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Are you thinking about sharing a brand promotion video with your Kannada-speaking audience? If so, then add captions in your video because this helps in boosting the accessibility of your video and also, enhances the viewing experience for every viewer including people with hard of hearing.
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Why You Should Invest in Kannada Captioning in India?

Kannada is among the oldest languages in the world. It is popularly known as Canarese or Kanarese. It is a Dravidian language that is mostly spoken by Kannada individuals in Karnataka. It is spoken by more than 45 million people around the world. Business owners targeting people who are communicating in Kannada should use the right method to market their brands.

The utilization of video in each part of social media has exploded in the previous few years. Over 33% of all online activity is viewing videos! So, the objective is to ensure that your video content is being seen and shared as much as possible. Today, that implies captioning your videos. By far most of the videos on Facebook, for instance, are viewed without sound. So how do viewers keep watching a silent video? For the most part through the various sorts of captioning; closed captioning and open captions. Everyone is quite different but makes a similar point: video content online should have captioning. A large number of businesses are investing in high-quality captions because this activity is benefiting them to a great extending by providing video greater accessibility.

What We Offer in Kannada Captioning in India

Captioning your videos is not just crucial for accessibility but also for search engine ranking and visibility. Hence, adding captions in your videos help your business gain recognition in the market you are targeting. At Tridindia, we have experience of more than a decade in the field. We employed highly skilled captioners who are well-versed in different languages and can accurately produce captions which means the same as the original file.
  • Kannada Closed Captioning
  • Kannada Webcast Captions
  • Kannada Open Captioning
  • Kannada e-Captioning
  • Kannada Audio Captioning
  • Kannada Video Captioning
  • Kannada Language Captioning
  • Kannada Offline Captioning
  • Kannada Voice Captioning
  • Kannada Multilingual Captioning
  • Kannada Broadcast Captions
  • Kannada Industry Captioning
  • And Many More…
Tridindia is ace at providing all the above mentioned captioning services. Among the captioners, who will handle your project will go through the requirement and create a work plan accordingly to complete the work at the fastest turnaround time. Also, if you want captions to be in some other language, we have skilled translators as well. Get in touch with us whenever you need to hire us.

Benefits of Outsourcing Kannada Captioning Services in India to Us

The importance of captioning lies in its ability to make any type of video accessible to your target audience. But, captions used in a video required to be of rich quality that allows viewers especially deaf and hard of hearing individuals watch videos easily. For high-quality captions, it is advisable to outsourcing captioning services to Tridindia and gain lots of benefits. If you want captions in the Kannada language, we are about to fulfill this requirement too. Learn more, how we can help you.

Quality Assurance

When you outsource to Tridindia, you will get 100% assurance of quality. By this, we mean that we follow a quality check process in which our proofreaders check the captions thoroughly to ensure that they are grammatically correct and match with the original content.

Quick and Accurate Translation

We often get demand for captions to be generated in a different language. If as per your project requirement, you want captions in the Kannada language but your video is in some other language, our captioners are talented enough to translate the captions accordingly.

Professional Captioners

We have an excellent team of captioners who have immense work experience in the field. They know different fields and well-versed with their vocabulary. They listen to the soundtrack and create accurate captions faster.

Secure and Confidential

This is the most important concern that every client has. We are here to fulfill this condition too. When you assign us your project, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep your material confidential.

Hiring an individual or training an in-house team to create captions requires a lot of time. The chances can be you even don’t get the quality that you want. So, it would be a wise decision to outsource Kannada captioning service to someone who has good experience in the same. Tridindia is the reputed company you should count on and trust when it comes to delivering the best.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Get Unrivaled Kannada Captions

Quality work comes from dedication towards work and focuses on goals. We strongly believe in this and strive to bring the best always. This is the reason we have appointed such talented people who are competency to put their right skills and efforts to create the readable and understandable;e caption for you. If you need some more questions about why you should choose us, then here they are.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

We offer cost-effective language solutions to you so that if you want captions in a different language, we can provide you with the help of our native captioners.

Native Expert

Tridindia has a team of superb, dynamic and highly professional native captioners having more than 10 years of experience in writing top-quality captions that make any video accessible.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We promise to deliver the best quality captions at affordable rates which meets the highest level of accuracy and gives clarity to the viewer about the theme of the video.

Easy Project

We conduct easy project consultation to meet you, know about your business goals, understand your project requirement and so on.


Providing certified captioning services ensuring that it meets your requirement with correct grammar and vocabulary used while creating captions.

Fastest Turnaround

We always deliver work on time no matter how many complexities are there in the project. Meanwhile, we take care of the quality and accuracy.
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