Top Investment Zones in UAE & Tourists Attractions in UAE

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Boasting of a number of Top Investment Zones in UAE & Tourists Attractions in UAE, the country is worldwide praised for its thriving economy.

Located in the southeast end of Arabian Peninsula, UAE is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia, as well as it shares sea borders with Qatar and Iran. UAE was established in December 1971, and is considered as a federation of seven emirates, viz. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. Further, it has the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world. The nation’s economy is the most diversified one, in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The statistics depicting the UAE’s economy are stated below:

Facts And Figures

■ Since independence, UAE’s economy has grown by almost 231 times the economy in 1971.
■ UAE has the second largest economy in Gulf Cooperation Council (after Saudi Arabia), with a GDP of $570 billion in 2014 and is still increasing.
■ 71% of the country’s total GDP hails from non-oil sectors.
■ In 2009, more than 85% of the country’s economy was based on oil exports, whereas, in the year 2011, the oil exports accounted for nearly 77% of the UAE’s state budget.
■ Nationwide, there are almost $350 billion worth, active projects in construction sector.
■ Within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), the UAE is the premier trading partner of Africa, with nearly 80% of the UAE’s imports from Africa. Primary products imported from Africa are food products and beverages.
■ Other importing partners of UAE are Japan and China, accounting for 4.52% and 15.03% of the imports from the respective nations.
■ Besides import, UAE also exports to Japan (17.27%), large amounts of oil and aluminum.

From the above facts and figures, it is evident that is thriving and flourishing at a fast pace. But there are factors, as well that contributes to the UAE’s economy:

1. Major Cities

Abu Dhabi – The capital of United Arab Emirates
Dubai – Transport and commerce center of the UAE
■ Ajman – One of the budget destinations
Sharjah – A cheaper destination
Khor Fakkan
■ Al Ain – comprises a triangle between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi
■ Umm al Quwain – The most peaceful Emirate, free from the hussle of city-life

2. Major Languages

■ Arabic (official)
■ Urdu
■ English
■ Persian
■ Hindi

3. Major Free Zones for Investment

Within the Free Trade Zones, the companies can apply for any one of these licenses: Industrial (For companies outside the UAE), National Industrial (For industrial companies incorporated within or outside the UAE), Trading (For locally incorporated companies, and other companies outside the UAE) and Service (only for companies holding a UAE license.). The major free zones are:

■ Jebel Ali Free Zone
■ Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone
■ Fujairah Free Zone
■ Ajman Free Zone
■ Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone
■ Umm Al Quwaim Free Zone
■ Ra’s al-Khaimah Free Trade Zone
■ Twofour54 Media & Production Free Zone

4. Most Preferred Tourist Attractions

■ Burj Khalifa
■ Jebel Hafeet
■ Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
■ Bastakia
■ Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
■ Heritage and Diving Village
■ Burj al-Arab
■ Jumeirah Beach
■ Sharjah Arts Museum
■ Deira Souks

5. Major Companies

■ Etihad Airways
■ Jumeirah Group
■ Liwa Chemicals
■ Aabar Investments
■ Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
■ Abu Dhabi National Energy Company
■ Al Gurg
■ Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company
■ SHUAA Capital
■ Estee Lauder
■ Hyatt

Summarizing all the factors in a nutshell, we can say that the UAE’s economy is only gonna flourish in the next few years as well. But the contribution to the blooming UAE’s economy is not just limited to the revenue generating cities, companies, free zones and tourist places; rather the authentic multilingual translations are also a significant aspect that contributes to the country’s prosperity.

UAE understands that the world has liberalized and globalized, thus it necessitates a global trade with multi-cultured business clients. This resulted in listing the UAE companies among the fortune 500 companies of the world. Via pristine multilingual translations, UAE companies became able to:

■ Expand their business units all over the world
■ Gain an edge over their business rivals by nearly 2.04 times
■ Roughly 3 quarters of the companies added and diversified into new markets (international as well as domestic), over the past year
■ They were 1.8 times more likely to report for rapid revenue growth

TridIndia and UAE: A Strong Bond since Years

Whenever it comes to availing quality translation services, most of the companies in UAE, trust TridIndia as the first and last choice. Since our establishment in 2002, we have maintained strong and mutual relationships with ‘n’ number of hi-end companies registered in UAE. Hence, whenever these companies require effective translations for conducting their global business dealings, UAE has always relied on us blind-folded.

