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Why You Should Invest in Georgian Translation Today?

Georgian is belongs to the Kartvelian language family. The language is commonly spoken by 4 million people either as a first or second language, most of whom live in Georgia. Also, Georgian is spoken in northeastern Turkey, Azerbaijan and in several villages in the area of Eṣfahān in Iran. Georgian is related to Laz, Mingrelian, and Svan, most of them are spoken chiefly in Georgia. Businesses trying to target the Georgian market have to identify the market potential and find a way to explain their brand story. Connecting with Georgian-speakers from across the world requires you to translate your brand message accurately in their native language. With adroit native translators, you can break down the language barrier to attain global exposure.

Fastest professional Georgian Translation Services by 4000+ certified Georgian translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Georgian language for government, public and private sectors. We aim to provide phenomenal quality Georgian Translation Services in New Delhi India UAE NCR Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Noida Bangalore Hyderabad Amritsar Chandīgarh Gurgaon Pune Ghaziabad and at other locations around the world. Our leading certified Georgian Translation company caters to a wide base of clients all over the world. So, when it comes to providing reliable and accurate translation in Georgian language at reasonable rates, TridIndia is the place where you may get effective results, even for Georgian interpretation services and Georgian localization services. Our native Georgian interpreters make sure that they deliver 100% client satisfaction.

English to Georgian Translation Services

Georgia is on the list of markets providing the highest-paying and fastest-growing jobs due to huge investments made by foreign businesses. Every business, thinking of expanding solutions in Georgia speaking market must prefer to get English to Georgian translation services to make sure that the business can put the right effort into the way to grow. This seamlessly provides the best experience for a business to establish its operations.

No matter what are your needs for translation, we can help you by providing our team of versatile experts who are Georgian language specialists. They are always ready to put in effort and dedication and use their valuable knowledge and skills to deliver translation. With us, you can be assured of getting professional translation solutions at much more affordable prices.


Get Certified Georgian Language Translators For Your Project

Georgia’s market is still relatively strong despite several factors that are still leading to an unstable economy in various countries. Therefore, several businesses are seeking Tridindia to get accurate and professional Georgian translations to carry out their operations. We are trusted by the leading businesses who want to put effort into the expansion while being accurate with the communication in Georgian language.

We have skilled Georgian language translators who are trained and understand the particular linguistic features related to the Georgian language. Also, they research a lot about the market and always implement the skills to attain the highest standard of translation. During translation, they assure to deliver the accurate Georgian translation while preserving the cultural context of the language.

Georgian Translation Market

The landscape of Georgia is diverse and it is known for deserts, plains, seas, and mountains. The Georgian people are just as diverse as their country landscapes and the market provides huge potential for any business. When you look back to the past five thousand years, the history of the Georgians as a people and their language is vast and great.

Georgia has made substantial economic gains with the help of World Bank and IMF. Thus, it is worth investing in Georgia and this could be attained only via error-free Georgian translations. If you are into beverages, electricity, mining, quarrying, tobacco products etc, then these translations can be productive for you to reach to a global audience. Georgian translations are also significant for Georgia translators while exporting goods to Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and other export partners.

For businesses, this market is ready to provide labor resources that can fit the required roles and make the businesses grow. This has led to the establishment of certain industries related to the trade and transportation, education, and health sectors to make them work in the best way. For international businesses, using Georgian translation can bring in growth that will eventually lead to great results.

Georgian Translation Tips

Georgian language has been written in a variety of scripts over the history and it comes with various dialects. To carry out an accurate translation, the translator need to aware of several things, and below are two important tips to remember:

Alphabet and Writing System

The Georgian language is distinctive and has its own writing system. In contrast to many other languages, the script has a normal form and follows the Nuskhuri cursive variant. This variant was historically utilized for religious literature. Also, the complex curves and loops give each letter in Georgian calligraphy its particular appearance making it appear like an art form. Translators need to be very much aware of translating and using the right alphabets.

Influence of Other Languages

Throughout its history, the Georgian language has been impacted by a number of other languages and their cultures. From vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, major things in the Georgian language saw influences of the other languages. For instance, Georgians have many words from various languages that are related to religion, science, and the arts.

Georgian Language Facts

The Georgian language is highly known for its unique alphabet and complex grammar and also has a rich literary tradition dating back to the 5th century. Below are some interesting facts about the Georgian language:

This is the official language of Georgia.

Georgian is a Kartvelian language.

It is spoken by approximately 4 million native speakers.

