Top Investment Zones in Japan & Tourists Attractions in Japan

Among the various factors, the Top Investment Zones in Japan & Tourists Attractions in Japan are considered as the highest revenue generating parameters for the country’s economy.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, japan is often referred to as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Japan is the home to 6,852 islands. The largest among these are Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido which constitute almost 97% of Japan’s land area. Further, Japan is a developed country with the third-largest economy in the world (by nominal GDP). Japan also ranks as the world’s fifth-largest exporter and importer. Not just this, the country has maintained a modern military that is used for peacekeeping roles and self-defense, alongside it is a member of the G7, the UN, the G20 and the G8. Thus, it leaves no doubt that why japan is highly preferred for investment. Additionally, some of the other facts that contribute to Japan’s economy are:

Amazing Facts and Statistics

■ Japan’s GDP is estimated at $4.210 trillion in the year 2015.
■ Japan is the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing country in the entire world.
■ 27.5% of the GDP is the outcome of the result of its major industries, viz. electronic equipment, motor vehicles, ships, machine tools, chemicals, steel and nonferrous metals, textiles and processed foods.
■ Almost 62 of the total ‘Fortune Global 500 companies’ are set up in Japan.
■ According to a study in 2010, japan is the second largest country in the world in terms of financial assets, estimated at $14.6 trillion.
■ In 2013, the Japan’s total exports were almost $697 billion while the imports were valued at nearly $766.6 billion.
■ Japan’s major export partners are: United States (17.8%), Hong Kong (5.1%), Thailand (5.5%), China (18.1%) and South Korea (7.7%).
■ Japan’s major export goods: motor vehicles (13.6%), power generating machinery (3.5%), iron and steel products (5.5%), semiconductors (6.2%), auto parts (4.6%) and plastic materials (3.5%).
■ Japan’s major import partners are: Australia (6.4%), China (21.3%), United States (8.8%), Qatar (4.0%), Saudi Arabia (6.2%), South Korea (4.6%) and United Arab Emirates (5.0%).
■ Japan’s major import goods: audio and visual apparatus (2.7%), petroleum (15.5%), semiconductors (3.5%), liquid natural gas (5.7%), coal (3.5%), clothing 3.9%.

Hence, it is evident from the above statistics, that japan has a flourishing economy in each and every sector as well as it is continuously investing a lot off efforts to become the top revenue generator country in the world. Some of the major factors that allow the said country to generate more and more revenue each year are:

Major Investment Cities

Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Tokyo • Jigokudani Monkey Park • Japanese (national)
• Yokohama • Himeji Castle • Ryukyuan languages
• Osaka • Todaiji Temple • Aynu itak
• Kyoto • Great Buddha of Kamakura • Western Japanese
• Fukuoka • Tokyo Tower • Eastern Japanese and other Japanese dialects
• Kawasaki • Mount Fuji
• Saitama • Golden Pavilion
• Hiroshima • Hiroshima Peace Memorial
• Kitakyushu • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
• Hitachi
• Fuji
• Toyota

Special Investment Zones

■ National Strategic Special Zone: Its goal is to develop an international business base that garners money, people as well as companies from around the world and establish competitive business through start-ups.
■ Special Zone for Asian Headquarters: Its goal is to target at least 500 foreign companies and all the major industries, including content/creative, IT, electronics/precision instruments, medical/chemical, aviation and finance/securities.
■ Special Zone for Structural Reform: To advance structural reform, in order to prevent the hindrance in the efforts of local governments and economic activities of private businesses.

5. Major Companies

■ Toyota Motors (total revenue approx.: $235.89)
■ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (total revenue approx.: $124.33)
■ Nissan Motors (total revenue approx.: $105.52)
■ Hitachi, Ltd. (total revenue approx.: $112.24)
■ Panasonic Corporation (total revenue approx.: $105.04)
■ Honda (total revenue approx.: $107.99)
■ Sony (total revenue approx.: $86.52)
■ Mitsubishi Corporation (total revenue approx.: $62.73)
■ Toshiba (total revenue approx.: $77.09)
■ Fujitsu (total revenue approx.: $54.56)

The above parameters are the major revenue generating magic wands for Japan. These factors are continuously contributing their part, the result of which is the booming Japan’s economy.

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