TridIndia’s Effective Services

Boasting of a long list of effective services to various global organizations, we aim towards fulfilling various requirements (within our scope) such as:

1. Market Survey

After the advent of Mr. Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister, India is viewed as a lucrative investment sector. Thus, if you are planning to enter into the Indian market, you will face certain issues regarding the tastes and preferences of Indian natives or the scope of your products/services in the market. Further, if you wish to expand into any country, other than India, then also you can be rest assured that you will be guided in the right way, with an effective and comprehensive market survey encompassing each and every small detail related to the competitors, customers and future scope.

2. Infrastructure

After a comprehensive study of the market, you might be thinking about appropriate lands at prime location where you could set up and start your business operations. As diversification has become a natural process for all the organizations, we have also diversified and set up a conglomerate unit that is centered at providing affordable lands for your specific purposes. All over India, if you require any type of property or structures, we can provide you the same at nominal and discounted rates.

3. Company Registration

Now when the land and property is with you and you have established the company structure, it is the time for your company registration. Thus, if you are also planning to set up your business unit in India, we can help you in the entire process of company registration and fulfilling other legal formalities. As you may be unfamiliar with the Indian legal process, therefore you might require our assistance in fulfilling the same.

4. Machine Installation

To keep pace with the ever-changing technologies, you need to incorporate a perfect blend of modern technology and modern machineries within your company’s premises. But it is not as easy as it seems; it is a very complicated task. Hence, if you are in a mid of such situation, then we can guide you throughout the installation process of the machines in any country. Further, we can also provide you the machines at discounted rates.

5. Human Resource Services

A company is useless without competent human resource. If you search the web for TridIndia, you’ll find that we, not only expertise in translating languages, but also in satisfying the human resource requirements of the organizations. After a long struggle and constant efforts, we have finally reaped the fruit of our labor in terms of an established and recognized HR consultancy. Further, our proficient team of HR consultants, excel in recruiting all types of candidates (as per your specifications and profiles), for all industries and at all locations. Till date, we have recruited more than 6000 candidates in UAE.

6. Multilingual Translations

As mentioned earlier, we are a reputed translation company that is centered at delivering error-free translation services in all the Indian and foreign languages. No matter, where your company is officially registered or what are your translation requirements, we fulfill all of them with utmost professionalism and brilliance. Right from Hindi to Arabic, we translate all the languages under the stern guidance of certified translators.

7. Multilingual Translators/Interpreters

Serving the translation industry since a long time, our HR team has accumulated a weighable list of experienced multilingual translators and interpreters. We keep receiving requirements for translators and interpreters from various global organizations. The major factor that drives the organizations to prefer our HR consultancy than others is that we provide them experienced and certified candidates who are versed with multiple languages.

8. Travel & Accommodation Arrangements

As business associates, you might have a scheduled appointment for various business meetings in various countries. Thus, if someday you meeting happen to be conducted in India and you are concerned about travel and accommodation arrangements, then you can always trust TridIndia for this. Not only just for business meetings; if you are travelling to India for any purpose, we will arrange hotels, conference halls, auditoriums, cabs and other related stuff for you.

Affordable Services for UAE and Indian Companies

Set up with an oath that we will continually serve our clients with utmost loyalty and honesty, our translation company has achieved higher acclaim from all our previous clients. Our glorifying achievements and constant efforts have fostered our team to manage the workflow in such a manner that prompts us to charge very minimal rates from the clients. We serve not only the Indian companies, but also the companies in UAE, with utter devotion and positive approach towards them.


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