Top Investment Zones in Russia & Tourists Attractions in Russia

The huge docket of Top Investment Zones in Russia & Tourists Attractions in Russia is the major reason for attracting a huge amount of investors to the country. This, in turn contributes to the economy.

Located in northern Eurasia, Russia is a federal semi-presidential republic. With 17,075,400 square kilometers, Russia is regarded as the largest country that covers more than one-eighth of the inhabited land area on earth. Russia shares land borders with Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, China, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Mongolia and North Korea. Further, it is one of the largest producers of natural gas and oil in the global market as well as contains the largest stock of weapons for mass destruction. Hence, Russia is certainly a great power. It is additionally the permanent member of the G20, the United Nations Security Council, the Council of Europe, OSCE, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, WTO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States & the Eurasian Economic Community. Some of the other enticing facts about Russia are as follows:

Beguiling Facts and Statistics

● The nominal GDP of Russia valued at $1.175 trillion in 2015.
● In the year 2012, oil and gas sector contributed for 16% of the GDP.
● Some of the major industries in Russia are: Oil and gas, Mining, Processed metals, Defense equipment, Textiles, Healthcare, Electric power generating, Shipbuilding, Real estate, Chemicals, Food and beverages, Aerospace, Automotive and Retailing.
● The exports and imports in Russia in 2015 were $120.5 billion and $61.9 billion respectively.
● Russia’s major export partners are: Netherlands (10.7%), Ukraine (5%), Belarus (4.1%), Germany (8.2%), Japan (4%), China (6.8%), Turkey (4.9%) and Italy (5.5%).
● Russia’s major export goods: metals, natural gas, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, wood and wood products and various others.
● Russia’s major import partners are: China (16.5%), Belarus (4.9%), United States (4.3%), Germany (12.5%), Italy (4.4%) and Ukraine (5.2%).
● Russia’s major import goods: optical and medical instruments, consumer goods, pharmaceutical products, machinery, plastic, vehicles, iron and steel, semi-finished metal products, fruits, meat and nuts.

It becomes evident that Russia definitely has the power to rule the international market and boast of a booming economy. Besides these prime statistics, there are other parameters that contribute to Russia’s economy:

Major Investment Cities

Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Moscow • Moscow Kremlin • Russian (official)
• Saint Petersburg • Mount Elbrus • Abaza
• Samara • Lake Baikal • Bashkir
• Nizhny Novgorod • Hermitage Museum • Cherkess
• Rostov-on-Don • Saint Basil’s Cathedral • Adyghe
• Novosibirsk • Kizhi Island • Komi
• Yekaterinburg • Valley of Geysers • Moksha and various others
• Omsk • St Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod
• Kazan
• Chelyabinsk

Special Investment Zones

Russia has 28 SEZs of 4 different types:

● 5 Technology and innovation zones
● 6 Industrial and production zones
● 3 Port zones
● 14 Tourist and recreational zones

Major Companies

● Gazprom (market value: $111.4 billion)
● Sberbank (market value: $73.3 billion)
● Rosneft (market value: $73.2 billion)
● VTB Bank (market value: $18.9 billion)
● Novatek (market value: $31.3 billion)
● RusHydro (market value: $6.9 billion)
● Lukoil (market value: $55.4 billion)
● Magnit (market value: $18.8 billion)
● PhosAgro (market value: $5.5 billion)

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