It is written using the Mkhedruli script, with a total of 33 letters.

Georgian speakers also live in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (Ethnologue).

Georgian language is written from left to right.

Georgian language was impacted by a variety of languages, including Aramaic, Greek, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish

The Georgian language is also known as Qartuli by the people who speak it.

The Georgian is also an official language of the Central Eurasian Republic of Georgia.

The reasons for the spread of the Georgian language out to countries together with its people, who have migrated with their language and culture.

The first Georgian books and manuscripts were written in the 17th century.

Georgian History

The Georgian language is considered to be a part of the Kartvelian language that is spoken by around 4 million people in Georgia and its diaspora. It has its origins and early development on records but it is a still complex and debatable topic by linguists. However, it is believed that Georgian language has evolved from an ancient language spoken in the region called as “Colchis”.

In the 4th century, Chrisitanity language was first introduced in the region known as the present-day country of Georgia. During this period, the Georgian Orthodox Church was the major highlight as it was established. This led to the ethnic Georgian identity that has been tightly interwoven with Christianity. Many Georgian religious documents discovered from this time period, including the Bible are translated into the Georgian language.

The Georgian written language evidence can be traced back to the 5th century as various inscriptions have been found as evidence. This era is considered to be the beginning of the “Old Georgian” which dates from the 5th century up to the 11th century. During the 11th century AD, there was some final alteration made to the Georgian alphabet and the Mkhedruli script was introduced. The Mkhedruli script is only script that has 14 alphabets that exist in the world today.

Countries that speak Georgian

Georgian language is always related to the country Georgia and there are more than 4 million native speakers of the Georgian language residing in the country of Georgia, alone. However, there are more additional 500,000 speakers residing in other countries who speak Georgian language as their native language. Below is the list of the following countries:

South Ossetia Ukraine
Azerbaijan Israel
Abkhazia Iran
Russia Kazakhstan
Tajikistan United States
Georgia Kyrgyzstan
Turkey Uzbekistan
Turkmenistan Armenia

Georgian Country Data

Country: Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi
Population: 37.1 Lakhs
Unitary Parliamentary Republic: President: Salome Zourabichvili, Prime minister: Irakli Garibashvili
Currency: Lari
GDP (ppp): 1,862.94 Crores USD
Unemployment: 17.26%
Government Type: Unitary parliamentary republic
Industries: Deals in steel, machine tools, electrical appliances, mining (manganese, copper, and gold), wood products, chemicals, wine, etc.

Country: Russia
Capital: Moscow
Population: 14.34 Crores
Semi-Presidential Federation: President Vladimir Putin
Currency: Russian Ruble
GDP (ppp): 1.78 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 3.8%
Government Type: Semi-Presidential Federation
Industries: Deals in coal, oil and gas, chemicals, agriculture, consumer durable goods, metals, machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing, communications, textiles, processed foods, and handicrafts.

Georgian Dialects

The standard Georgian language is largely based on the Kartvelian dialect. By the time of the 11th century, Old Georgian had developed into Middle Georgian and this brought many changes in the language along with its spread. This exerted a strong influence on the language and made it available in huge varieties of dialects. All of the Georgian language dialects are mutually intelligible with standard Georgian and with one another too. Mentioned below are the Georgian language dialects:

Imeretian Racha-Lechkhumian
Gurian Adjaran
Kartlian Kakhetian
Ingilo Tush
Khevsur Mokhevian
Pshavian Fereydan
Mtiuletian Meskhetian

Popular Georgian Translation Phrases

The Georgian language is classified as the language that belongs to the family of the Kartvelian languages. Georgian language is an important part of Georgian culture and identity, and several people are interested to speak in Georgian language. Here are common English phrases and their translation in Georgian language:

English Phrase                 Georgian Translated Phrase

Hello!გამარჯობა ( gamarjoba )
Good morningდილა მშვიდობისა ( dila mshvidobisa )
Good luck წარმატებები (ts’armat’ebebi)
Welcome მოგესალმებით ( mogesalmebit)
Thank you გმადლობთ (gmadlobt)
How are you? როგორ ხარ (rogor khar)


Affordable Georgian Translation Services for Your Business

Entering a target market requires the right approach and effective communication with the old and new customers. When you convey your brand message with zero ambiguity and high accuracy, you are helping Georgian-speaking consumers to either purchase from you. There also rises a great possibility for the companies targeting Georgian-speaking regions will have to understand the needs of the potential customers and deliver the information in their native language. This is where they need translation to reach the right audience.

