Interpretation Process

Being an esteemed pioneer in the field of interpretation, we offer high quality interpretation solutions with smooth interpretation process that work wonders for your business growth beyond your national boundaries. The entire credit for this goes to our professional interpreters, who follow a streamlined interpretation process for step by step quality delivery of services.

So here’s the complete procedure, adapting which, we vouch for the highest grade interpretation –

☞ Client Enquiry – This is the first stage of the process, wherein the client has his very first interaction with our team. The client inquires about our services and we receive interpretation requirement from him or her.

☞ Price Quotation – After understanding the exact needs and requirements of the client, our team discusses about the project and comes up with a discounted price quote that involves the cost involved in conducting the task within a specific period of time.

☞ Client Confirmation On Quote – After analyzing the total cost of the project, we share the price quote with the client via email. We make sure that the quote is discounted, and if the client finds it feasible, he or she sends a confirmation mail for agreeing upon quote.

☞ Assigning Project – Upon confirmation from the client’s end, we begin working on the project by assigning the same to a professional and team of interpreters, who have years of experience in interpreting for varied subject areas.

☞ Final Stage – This is the last and final stage, wherein the interpretation is conducted at the desired location. Depending upon your need for simultaneous, consecutive or other types of interpretation, the interpreter delivers his expertise in the same manner.

Even after the service has been delivered, we stay in touch with the client for feedback as well as for the upcoming interpretation projects. We make sure that the client is highly delighted with the services and that they are delivered in tandem with his specific needs and requirements.

Please note: – While contacting our project managers, do mention the interpretation, date, where it will be held, languages to be interpreted (source and target language), industry specialization required for interpretation and the time frame. If there are any other specific requirements, besides these, do mention them also.

Important Reference Material For Interpretation

We make sure that our client is provided with 99.99% accurate results. This is why we require some reference materials that help an interpreter to prepare the glossaries, on-site work and understand how to react flexibly to any situation that hops up unexpectedly.

These reference materials, further, prove to be fruitful for the project managers, who need to understand as well as assess the basic nature of the job.

What information is required in reference materials

The reference materials should be inclusive of the following information –

 Presentation content in written format

 Clear description about the professional field or specific industry specialization required for the

interpretation job

 The schedule and times of interpreting. name of the parties involved in conversation (if it is one to one conversation, or conversation between small number of individuals). Title of the conversation should also be provided.

 Glossaries or any specific information related to the topic.

How The Interpretation Process Is Administered

Our team has access to a well maintained database that is used for recording as well as tracking the complete process of interpretation, and other tasks that are of accounting and financial nature. Our database records the following –

♦ Terms, conditions and details concluded with the interpreter within the subcontracting agreement.

♦ Orders and all related data

♦ Interpretation tasks and financial tasks related to it, for example – sending the invoice, proof of job completion etc.

♦ Scheduling the deliveries, both partial and final


Interpreting Equipment

If the client demands, we also provide all types of interpreting equipment on rental basis. Not just this, we also help you in the entire set up of the interpretation (all over India) under the guidance of an experienced technical personnel. Read more..

Supported by an experienced team, we successfully deliver high quality interpreting services, just the way you want. Further, this quality process adds value to our services. So, if you are looking forward to world class interpretation, you are at the right place. Call or write to us right now!!

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