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Without accurate Translation you business might face several unfortunate scenarios such as:

Unambiguous Communication: Many companies take help of free online tool to avoid cost and gets into big leap of trouble as they are not hundred percent accurate. This results into inappropriate and misleading communication.

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Many businesses consider translation as an important part of their organization to convey right message.

Facts about Bulgarian Language:

  • Bulgarian is majorly spoken in Bulgaria
  • It is one of the oldest European countries.
  • Bulgarian language has lost all its grammatical cases.
  • The Old Bulgarian language has 6 cases.
  • It belongs to Slavic language family.
  • It is the only Slavic language which uses definite articles.
  • On 1 January 2007, Bulgarian got official status from European Union.
  • The toughest part of this language is its verb.
  • There are three major periods of this language

Bulgarian is an Indo-European language, belongs to Southern branch of the Slavic language family. It is the language of the Bulgarians which is spoken by nearly 9 million people all around the world. It was the first “Slavic” language which was preserved in writing and lasted into late antiquity.

Dialects of Bulgarian Language:

 Western dialects
 Eastern dialects

Bulgarian Is Official Language Of:

Bulgaria Romania Serbia Czech Republic
Hungary Slovakia Ukraine European Union

Information About The Bulgarian Native Country:

Country: Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia
Population: 7,202,198
President: Rosen Plevneliev
Prime Minister: Boyko Borisov
Government Type: Parliamentary republic
Currency: Lev (BGN)
GDP: $141.375 billion
Major Industries: Metallurgy, Machine Manufacture, Chemicals, Agriculture, Energy production, Tourism, Transportation, IT, Telecommunications, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Textile.

Interesting Facts about Bulgaria:

  • Bulgaria was established in 681 AD.
  • It’s the oldest European country which didn’t change its name after establishment.
  • Capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is the second oldest city of Europe, established 7000 years ago.
  • The rose valley of Bulgaria produces 70-80% of the world’s total rose oil.
  • Bulgarian people shake their head to say yes and nod for no.
  • This country is world class wine producer
  • Nearly one third of Bulgaria is covered with forest.
  • The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is from Bulgarian origin. His grandfather has emigrated from Bulgaria in 1940.
  • Bulgaria is in European Union but yet it uses the “Lev” instead of the euro.

History of Bulgarian Language:

Bulgarian is a member of Slavic language family and is the only Indo-European language that uses Cyrillic alphabet. Several Turkish words were adopted into Bulgarian language during the Ottoman rule. Later Latin, Greek, Russian, French, Italian, German and English words too contributed in this language.

There Are Three Major Periods Of Bulgarian Language:

  Old Bulgarian: It was the first period of this language during which most of its development took place. This period had several manuscripts starting from the late 10th and the early 11th centuries.

  Middle Bulgarian: This period was between 12th to 15th centuries, when some fundamental changes were done in this language. The major change was, change of nasal vowels, which changed the dialect of this language

  Modern Bulgarian: It was developed in early 16th century, while the major changes were brought between 18th and 19th century, in grammar and syntax of the language. The case was eliminated from the new form of Bulgarian language.

Communicate With Wider Audiences

Many businesses have admitted the fact that with translation they have amplified their reach and it has became easier for them to target wider market. It not only boosted their revenue but also generated open minded workforce with great cultural diversity. With lucid translation, they have made their businesses succeed globally


At Tridindia, translation work is being performed by professionals who have complete knowledge about various fields such as medical, law, education, that helps you in:

  •   Reaching wider audiences: Translation makes your business products communicable to wider audiences. Your products will speak their native language. 
  •   Increasing market potential: Translation helps in generating leads. You’ll be able to find out where your potential clients are and which area is more profitable. 
  •   Outrun competitors: You must understand that context play key role in making people aware about your product. In case of multi-variant audience, translation helps in making people aware about your product and services making you look like strong brand.With the help of highly professional translation you can make your brand available to wider market.

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    Bulgarian is official language of Bulgaria which is world’s leading producer of wine. Around one third of the area of Bulgaria is covered with forest which makes it one of the richest possessors of such natural resource. Bulgarian is the only official language of Bulgaria which makes it one of the most important languages for trade purpose. If you are willing to take aid of Bulgarian translation service then you should must choose our service.

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