Taking affordable Georgian Translation solutions enables you to express your thoughts and ideas in a more effective way to the target customers, thus this will expand your customer base for sure. At Tridindia, our translation services are versatile enough to serve all the major industries and sectors that may be beneficial to you. Be it, IT, hospitality, tourism, medical, e-commerce, multicultural marketing or any other sector/industry; we deliver translations for all and that too within time deadlines. Further, you can avail our translation services for Georgian language at very competitive rates.








Need of Georgian Translation For Your Business Today

The world of the internet is booming. Businesses that are wanting to expand to the Georgian market, putting their best efforts to overcome the communication barrier to engaging target customers. Promoting products and services requires in the new market requires the attention of a larger audience And hence, here translation plays a significant role.

Identify Market Potential

Translation can be a great tool for entrepreneurs to do a thorough analysis of the market and discover the target areas where they can effortlessly engage the potential customers with their brand.

Reach Target Audience

With Georgian translation, businesses can easily reach their target audiences by ensuring the accurate flow of information in their native language to improve their interest in the brand.

Boost Sales

Businesses make more progress when they get good sales. Delivering information in the Georgian language will bring a positive response from the audiences and they will surely witness an increase in sales.

Better ROI

To ensure your business makes better revenue than your audience, Georgian translation is something you need for better customer engagement and to see an increase in sales.

Georgian translation can assist companies to build connections with organizations worldwide by expanding their goals, purpose and brand to individuals across the globe. You’ll easily reach your target market you didn’t think existed ever. With Georgian translation, you will be capable of opening up some more new arenas of possibility that will help you in the upcoming years.

Types of Georgian Translation We Offer

In the age of globalization, every business owner dreams of taking their business beyond the borders to gain recognition in the target marketplace. To build a strong connection, Georgian translation is something that businesses highly rely upon to grow their reach to target customers by ensuring the flow of accurate information through documents, websites, etc.
  • Georgian Website Translation
  • Georgian Content Translation
  • Georgian Document Translation
  • Georgian Certificate Translation
  • Georgian Website Localization
  • Georgian Content Localization
  • Georgian Content Writing
  • Georgian Audio Translation
  • Georgian Video Translation
  • Georgian Contract Translation
  • Georgian Technical Translation
  • Georgian Legal Translation
  • Georgian Literary Translation
  • Georgian Book Translation
  • Georgian Manual Translation
  • Georgian Patent Translation
  • Georgian Paper Translation
  • and more
Georgian is among the 10 ancient languages. Having 38 alphabet letters, UNESCO recognized each of them as part of the world’s cultural identity. Factors such as culture and language hugely impact the success of the business. To ensure your brand is accepted by the Georgian-speakers in the target market, you will need to translate your information to build their trust in your brand.
Why Choose Us

Choosing Tridindia for Georgian language solutions can be the best decision

Effective communication is crucial in today’s business endeavors in order to win the trust of Georgian speaking-clients. Here are a couple of points that show why we should be your translation partner:

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

From the translated documents to legal papers, whatever we translate for you meets the high standards of accuracy and quality as this will help your message reach the right audience faster.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

We provide tailored comprehensive language solutions in your budget. With these solutions, you can have easy access to the target market or location you want your business to get exposure.

Certified Translation

Choosing Tridindia will be truly beneficial for your business as you will get certified translation that features zero errors and relevancy to culture, with the help of our skilled and certified translators.

Native Expert Translators

We have native translators who are equipped with excellent Georgian-language skills and industry-specific knowledge. They have the ability to render accurate translations that meet your needs.

Easy Project Consultation

We conduct easy project consultation to understand your concerns related to your project and address all your queries regarding our entire translation process and how we can help you.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Our native Georgian translate will accurately translate your document and our quality analyst will quickly proofread it to deliver the work within the fastest turnaround time.
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    Facts about the Georgian Language

    This is the official language of Georgia

    Georgian is a Kartvelian language

    It is spoken by approximately 4 million native speakers

    It is written using the Mkhedruli script, with a total of 33 letters

    Georgian speakers also live in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Turkey, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (Ethnologue).

    Business Facts about Georgian Language Translation

    Georgia has made substantial economic gains with the help of World Bank and IMF. Thus, it is worth investing in Georgia and this could be attained only via error-free Georgian translations.
    If you are into beverages, electricity, mining, quarrying, tobacco products etc, then these translations can be productive for you to reach to a global audience.
    Georgian translations are also significant for Georgia translators while exporting goods to Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and other export partners.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.


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