Investment Opportunities & Translation Services in Bharuch

The wide scope of Investment Opportunities & Translation Services in Bharuch attracts millions of potential investors (per year) here.

The Bharuch City stands at the mouth of river Narmada in Gujarat, where it was a sea port and ship building center. Many goods from the Far East were shipped here, making it a terminus for a number of land-sea trade routes. According to a census (2011), there are almost 168,729 people residing in Bharuch, with native languages being Gujarati and Hindi. Further, due to the damming of Narmada River caused the original port facilities to shut down. The present nearest port is now in Dahej.

Present Industrial City

At present, Bharuch is known as a renowned industrial city famous for the following:

● Textile mills
● Long staple cotton
● Chemical plants
● Dairy products
● Liquid cargo terminal
● Salty peanuts
● Distinctive color of the soil (ideal for cotton cultivation)

All these contribute to growing economy of Bharuch, but one of the major contributor for such healthy economy is ‘Dahej Investment Region’ in the city.

Dahej SIR (Special Investment Region)

A glimpse of Dahej SIR is described below

1. Brief Introduction

● Location: Dahej, Bharuch district
● Area: 453 sq. km.
● Investment Made & Committed in Manufacturing: INR 1, 37,198 crores
● Investment on Infrastructure: INR 10,717 crores

2. Advantages

● Storage and Chemical Port Facility
● Rich natural resources and feedstock
● All infrastructure, i.e. rail, road, port, water, power, gas is in place, with properly planned up-gradation
● Concentration of Chemical, Petroleum and Petrochemical estates around the Dahej SIR

3. Employment Scenario

● The existing industrial units have reported to provide direct employment to 13,220 people, while indirect employment to 46,270 people.
● The upcoming units will create 30,000 direct employment opportunities, while 90,000 indirect job opportunities.
● The majority portion of the individuals are employed in industrial units, townships, residential, infrastructure etc.
● It is also reported to generate self-employment opportunities.

4. Leading Companies

● Pidilite
● Reliance Industries Limited
● Torrent Power
● Britannia
● Videocon
● Jubilant Sez
● Adani
● Rallis
● Asian Paints

5. Infrastructure Development Projects

● Ro-Ro Ferry Service Terminal
● Upgrading the State Highway from Bharuch to Dahej, from 4 lane to 6 lane
● Construction of a coal based power plant (2640 MW)
● Water supply scheme for 25 MGD water from Narmada River and 50 MGD water from Miyagam Branch Canal

From the above description, it is evident that Bharuch has left no stone unturned for resulting into flourishing economy. But, as the investment opportunities, employment opportunities and projects are taking place, therefore the need for effective translations will also grow in Bharuch (Dahej Investment Region). Specifically, if you are new to Bharuch and planning to expand here, you will encounter the urgency for undertaking the following services:

1. Comprehensive Market Research

Before you actually plan to expand your business in a non-native country, you will require undertaking a comprehensive market analysis to judge the scope of your services/products. Thus, to provide you complete knowledge of your target market and target customers’ demographics, we will conduct a thorough market research describing all the details of your target segment.

2. Land and Property

For setting up your business firm, you will require an appropriate land for the construction of your firm. With a proficient team of property agents, we have diversified our operations into infrastructure sectors well. Hence, if you need to buy any type of land, then our team can provide you the most affordable land at your preferred location.

3. Company Registration

If you are new to India, then you might be unaware of the legal formalities to register a company here. In case, you encounter any such issue regarding any legal formality or company registration in India, then TridIndia will always be there to help you.

4. Installing a Machine

Getting a modernized machine installed in your company premises is the most significant part of business, but it is challenging too. You may lack the expertise to install that particular machine and also the operating process. Thus, we help entrepreneurs by getting the machinery installed properly and also translate the operating manuals in their native language. Further, we can also provide you any machinery at discounted rates.

5. Human Resource

As one of the leading HR consultancies, we help firms to incorporate a competent team of human resources in their premises. No company can excel without a veteran and dedicated team of professionals. Therefore our HR consultants locate the most talented lot of candidates for you.

6. Multilingual Translation/Interpretation

Gone are the days, when firms used to offer bilingual translation and interpretation. The business world has changed now. Thus, in line with globalization, we offer authentic multilingual translation and interpretation in a number of languages. Not only the translation/interpretation services, we also recruit multilingual translators and interpreters for you.

7. All Your Travel Related Arrangements

Amongst the huge spectrum of our services, we offer other value added services for our customers, i.e. travel arrangements. While you are travelling to India, we will arrange hotel rooms, cabs, auditoriums and other amenities for you in a short time.

Invest Without Any Second Thought

It is needless to prompt firms to invest in Bharuch, as the wide opportunities here speaks for itself and attracts a number of investors to this destination. If you are also wishing to invest in Bharuch and something or the other issue is holding you back, then you need not to give the investments, a second thought. You just carry on with your investment and we will provide all the necessary translations, interpretations, human resources, property and other related services in our scope.