Top Investment Zones in China & Tourists Attraction in China

Based on the Top Investment Zones in China & Tourists Attraction in China, the country has flourished and bloomed significantly in a short period of time.

With almost 9.6 million square kilometers, China is considered as the world’s second-largest country by area of land. Also, it is the most populous country, with an approximate population of 1.35 billion. For the past two thousand years, China had a very complex economy with periodical cycles of prosperity and decline. But after the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, the country transformed into the fastest-growing economies. Currently, China is listed among the world’s largest exporters and importers of goods, has the world’s largest standing army, known as a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the second-largest defence budget.

Some of the other major features and statistics of China are stated below:

Major Facts and Statistics

■ As the world’s second-largest economy, the nominal GDP of china totals approximately US$10.380 trillion (in 2014) as per the report by International Monetary Fund.
■ China has the largest economy in the world, in terms of purchasing power parity owing to its PPP GDP of US$17.617 trillion in 2014.
■ China’s exports in 2014 were valued at $2.34 trillion.
■ China’s major export goods are iron and steel, electrical machinery, data processing equipment, apparel, optical and medical equipment, textiles and various industrial products
■ The main export partners of the country are: Hong Kong (17.4%), United States (18.1%), South Korea (4.1%) and Japan (6.8%).
■ China’s imports in 2014 were valued at $1.96 trillion.
■ China’s major import goods are: oil and mineral fuels, metal ores, electrical and other machinery, optical and medical equipment, organic chemicals and plastics.
■ The main import partners are: South Korea (9.4%), Australia (5.0%), Japan (8.3%), United States (7.8%), Taiwan (8.0%) and Germany (4.8%).
■ The China’s economy has recently started ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ in 2015.

Thus, economy of China is growing at a faster pace. Some of the major factors that are driving China to make such rapid growth are as follows:

1. Major Investment Cities

■ Shanghai (GDP per capita: $14k)
■ Beijing (GDP per capita: $15k)
■ Hong Kong (GDP per capita: $39k)
■ Chengdu (GDP per capita: $10k)
■ Shenzhen (GDP per capita: $22k)
■ Tianjin (GDP per capita: $16k)
■ Guangzhou (GDP per capita: $19k)
■ Taipei (GDP per capita: $50k)
■ Dongguan (GDP per capita: $10k)
■ Hangzhou (GDP per capita: $15k)
■ Macau (GDP per capita: $91k)


2. Major Languages

■ Standard Mandarin (Mainland)
■ English (Hong Kong)
■ Mongolian (Inner Mongolia)
■ Portuguese (Macau)
■ Cantonese (Hong Kong and Macau)
■ Uyghur (Xinjiang)
■ Tibetan (Tibet)
■ Zhuang


3. Special Investment Zones

■ Special Economic Zones: Shenzhen, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Shantou, and Hainan Island
■ Economic and Technological Development Zones: Guangzhou ETDZ, Nansha ETDZ and Zhanjiang ETDZ
■ The Coastal Economic Open Zone: large and wide area along the southern coastline of China
■ Old Urban Districts (‘OUDs’) of cities where the major SEZ/ETDZ are located
■ New Areas: Shanghai Pudong NA
■ Industrial Parks
■ Industrial Zones
■ Development Zones
■ Bonded Zones: micro-areas where tariff-free trade can be conducted


4. Major Tourists Attraction

■ Great Wall of China
■ Victoria Harbour
■ Terracotta Army
■ Mogao Caves
■ Leshan Giant Buddha
■ Li River Cruise
■ Forbidden City
■ Potala Palace


5. Major Companies

■ Sinopec
■ China National Petroleum
■ China Mobile
■ State Grid Corporation
■ China Development Bank
■ SAIC Motor
■ Noble Group
■ China National Offshore Oil
■ China Railway Group
■ PetroChina


Outlining the major benefactors of China’s flourishing economy; it becomes clear that China utilized its resources in a very fruitful manner. Also the country is still thriving and is one of the world’s largest revenue generators.

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