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Why You Should Invest in Greek Translation Services?

Greek language is a part of Indo-European family majorly used in Greece. This language is spoken by nearly 13 million people all around the world. This language was the official language of the Rome Emperor. It has an integral position in the history of the Western world and Christianity. Several terms of science, astronomy mathematics and logic have opted from the Greek language. Greek is among the most widely spoken languages across the world. Several people are using it in their regular communication including governments, artists and officials, so there is a huge necessity of translation in Greek.

Many say that the key to Globalization is communication but if you ask us the precise answer would be translation. We are living in a world where thousands of languages and English is spoken by almost 30 % of the worldwide population. The biggest challenge that the majority of organizations face is language differences which setback the organization process and pull them away from their audiences. To connect with the Greek people, they need Greek translation. There are discrete forms of translation that are done and almost all of them require superior comprehension over the languages, be it vocabulary, grammar or the important medical, law-related or technical terms that are comprised. Tridindia’s professional Greek translators ensure accurate Greek to English translation of your required content.

English to Greek Translation Services

Greek is one of the oldest languages that is still in use today. Also, it is one of the oldest of all Indo-European languages that has helped to shape many other European languages that also includes English. You may not know but 30% of the English vocabulary is derived from Greek language. So, for interacting with the Greek market, it becomes essential to get English to Greek translation services to avoid any language barrier and other challenges.

Greek is the preferred language in Greece and we can help you with the accurate translation in Greek language. With translation, there is a high possibility that the audience engage with you. We not only translate but ensure the translated content gives respect to the culture and tradition of the Greek market so you can see relevant results for your efforts.


Get Certified Greek Language Translators For Your Project

Greek is among the most widely spoken languages across the world and when dealing with the Greece market, no business would like to miss out on the opportunity by not choosing translation. Tridindia helps you in the process by providing the most efficient translation where you can have quality assurance for the Greek translation and ensure to get your translation at affordable prices.

Greek is a highly rule-based language and carries a structure that may not be relatively easy to decipher, especially for new translators. However, we have professional Greek language translators who come with great skills and are fluent in source and target languages. Our translators are efficient in the Greek language and help your business to connect with your audience and enter the Greek market successfully.

Greek Translation Market

There has always been a great history of translation and the broad acceptance to translation predates the Bible. The Holy Bible speaks in various languages and to provide insight into interactions between speakers from varying areas, several have decided to get the Greek translation. The Greek language is one of the critical languages in the history of translation and Roman translator experts have played a pivotal role during the translation movement.

The Greek language is a part of the Indo-European family and it is used for several terms of science, astronomy mathematics, and logic. With the rapid improvement in the Greek economy, there is a great influx of overseas products and companies doing business in Greece. This has driven this need for Greek translation as functioning in the English language won’t bring the same results.

There is a major difference between the Greek and English languages is gender. In Greek language, all nouns are either masculine, feminine, or neutral and there is no such concept present in the English language. When seeking English-to Greek-translation, you must take into account to choose to be with professional translators who understand the differences between the language well.

Greek Translation Tips

The Greek language has ancient origins and the language contains many words and phrases that don’t translate directly. There are various other things that translators need to know and given below are two important tips our translators follow:

Working With Punctuation

To get accurate English-to-Greek translations, translators focused on learning the Greek alphabet. However, many translators don’t realize the importance and use of punctuation. Commas and full-stops are used in the same way as in the English language, but a semicolon is used as a question mark. It is important to note improper punctuation can make things confusing or alter its meaning.

Dealing With Inflected Language

Generally in English, there is a change in the order of words to convey different meanings in a sentence. On the other hand, Greek is an inflected language, and rather than changing the order of words, you need to alter form or end of the words to alter the meaning of sentences.

Greek Language Facts

Greek is a very popular language and various notable literary works were written in Ancient Greek on science and philosophy. Also, there are many Greek words for scientific terms that were adopted in English, mathematics, etc. Given below points tell more interesting facts about the Greek language:

Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus.

Greek holds great importance and is highly spoken in the UK, US, and Albania.

The Greek language has a great influence on many European languages.

More than 30% of the English vocabulary derives from classical Greek words.

Greece is a country of around 13 million have 99% population speaking Greek.

Greek is one of the Hellenic languages.

The word “alphabet” comes from Greek where the first two letters in the Greek alphabet, are “alpha” and “beta”.

The letters and symbols of the Greek alphabet are highly used in science and technology.

Greek History

The Greek language is believed to originate around the 3rd millennium BCE and this also makes it one of the oldest documented Indo-European languages. The Proto-Greek is the ancestor of the Greek language and sound changes were made to the language around 2000 BC that works in differentiating this language from other Indo-European relatives. Here, linguists are unsure whether this shift happened in the Greek Peninsula or whether there were people speaking Greek who migrated to Greece after.

It is said a new version of the Greek language emerged in the 15th century BC making The Mycenaean civilization speak as the first distinctly Greek society. It is referred to as Mycenaean Greek which was the first of several ancient dialects spoken during Archaic and Classical eras. Under the rule of Alexander the Great, Koine Greek emerged and this version of the Greek language had words from Ionain and Attic dialects.

During the Ottoman period, the Greek language was also used as a language of communication between different religious groups. Also, with time, it became the lingua franca across much of the Mediterranean and particularly the Eastern regions. People were interested in learning, speaking, and writing in the Ancient Greek alphabet. Businesses also became more widespread using the Greek language to see great results throughout Europe.

