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Why You Should Invest in Hungarian Translation Today?

Hungarian has around 13 million people who speak this language, among whom over 9.8 million live in Hungary. This language is a part of the Uralic language family. It is believed that it is the toughest language to learn. While Hungary’s language is basically referred to as Hungarian beyond the country’s borders, in fact, its appropriate name is “Magyar”, which can also be utilized to refer to the Hungarian people. With a huge population speaking this complex language, it would be harder for any business to connect with this population of the world without translating their content into the Hungarian language. Hungarian language translation plays the main role in capturing the attention of non-native customers.

Fastest professional Hungarian translation services by 4000+ certified Hungarian translators who offer accurate translation services in Hungarian language for government, public and private sectors. Do you want to introduce your app in the markets or stores of Hungarian-speaking regions? Have you planned award-winning strategies to make it the most popular and highly demanding app? To achieve this goal, you need to reach all the people spread across those markets by using their local language. But, reaching them with only one language would not help you to meet this need. You can make this possible through clear and timely translation in the language used by your suppliers, end users, and all associated people. While converting the app specifications and other details into several languages, it is crucial to consider the linguistic, cultural, and all nuances. Thus, it is essential to let professional translators provide you error-free translation.

English to Hungarian Translation Services

For any business environment, Hungary is welcoming and accommodating to foreign businesses. Besides taxes and a great geopolitical location, Hungary has a lot to offer. However, the biggest concern revolves around expanding businesses to regions while being localized. Using English to Hungarian translation services is the best way you see significant potential to expand your business to Hungarian-speaking markets.

We understand quality is the essential virtue to create a good impression. However, there is a need for professional translators who are trustworthy and assist you in building a striking brand reputation. We have skilled translators who understand the Hungarian-speaking market in a better way. Thus, they assure to deliver the translation that brings in great results.


Get Certified Hungarian Language Translators For Your Project

Hungary is best known for providing the best business environment with great opportunities. Doing business is considered very cost-effective and low risks are associated especially compared to Western Europe. In this, Tridindia can help you to provide the best Hungarian translation that can help you establish a base of operations and allow great success.

If you want to grow in the Hungarian market, it should be a top priority for using translation to expand your horizon. We have professional Hungarian language translators for you and they make sure the right translators work on your project with great dedication. This helps to enhance communication to build trust and credibility and this can help companies achieve their goals and succeed in the global marketplace.

Hungarian Translation Market

Hungary is one of the countries that is considered to be least affected by making changes in the arrangement as there are fewer restrictions. Hungary can amplify your brand’s reach and this can expose you to their established audience and provide a way for gaining credibility and recognition in the market. To see success in the Hungarian market, your business needs to use Hungarian translation to seamlessly blend into any cultural landscape./p>

Foreign investment is a major part of Hungary’s economy, and Hungarians are always welcoming. To ensure great success in the Hungarian-speaking market, it is important to use approaches that represent a significant opportunity for businesses. Translation helps businesses to tap into a growing market and build relationships with customers who may not otherwise have access to your solutions.

According to experts, there are approximately 13 million speakers of Hungarian and most of them live in Hungary. However, there are also significant populations of Hungarian speakers in neighboring countries, including Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine and investment in Hungarian translation will not only restrict your business to only Hungary. Translating into Hungarian is challenging and there is a need to get a professional translation to see great results.

Hungarian Translation Tips

Hungarian is considered a highly agglutinative language. There are a lot of grammatical functions that are attached to the word and sometimes translators miss out on them and this leads to poor translation. Given below are the following translation tips our translators follow:

Text Expansion

The Hungarian language is an expansive language and it requires 35 percent more words than English words. The increased space during Hungarian translation can bring changes in the format. Therefore, it is important to consider everything to ensure the translation doesn’t go so long..

Complexity Levels

The Hungarian language is known for its complexity and has fairly confusing system of grammar and also includes multiple levels of formality. For this, Hungarian translators need to be extremely assured and experienced to ensure that translation goes well with the authenticity of the content.

Hungarian Language Facts

The Hungarian language has evolved a lot in its journey and Hungarian language has absorbed various influences from neighboring languages as well. Given below are some more interesting facts about the Hungarian language:

Hungarian comes under 24 official languages of the European Union.

Hungarian language has changed a lot from its ancient form and retains 64% of its original etymons.

The Hungarian language stems from the Finno-Ugric language group and this makes it completely different to the languages from the rest.

Hungarian is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn.

There are around 13 million who speak Hungarian.

The Hungarian language actually belongs to Asia.

Magyar is the actual term for the Hungarian language.

The longest word in the language has 44 letters.

Hungarian language uses two words for the color red.

Hungarian History

The Hungarian language origin can be traced back thousands of years when there were influences from various cultures and historical events. It is said that the Hungarian language has linguistic ties with other Uralic languages that demonstrate the shared heritage and cultural connections. It is also believed that the Uralic-speaking peoples who have migrated from their ancestral homeland in the Ural Mountains led to the development of distinct Uralic languages, including Hungarian.

