Top Investment Zones in Turkey & Tourists Attraction in Turkey

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With a number of Top Investment Zones in Turkey & Tourists Attraction in Turkey, this nation is one of the most preferred choices for entrepreneurs (for investment) and tourists (on account of spell-bounded destinations).

Largely located in Western Asia, Turkey is bordered by eight countries, viz. Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece, Iraq, Georgia, Nakhchivan, Iran and Syria. Turkey is a unitary, democratic, constitutional and secular republic with a diverse or multifold cultural heritage. With Turkish as the official language of the country, it constitutes almost 85 percent of the native-speaking population. Due to extensive liberalization of tariff rates, Turkey has the 17th largest nominal GDP in the entire world. The statistics representing Turkish economy is stated below:-

Major Statistics

● Export partners of turkey are: Iraq (7.1%), Germany (8.6%), Iran (6.5%), UAE (5.4%) and UK (5.7%).
● Turkey’s exports were $143.5 billion and $163 billion in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The figures reached to $158 billion in 2014.
● Import partners of turkey are: Russia (11.3%), China (9%), Germany (9%), Italy (5.6%) and US (6%).
● Turkey’s imports in 2012 amounted to $229 billion, whereas in 2014 it raised up to $242 billion.
● Major sectors contributing to Turkish economy are home appliances, food, mining, banking, construction, textiles, iron and steel, electronics, oil refining, petrochemical products and machine industry.
● Foreign direct investment in 2012 was $8.3 billion, while it increased to $12.5 billion in 2014.

Besides the above mentioned statistics, the other areas that are the major benefactors towards thriving Turkish economy are:-

1. Major Industrial Cities in Turkey

● Istanbul
● Ankara
● Izmir
● Bursa
● Antalya

2. Major Investment Zones in Turkey

• Technology Development Zones

Technology Development Zones are designed to support R&D and high technology fields. There are 59 TDZs in Turkey.

• Organized Industrial Zones

They are designed to enable companies to operate within an environment that boasts of ready-to-use social facilities and infrastructure. There are 290 such zones in 80 provinces of Turkey.

• Free Zones

These zones are designed in order to increase the number of export-centric investments. There are 20 free zones in Turkey.

3. Major Tourists Attraction in Turkey

● Aya Sofya
● Topkapı Palace
● Pamukkale
● Sumela Monastery
● Mount Nemrut
● Bodrum Castle
● Patara Beach
● Oludeniz
● Blue Mosque
● Library of Celsus
● Aspendos Theatre

4. Top-Notch Companies

● Beko
● Vestel
● Ford Otomotiv
● Tofaş
● Ereğli Iron and Steel Co.
● Oyak Renault
● Aygaz
● Petkim
● Halk Bankası
● Mavi Jeans
● Hunca Cosmetics

Looking at the wider and flourishing Turkey market, boasting of major tourists attractions, companies, investment zones, cities etc., it is evident that why Turkey has the world’s 17th largest nominal GDP.

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