Countries that speak Greek

Greek language has a long history and from Ancient Greek to Modern times and the language has been highly influential. With more than 13 million people speaking Greek worldwide, given below are countries where you can find Greek speakers:

Armenia Djibouti
Turkey Austria
Tunisia Egypt
Malawi France
Paraguay United Arab Emirates
Bulgaria Mozambique
Ukraine Bahamas
Libya Australia
Macedonia Congo
Albania Sweden
Georgia Congo
Czech Republic Italy
Germany Poland
Russian Federation United States
Kazakhstan South Africa
Jordan Sierra Leone
Canada Cyprus
United Kingdom Romania

Greek Country Data

Country: Greece
Capital: Athens
Population: 1.06 Crores
Parliamentary Republic: President Katerina Sakellaropoulou
Currency: Euro (replaced the Drachma after 2,650 years of use)
GDP (ppp): 21,487.39 Crores USD
Unemployment: 12.16%
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Industries: Deals in shipping, tourism, food and tobacco, mining, chemicals, etc.

Greek Dialects

The Greek language has a number of different dialects. These dialects still exist today and their popularity has grown significantly since its inception. Thisis considered to be extremely formal. Also, there are various number of dialects spoken outside of Greece itself. Given below are the following Greek language dialects:

Cappadocian Italiot
Yevanic Demotic
Katharevousa Pontic

Popular Greek Translation Phrases

Though the Ancient Greek alphabet is widely considered dead, there are some literary works still being published in the language. There are many people who are interested in learning Greek words and phrases because of its rich history. Also, it is highly said Greek language has an influence on science and philosophy. Given below are common English phrases and their translation in the Greek language:

English PhraseGreek Translated Phrase
Hello!Γειά σου  (Yah-soo)
Good morningΚαλημέρα  (Kaliméra)
Good luckΚαλή τύχη  (Kalí týchi)
GoodbyeΑντιο σας  (Antio sas)
Thank youΕυχαριστώ  (Eff-kha-ri-stoe)
How are you?Tι κανείς  (Tee-kah-nis)


Affordable Greek Translation Services for Your Business

Professional translation solution provider understands that the credibility of the actual document is critical. Therefore, you should rely on an authentic translation company for your translation needs as they can ensure that your content is having the words that target market want to see. At Tridindia, we provide accurate translation of all your promotional material. Our solutions help multinational companies to avoid unfavorable situations such as:

Ambiguous Communication: Without translation, you won’t be able to create relevancy of your business. There’s a high possibility that customers might interpret wrong meaning of your information such as product description or video ads.

Missed Opportunities: Lack of translation results into downgrading your business potential as you’ll be restricted to one language and limited countries. Today world is all about getting globalized and without translation, entering and penetrating any country is difficult.

Rivalries: New entrant business faces a severe competition from local and international firm. By not using crucial benefits of professional translation firm, you are putting your business at risk as you won’t be able to target potential customers and boost up sales.

Translation helps in centralizing all your business content with respect to culture and tradition of particular country making your business more relevant in other languages also.







Need of Greek Translation For Your Business Today

Today entering into Greece market has become a lot easier but to survive for a long period is rather a difficult task. Your endurance is dependent on whether your customers will accept you or not. This is where translation is needed the most i.e. making your product and service accepted by wider audiences. Taking real advantages of translation service helps in getting thorough with all obstacles and helps you in:

Identify Market Potential

Translation helps in determining marketing and sales potential. It helps in tapping those areas that are most favorable for your business. It further helps in getting complete analysis of market helping you to grab every single opportunity.

Reach Target Audience

Consumer does study before acquire any products. This is where translation plays an important role showing relevant information of your business in customer’s native form and further engaging them. This helps in reaching out more audiences.

Enhance the Visibility

Customers stay away from the businesses that display content in their non-native language. When content is translated in the Greek language, the customers feel the brand is respecting their culture, they feel comfortable to connect and this furthermore boosts their visibility.

Better ROI

Besides accurate communication, translation also helps in combating against competitors. Majority of consumer appreciate those platforms that provide information in their native language. This helps in getting encircled by loyal customers, increasing up sales and spawning more revenues.

The beauty about premium translation for corporation is that it generates a mutual benefit scenario where business gets customers and customers gets information & product. In the process, the sales revenue can boost. The customers can then tell different people about the business. Accordingly, the client base also improves faster. With the passing time, your business can be known among the ones that are dominating the industry.

Types of Greek Translation We Offer

Global businesses that have taken operations to Greek markets know how to engage their clients through accurate translation for document. When customers know how to communicate with global businesses, they feel a lot more comfortable buying goods. We offer Greek translation for different types of documents to help you connect with a Greek-speaking audience much faster.
  • Greek Website Translation
  • Greek Content Translation
  • Greek Document Translation
  • Greek Certificate Translation
  • Greek Website Localization
  • Greek Content Localization
  • Greek Content Writing
  • Greek Audio Translation
  • Greek Video Translation
  • Greek Contract Translation
  • Greek Technical Translation
  • Greek Legal Translation
  • Greek Literary Translation
  • Greek Book Translation
  • Greek Manual Translation
  • Greek Patent Translation
  • Greek Paper Translation
  • and more
In the coming future, the requirement for professional Greek translators for different business domains would only boom. For an enterprise or a company to grow its business presence in the Greek market, we are helping to translate their content as well as introductions to their product in the Greek language.
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With the help of a certified translator, we ensure you get certified translation that sounds culturally relevant and non offensive.

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We offer easy project consultation to our clients to help them understand how we work and know what are their expectations.

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In order to meet the project deadlines, our translators work smartly and ensure work completion within the fastest turnaround time.
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