Throughout history, Hungary has been highly influenced by neighboring cultures and this has resulted in its borrowing of words. In the early medieval period, the Hungarian tribes migrated to the Carpathian Basin, where they interacted with other language communities such as Slavic, Turkic, and German. There were huge contributions taken from these languages that led to the enrichment of the Hungarian vocabulary through loanwords and cultural exchanges.

Despite these external influences, Hungarian maintained its distinct linguistic features and made itself apart from other Indo-European languages prevalent in the region. The Hungarian language has played a significant role in shaping culture, literature, and national identity. Thus, it is considered a powerful symbol of Hungarian heritage and connects the people to their historical roots.

Countries that speak Hungarian

Hungarian has about 13 million native speakers and there are more than 9.8 million who live in Hungary. There are millions of additional people scattered in other parts of the world and some countries with Hungarian language speakers are:

Ukraine Austria
Israel Hungary
Czech Republic Serbia
United Stated Canada
Romania Slovenia
Vojvodina Croatia

Hungarian Country Data

Country: Hungary
Capital: Budapest
Population: 97.1 lakhs
Parliamentary Republic: President Katalin Novák
Currency: Hungarian Forint
GDP (ppp): 18,184.8 crores USD
Unemployment: 4.10%
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Industries: Agriculture, mining, metallurgy, construction materials, processed foods, textiles, chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), motor vehicles, precision and measuring equipment

Country: Romania
Capital: Bucharest
Population: 1.91 crores
Semi-Presidential Republic: President Klaus Lohannis
Currency: Romanian Leu
GDP (ppp): 28,408.76 crores USD
Unemployment: 5.44%
Government Type: Semi-Presidential Republic
Industries: Deals in textiles and footwear, food processing, petroleum refining, agriculture, light machinery and auto assembly, mining, timber, construction materials, metallurgy, chemicals, etc.

Hungarian Dialects

Hungarian language has various dialects and it is one of the most mutually intelligible languages that show variations in phonetics and vocabulary only. Some of the dialects are spoken in very few regions and has preserved archaic features of the language too. Given below are the following language dialects:

Southern TransdanubiaSouthern Great Plain
Tisza-KőrösiWestern Transdanubia
Central TransdanubiaNorth-Western
PalócTransylvanian Plain
SzékelyMoldavian (Csángó)

Popular Hungarian Translation Phrases

Hungarian language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family and is a widely spoken language. Hungarian is also the most used non-Indo-European language in Europe also spoken in Western Siberia by about a few thousand native speakers in total. So, those who are interested in communicating in the Hungarian language, here are the translation of common English phrases:

English Phrase                Hungarian Translated Phrase
Hello! Helló  
Good morning Jó reggelt kívánok  
Good luck Sok szerencsét    
Goodbye Viszontlátásra  
Thank you Köszönöm  
How are you? Hogy vagy?  

Affordable Hungarian Translation Services for Your Business

Translation plays the most crucial role in modern society. As the entire globe is connecting on the basis of the information shared and communication advancement, it is just natural that there has been a consistent demand for translation of ideas from one language to another. To reach a wider people in Hungary, your brand needs to survive in the Hungarian-speaking consumer market. And this could only be possible with Hungarian translation by Tridindia that assures smooth and effective communication between your business and the prospective customers. Our cost effective enterprise translation will keep your business safe from the following issues-

Unambiguous Communication: If you want to build the identity of your business, you need to spread awareness about it in your target market. An unambiguous communication would not let you clearly convey your message regarding your products, services or any other important information. The increases the risk for your business.

Missed Opportunities: Businesses are going global because they want to grab the opportunities that would help them grow in native and non-native countries. Without translation, you can’t improve your business potential because of the language barrier and this even stops your business from reaching new non-native customers.

Rivalries: Businesses that belong to a common industry often face the situation of rivalries. By not including translation, you are restricting your business from reaching the competitive market where your competitors are already ruling and targeting their potential customers which leads to a boost up in their sales.

To rule the Hungarian market, you need satisfactory document translation that helps your business to understand the language and culture of the target market. This makes your business more relevant in the Hungarian language too.


Interesting Facts About the Hungarian You Need to Know

There are around 13 million who speak Hungarian.
The Hungarian language actually belongs to Asia.
Magyar is the actual term for the Hungarian language.
The longest word in the language has 44 letters.
Two words for the colour red.
It’s a difficult language to learn.






Need of Hungarian Translation For Your Business Today

Translating into the Hungarian language has its own prime importance in several industries for growing business and revenue. Businesses have various reasons for translating content for global audiences. It may be to sell to worldwide customers, develop a global business partnership, start a business in a new foreign market, and lot more. Here are some other benefits of translation:

Identify Market Potential

In order to generate more leads and boost sales volume, companies often require to make their products or services more accessible to the end users. While doing global business, everything related to your specific good or service must always be translated into the target language to let every customer get familiar with them and make an instant purchase.

Reach Target Audience

Another key reason for translation is engaging with the target audiences. You would not be able to interact with people in foreign countries if there is no common language to convey the messages precisely and clearly. Translation helps in understanding the needs, preferences, and demands of customers by reaching them in their local language.

