Top Investment Zones in Australia & Tourists Attraction in Australia

Owing to the Top Investment Zones in Australia & Tourists Attraction in Australia, the country has been a part of full-fledged development in a short time period. This commendable growth is highly appreciated by many potential investors.

Known as an oceanic country, Australia ranks as the sixth-largest country in the world by total area. It is surrounded by various neighboring countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Also, Australia has a constitutional monarchy consisting of 6 states and several territories, with an approximate population of 23.6 million people who are highly urbanized. As a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, G20, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, ANZUS, the Pacific Islands Forum, OECD and WTO, this country is certainly a developed country with 12th largest economy. Some of the major facts and statistics that describe the Australia’s economy more precisely are as follows:

Enticing Facts and Statistics

■ Australia is the fifth-highest per capita income generator in the world.
■ Australia’s nominal GDP in 2015 is valued at $1.252 trillion, while that in terms of PPP, it is $1.137 trillion.
■ It is the 19th-largest importer and exporter in the world.
■ The country is into free trade agreements with Chile, ASEAN, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.
■ The GDP contribution of Australia in various sectors: industry (27.3%), agriculture (4%) and services (68.8%).
■ Some of the major industries are food processing, mining, industrial and transportation equipment, steel and chemicals.
■ Australia’s export partners are: China (29.5%), India (4.9%), South Korea (8.0%) and Japan (19.3%).
■ Australia’s major export goods: coal, transport equipment, iron ore, gold, wool, meat, alumina, machinery and wheat.
■ Australia’s major import partners are: China (18.2%), Japan (7.8%), United States (11.6%), Thailand (4.2%), Singapore (5.9%), Germany (4.6%) and South Korea (4.0%).
■ Australia’s major import goods: petroleum products, crude oil, machinery, computers, transport equipment, telecommunication equipment and parts and office machines.

Hence, it leaves no doubt of suspicion that how Australia grew tremendously in such a short period of time. Al these factors truly represent the country’s growing and flourishing economy. Further, some of the major factors that contribute to Australia’s economy are as follows:

Major Investment Cities

Major Companies

Exclusive Economic Zones

• Sydney • BHP Billiton • Norfolk Island
• Adelaide • AMP • Cocos Islands
• Melbourne • National Australia Bank • Heard and McDonald Islands
• Perth • Westpac • Australian Antarctic Territory
• Brisbane • Commonwealth Bank • Macquarie Island
• Darwin • Rio Tinto Group • Mainland Australia
• Hobart • ANZ • Tasmania and minor islands
• Townsville • Macquarie Bank
• Telstra
• Woolworths


Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Great Barrier Reef • Australian English (national)
• Sydney Opera House • Australian Aboriginal languages
• Blue Mountains National Park • Torres Strait Island languages
• Bondi Beach • Tasmanian languages
• Fraser Island
• Great Ocean Road
• Jamison Valley
• Sydney Harbour Bridge

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