Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Social Sciences
    • Biosciences/Biotechnology
    • Arts And Humanities
    • Chemistry
    • Nursing/Physiology
    • Neuroscience
    • Finance/Economics/Business
    • Optical Astronomy
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Systems Science
    • Agronomy
    • Pediatrics and More
    Case Studies

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Academic language solutions can be the best decision.

    Unawareness of the target culture and language can be a major hindrance to your business growth. Hence, translation is one of the easiest ways through which this gap can be bridged and you can attain the desired results. So, if you wanna expand your reach globally, it is the right time to get in touch with us and leverage quality translation solutions with productive translation strategies.


    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    All our translated documents are of high quality and accurate. Our team maintains a certain standard of quality and accuracy level so that you don’t face any problems.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We offer comprehensive language solutions so that we can satisfy all your translation needs and can assist you to reach any market or attract audiences from different corners of the world.

    Certified Translation Services

    At our place, you will get certified translation solutions from professional and experienced individuals. This service will definitely help you in legal and medical matters.

    Native Expert Translators

    Our company hires native expert translators who are very well-experienced and are specialized in various industries. This makes sure that the information is conveyed properly to the target region.

    Easy Project Consultation

    We give special attention to the convenience of all our valuable clients. Easy project consultation is the top-most benefit you will get when you will hire us.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Our team makes sure that every project is delivered within or before the given time. We don’t miss any deadline and always try to deliver before the deadline without affecting the quality.

    The Unbeatable Academic Translation Master since 2002

     A huge team of native translators will assist you to translate your documents into any language you want without any error. According to your project, we will choose a translator who can translate well.


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    Consult with our well-experienced project manager to know much more about the process.

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    Get the entire assigned work within or before time.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Academic Translation

    Answer: Professionals who have worked for a good number of years in this industry and have proper knowledge completely understands the proven importance of translation in todays world and will work on your academic translation project. They will make sure that you get an accurate translation of every academic document.


    Answer: No, if you are not comfortable in giving the original documents then it’s not necessary. Just the scanned copy of your documents would be enough. 

    Answer: The TAT of every project relies on the amount of work we receive. Although, if you want something on an urgent basis, then we can distribute the work between two individuals for completing the project quickly. 

    Answer: While translating something we always keep in mind to maintain a certain level of accuracy. To assure accuracy, we have a team of experts who have high skills and immense experience.

    Answer: To get a quote mail us at [email protected] or reach us through phone or Skype. Once you reach us, rest all will be our responsibility to assist you with full professionalism.

    Answer: We love working with every industry, there are no exceptions. Our team specializes in industries like manufacturing, software, telecom, insurance, power & energy, life sciences, engineering, medical, and many more.  

    Answer: Yes, we provide proofreading solutions for every type of translation. To know more, you can reach us and tell us about your project so we can give you proper information. 

    Answer: We have a team of 150+ native translators and can provide translation in 250+ languages. Not only that, it’s been 18+ years of us working in this industry, and hence we can satisfy all your translation needs. 

    Answer: Yes, we can translate academic documents into any language you want. Our team has many professional native translators who can translate accurately into any language, keeping in mind the cultural nuances.


    Answer: For talking to us, you can mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-8527599523 without any hesitation.

    Answer: You can contact us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]. You can also visit our office on the Second Floor, Plot-19, Sector-5, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (N.C.R.), U.P. – 201005.


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    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.