Boost Sales

In order to generate more leads and boost sales volume, companies often require to make their products or services more accessible to the end users. While doing global business, everything related to your specific good or service must always be translated into the target language to let every customer get familiar with them and make an instant purchase.

Better ROI

Adapting information about products, services, or a company into the language and culture of the target regions helps to gain a competitive edge. More acceptance you get into the global market, more revenue you will be able to generate. Thus, if you are in a need to take the biggest slice of the target market, you must include translation as an imperative business strategy.

Do you know that Hungarian is a native language to Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, and more? It is spoken by more than millions of people worldwide. Therefore, you have excellent opportunities to grow your business globally through quality translation in the Hungarian language. But, ensure that you choose only knowledgeable translation experts who better understand the dialect, linguistic, and cultural differences.

Types of Hungarian Translation We Offer

Offering translation in more than 250 language pairs for over 15 years, we have the ability to translate a number of content types, papers, and other material for various industries. Our successful business translation company have successfully handled varying requirements of high-profile clients from different parts of the world. Some of the common types of translation we are constantly providing are listed below –

  • Hungarian Website Translation
  • Hungarian Content Translation
  • Hungarian Document Translation
  • Hungarian Certificate Translation
  • Hungarian Website Localization
  • Hungarian Content Localization
  • Hungarian Content Writing
  • Hungarian Audio Translation
  • Hungarian Video Translation
  • Hungarian Contract Translation
  • Hungarian Technical Translation
  • Hungarian Legal Translation
  • Hungarian Literary Translation
  • Hungarian Book Translation
  • Hungarian Manual Translation
  • Hungarian Patent Translation
  • Hungarian Paper Translation
  • and more

The list of our translation solutions is not yet over, even there are lots more. Our team has expertise and experience to easily manage the complex assignments (short-term and long-term) beyond the client’s expectation. Hence, if you are looking for the Hungarian linguists to translate your customized content, then contact us today.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Tridindia for Hungarian language solution can be the best decision

Are you looking for the company that can assist you with the quality & timely translation of all types of documents or papers you require? We bring you the perfect solutions to this problem in the form of reliable and urgent translation for global campaign. Many global clients trust us for the following reasons –

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We have a team of quality analysts who checks out the translated document completely to ensure it maintains high levels of quality and accuracy.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

If your target audience speaks the Hungarian language, we are here to provide you with quality Hungarian translation through our effective solutions.

Certified Translation

We provide actual certified translation solutions to ensure that you receive an error-free, culturally relevant and legally correct translation effectively.

Native Expert Translators

We have many native expert translators who have extensive knowledge of the Hungarian language and can translate flawlessly.

Easy Project Consultation

We facilitate our clients with project consultation so that we could address each and every query and clarify everything about our service.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Our sole motive is to give our clients complete satisfaction. Our translator and quality analyst work together to complete the work within faster TAT.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Hungarian Translation Services To Us

Translation is not as easy as one might believe. You have to be an expert at source & target languages, subject matter, and terminologies. Even you also need deep knowledge of the local culture, custom, and dialects of a target region. That’s a reason, most of the people and organizations outsource the need to qualified and erudite Hungarian linguist.

Data Privacy

Your confidential data whether it is related to translating files or other stays secure with us. All our translators sign NDA before starting work.

Quality Control Systems

Our stringent quality check procedure allows us to deliver precise foreign document translation on a professional level with no errors.

Faster TAT

With detailed knowledge and updated training in specialization areas and translation, our team ensures timely delivery of authentic translation.

Culturally Relevant

We give complete attention to even the minor cultural differences in order to provide the culturally-precise meaning of the translated messages.

Our skilled and dedicated team not only translate the content, but also ensure that it is well received by the desired audiences. We have many years of experience in providing professional translation into or from the Hungarian language for a range of content for public use or business purpose. so, you can fully trust us for providing top benefits of human translation.

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    Few Easy Steps to Hungarian Translation Order

    To efficiently sell to Hungarian people or partner with Hungarian clients, translation is required to make them understand your ideas and thoughts. Here are some steps that you should follow.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Hungarian Translation

    Answer: We provide both written and oral translation service from and into almost every language. When it comes to the type of documents we work with, the simple answer is any type and file format. Text-based files are the most commonly used type among our clients. Another type of document widely used is the .pdf format, which is easier to work with.

    Answer: Yes, surely. For every translation project, we can sign a translation agreements with the customer which relates to confidentiality clause. There will be no third party to which your sensitive business information will be passed on.
    Answer: We translation in both International and Indian languages. Also, we deal in 150+ languages that includes Russian, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi and so on.
    Answer: Basically, we would need an exported file from the system, containing the text that needs to be translated. This will save a lot of time for you and us. But even if you give the word file, we will give the same results. No matter which system your company uses, we will always try to find the cost-efficient solution.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.


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    Hungarian translation is an interesting and effective way to spread ideas and information about your brand to the target market. Tridindia will let you communicate effectively in your customers’ native language to boost their understanding.

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