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Fastest professional Croatian Translation Services by 4000+ certified Croatian translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Croatian language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas and so forth. Thus, we have established as a well-known global Croatian Language Translation services company in New Delhi India Mumbai Amritsar Kolkata Chandigarh Chennai UAE Hyderabad Bangalore Noida Pune Gurgaon Ghaziabad and several other Indian and foreign cities. We also guarantee optimum quality, precision and confidentiality in Croatian interpretation services that is one of the major fields we excel at. These services are rendered by professional Croatian interpreters who work for numerous industries like legal, technical, IT, medical, scientific, aviation, automobiles, real estate, manufacturing, tourism, oil & gas and others. Furthermore, our Croatian translation company also offers authentic Croatian localization services for websites, software, apps, video games and others.

In today competitive world, almost every business is getting global. It has become difficult to differentiate between domestic and international. Thanks to internet people have come closer and now many start-ups are also rising and setting up business. But to connect you with wider audiences one cannot ignore the translation services to bridge communication gap and develop effective flow of communication with customers and clients overseas.

Without accurate translation there’s a highly possibility of:

Unambiguous Communication: You don’t want to risk your brand value by communicating wrong information to your audiences do you? You need to avoid offending and insensitive information.

Missed opportunities: To make the name of your brand in other countries you need translation and without it you won’t be able to communicate with wider audiences and tap market potentials.

Rivalries: To penetrate into any new market you need to formulate effective business communication to promote your products and information. For that you need translation and without it you won’t be able to compete.


Interesting Facts about Croatian (hrvatski) Language

Croatian is the official language of Croatia,
It is written using the Gaj’s Latin alphabet.
This language is also spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina apart from Croatia.
It is the minority language in Austria, Montenegro, Romania, Italy and Serbia.
There are almost 5.6 million native speakers of this language.
Around 1.25 million people in Slovenia speak the language as their second language.
Other popularly languages in Croatia include English and German.
This language belongs to the Serbo-Croatian subgroup and Indo European language family.


Where is Croatian Spoken

CroatiaHerzegovinaCanadaCzech Republic
MontenegroItalyUnited StatesGermany


Hrvatski Dialects

 Shtokavian: spoken in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Southern & eastern Croatia
 Kajkavian: Zagreb, North Croatia and communities in Hungary, Romania, Austria)
 Chakavian: spoken in few mainland communities, Adriatic islands and Southwestern Croatia
 Torlakian: Communities in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia


Basic Info about Croatian Native Country

Country: Croatia
Capital: Zagreb
Population: 253 million
GDP: 13,607.51 USD (2013)
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Currency: Kuna
Ease-Of-Doing-Business Rank: 40th
Unemployment Rate:5%
Provinces: There are 20 provinces in Croatia
Major Industries: food and beverages, wood products, chemicals and plastics, pig iron and rolled steel products, machine tools, petroleum and petroleum refining, tourism, fabricated metal, electronics, construction materials, aluminium, paper, shipbuilding, textiles


Croatia Facts

Hum is a popular town in Croatia that is actually the world’s smallest town with a population of just 21 people.
The Dalmatian breed of dogs is said to belong to the Dalmatia region in Croatia
Reports say that the neck tie symbolizes a Croatian tradition. Before going on a war, women used to wrap a scarf around their loved ones’ neck as a token of good luck
World’s Largest truffle (1.31 kilograms) was found in 1999, near Buje, Croatia.


Croatian History

Many empires under the rule of Iranians, Romans and Hungarians have at some point of time claimed the land of Croatia as their own. But, none stayed so long as the Croats. Croatia had been famous and historically known as it had been continuously ruled under different rulers. Its territorial boundaries kept changing. The newly developed territory in the Balkans, i.e. the official Republic of Croatia gained independence in the year 1991. It is said that German was a popular language in the region, for a period of time. Some historians believe that the arrival of croats occurred from 6th and 9th centuries. Zagreb became the capital of Croatia in 1991. Since the end of World War II, a developmental growth has been seen in the urban center of Zagreb. The use of the railroad is one such development. Zagreb is also very popular in Europe. It is majorly known as a travelling hub for tourists. Also, it connects many eastern and western countries.


Communicate with Wider Audiences

Translation helps in informing your audiences about your product and services to generate potential client. It helps in generating the trust factor and boosts their confidence among customers to buy your product and services.

At Tridindia, we help business to grow. We provide accurate translation that enables them to reach:

Reaching wider audiences: Translation serves as customer care services. Every sales start with query and translation helps in solving queries of customers further motivating them to purchase.

Increasing market potential: Let’s identify the most favorable market for your products and services. Shall we? With effective translation you can easily find out several opportunities such as potential customers, product demand, and favorable area to focus.

Outrun competitors: Translation helps you to go beyond your rivalries. It differentiates you from others competitors; boosting your sales and generating more revenues.

Translation bridges the gap between you and your clients overseas for your effective flow of communications.


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