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Tridindia offers cost-effective and prominent Video Interpretation Services for technical, elearning, medical, legal, by certified Video Interpreters worldwide.

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Why You Should Invest in Video Interpretation Today?

Doing business with the global delegates becomes difficult when the language barrier comes in between because that does not allow you to share or express your views on any strategy or business plans. In that case, scheduling an interpreter with a strong background in your type of business or industry can help much better in bridging the language gap at the time of meetings, negotiations, or during an event for example a webinar or shareholder meeting.

Fastest professional Video Interpretation Services by 4000+ certified Video interpreters who offer accurate interpretation Services in Video mode in 250+ languages for government, public & private sectors. As the world is transcending language barriers, people find it very easy to communicate beyond national boundaries. Thanks to multiple technologies that we can communicate with anyone (no matter, where he or she is situated) without even meeting them in person. However, in a business setting, you must always take the help of professional interpreters, whenever you need to communicate with people (foreign business delegates, international customers), who speak an entirely different language than yours.

Affordable Video Interpretation Services for Your Business

Simply put, interpretation through video mode is termed video interpreting. In this type of interpretation, the interpreters are available through video, as in video call or video conferencing. Hence, whenever physical presence is not possible, you can vouch for video interpreting and connect with the most experienced interpreter with a second. Further, it should be noted that this type of interpretation is often considered as an alternative to on-site or face to face communication. Being connected with an interpreter, you can easily convey your thoughts or ideas to the other non-native party.

Today’s video interpretation has come a long way from the maximum set-up costs as well as the technological needs of yesterday’s services. Tridindia provides best-in-class video interpretation with faster connection speeds than anyone can imagine. Our excellent video interpretation solutions can be easily accessed on a variety of devices. Because of the huge competition in the market, we provide video interpretation solutions that are available at highly competitive prices than they have ever been, which means it is highly useful for the organization of all sizes as well as budgets.







Need of Video Interpretation Services For Your Business Today

Businesses having a global presence often feel the need for outsourcing these services, as it is a cost-effective way to connect as well as communicate with people from varied language and cultural backgrounds. Not just you can conduct business meetings, but also expand your business, by simply investing in high-quality services for interpretation. Here are some of the major reasons why you may need these services so badly –

Facilitate Communication

The most important reason to outsource these services is to foster communication. Without clear communication, you cannot achieve your desired goals in the international market. Hence, having backed by such services is a must, when talking to a foreign business partner, customer etc.

Promote Business

Every businessman desires to expand his business beyond the national boundaries. This is why conducting seminars, exhibitions, events and business meetings with foreign business delegates is quite a common trend. However, in absence of qualified interpreters, you’ll not be able to promote or spread awareness about your brand.

Convey Future Business Plans

Communicating and conveying business plans to your diverse workforce is also one of the reasons why investing in video interpreting is the biggest need of today. Apart from just business plans, several other things must be discussed with employees. But, if the employees have a different language background, you must get your messages interpreted through professionals.

Penetrating the International Market

Last but not the least; you may need a professional video interpreter to get your business well recognized and absorbed in the international market. You may plan various strategies, try to meet or reach out to new people, devise a localization tactic etc. But, without communication and a proper approach, you won’t succeed in your actions.

So, all you need is to invest in the right services, i.e. interpretation. However, make sure that you are very cautious while choosing your service provider. Lots of options may confuse you and you might not be able to decide which one to hire/ outsource. Do proper research and weigh quality more than the price.

Types of Languages We Offer for Video Interpretation

Conferences, business meetings and negotiations which used to be managed in person are now being handled at a distance. In both the private and public sectors, video interpretation has all of sudden become the go-to solution for every type of spoken as well as signed communication. As businesses are partnering with global clients, they prefer to hire a video interpreter who can efficiently speak their client’s language and convey their message to them fluently. Tridndia has seasoned interpreters who are capable of interpreting in the following languages.
  • Punjabi video Interpretation
  • Hindi video Interpretation
  • Urdu video Interpretation
  • Bengali video Interpretation
  • Tamil video Interpretation
  • Telugu video Interpretation
  • Malayalam video Interpretation
  • Gujarati video Interpretation
  • Russian video Interpretation
  • Spanish video Interpretation
  • French video Interpretation
  • German video Interpretation
  • Japanese video Interpretation
  • Arabic video Interpretation
  • Chinese video Interpretation
  • Dutch video Interpretation
  • And many more..
Most widely used in the legal fields and health care industry, but also quite useful in a wide spectrum of corporate projects, video interpretation can be utilized for both signed and spoken languages and such service can efficiently bridge the language gap. Tridindia serves local and global companies. Our native-speaking interpreters for video interpreting live in-country. We assure you that you will get access to an interpreter anytime you require one, regardless of where you are located.
Why Choose Us

Choosing Tridindia to Get Impactful Video Interpretation

Being a smart entrepreneur, you will always choose an option that drives higher returns, in terms of value, services offered, rates and work quality. This is why we believe that we are the ideal choice for your business needs. We have the following attributes –

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We will make sure that the video interpreting must go smooth and clear that meet the high level of quality and accuracy.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

We are specialized in providing comprehensive language solutions, No matter what language you want to interpret.

Certified Interpretation

Our professional interpreters are certified and ensure that the client receives error-free interpretation during the video call.

Native Expert Interpreters

Our native expert interpreters are proficient in interpreting different languages and hold an understanding of diverse industries.

Easy Project Consultation

We conduct easy project consultation To ensure no confusion happen with respect to the client’s interpretation requirement.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Our interpreter will interpret the original language with faster TAT to give a quick response to your client from our end.

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Interpretation Services to Us

With years of experience and association with industry’s best human talent, we stand as one of the most reputed service providers in the international interpretation industry. Since years, we have successfully delivered thousands of interpretation projects for diverse industries. Broadly speaking, you’ll have the following benefits of outsourcing these services to us –

Native Interpreters

We assign your interpretation project to qualified and experienced interpreters who are native to the language you are looking for.

High Quality Output

We make it a point that the services delivered at your end are superlative in quality, with strict adherence to your specific needs.

Industry Specialized Interpretation

We excel in providing industry specific interpretation (such as medical, technical, legal etc.), under the guidance of deft professionals specialized in different subjects.


The files you will share with us will be kept completely confidential and used by the interpreter to whom the project will be assigned.

In simple words, outsourcing to us is highly beneficial, as first of all, it eliminates your headache to hire an in-house team, gives you access to professional interpreters, assures that you communicate your brand message well and reduce any traveling cost (as it is interpretation through video).
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