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Unambiguous Communication: No organization wants to communicate imprecisely. A Fallacious translation could jeopardize the message and make you look like unprofessional.

Rivalries: Expanding into foreign markets becomes difficult especially when you’ve to deal with domestic players who’re providing products and services in their native language.

Facts About Cebuano Language:

 It is also spelled as Sebuano.
 It is the member of Western Austronesian language family.
 There are nearly 21 million Cebuano speakers in the world.
 It has been spoken since the Proto-Austronesian era.
 This language is closely influenced by Spanish language.
 It was first taken into practice during 18th century.
 The modern Cebuano language has dropped ‘L’ letter from it all the words to make it sound smoother.
 The counting from 1 to 10 is in original Cebuano but after that it adopts Spanish language.
 It is the only language among the 75 languages that can be found throughout the islands of Philippines.

Cebuano language is termed as a part of the Western subgroup of the Austronesian family of languages, also known as Malayo-Polynesian family, which is one of the largest language groups in the world. It is also classified as a dialect of Waray languages, to which it is closely related. It is spoken by nearly 21 million people globally.

Cebuano Is Official Language Of:

  Central Visayas
  Eastern Negros Island
  Eastern Visayas
  Masbate Mindanao

Dialects Of Cebuano Language:

 Standard Cebuano
 Urban Cebuano
 Negrense Cebuano
 Boholano Cebuano
 Leyteño Cebuano
 Mindanao Cebuano

Information About The Cebuano Native Country:

 Country: Philippines
 Capital: Manila
 Population: 102,877,000
 President: Rodrigo Duterte
 Senate President: Aquilino Pimentel III
 Government Type: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
 Currency: Peso (PHP)
 GDP: $310.312 billion
 Unemployment Rate: 6.5 Percent
 Major Industries: Food, petrochemicals, chemicals, electronics, electrical, machinery, footwear, garments and beverages.

Interesting Facts About Philippines:

 Philippines got its name after King Philip II of Spain.
 In 1946, Philippines became the first Southeast Asia country to gain independence after World War II.
 The biggest pair of shoes was made in Philippines.
 Philippines is the largest exporter of coconuts in the world.
 The Jellyfish lake of Philippines has more than 13 million Jellyfish in it.
 Philippines is the only majority Christian nation in Asia.
 The University of San Carlos in Philippines is the oldest university in Asia.
 This country has the most number of live volcanoes.
 It is the only country in the world that follows the trend of hosting its flag upside down when the country is at war.

History Of Cebuano Language:

Cebuano belongs to Malayo-Polynesian languages family, spoken by 21 million people all around the world. It is mainly spoken by the Bisaya people in Central Visayas and in northeastern parts of Negros Occidental. This language is named after the island of Cebu. This language was first used by Italian explorers in 1521. The Spanish used to write this language in early 18th century due to which this language has many Spanish words in it. It is spoken in the island of Cebu and by 167 surrounding islands and is one of the official languages of Philippines.

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Increase market potential: Think about this for a sec, you’ll be able to communicate in their native language. Thus, you’ll be able to find out which products has more potential and where,; and also where’s your potential customers who’re willing to buy.

Reach target customers: Translation further improves customer experience and engagement. You’ll be able to reach wider market only if you provide information in their native language.

Outrun competitors: Nobody wants to be left behind in global race of profits, customer and expansion. Translation helps in grabbing every single profitable opportunity

Many global e retailers knew the importance of accurate translation to order to ensure that correct information is being passed onto several geographical locations.


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