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Are you trying to get an unlimited growth in Kazakh-speaking market? Professional Kazakh translation services can help you gain immeasurable profits and visibility by reaching Kazakh speakers efficiently.
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Why You Should Invest in Kazakh Translation Today?

Kazakh is spoken by 64.4% of the country’s 18 million population where the language is strongly supported by the government. It is also the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The language is spoken by over a million of people in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, but there it has no official status. Plus, Kazakh is spoken in places like Uzbekistan, Iran, Russian, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. With this wide population of Kazakh speakers, it would be a wise option to target them for growing your business. And here, translation would be required. Investing in a professional translation company will ensure accuracy and professionalism in every translated document. You will know that your business will receive high-degree of consistency to convey your message in the most precise way.

Fastest professional Kazakh Translation Services by 4000+ certified Kazakh translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Kazakh language for government, public and private sectors. With an aim to provide accurate Kazakh Translation Services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai NCR Bangalore Chennai Kolkata Noida Pune Hyderabad Chandīgarh Amritsar Gurgaon Ghaziabad, we make sure that all the guidelines and specifications of the target language are met. Our team contains professional and native Kazakh translators who are very proficient in attractive website translation, marketing collaterals, legal documents, contracts, certificates, technical manuals, medical papers and other business documents in a number of file formats and language pairs. Last but not the least, we also offer high quality Kazakh interpretation services (by experienced Kazakh interpreters) and the fastest Kazakh localization services with optimum accuracy and efficiency.

English to Kazakh Translation Services

Kazakhstan’s economy grew by 4.1 percent in 2021 and it is now almost one-third bigger than the economies of its neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan combined. Around 60 percent of investment in the development of the region falls under Kazakhstan and businesses are insisted on using English to Kazakh translation services to establish better operations.

Businesses are always in search of accurate translations as any mistakes could poorly reflect the business image and reputation. We are highly popular and trusted translation company helping several businesses with Kazakh language translation. We have experienced translators who understand the Kazakh-speaking market and obtain accurate information to deliver error-free translations.


Get Certified Kazakh Language Translators For Your Project

The Kazakh market is known for its robust economy and strong regulatory environment. Also, its position as a gateway to other Central Asian markets that offers a rich variety of benefits to businesses looking to capitalize on its wide-ranging opportunities. Tridindia can help you with Kazakh language translation that make it easier when connecting with a Kazakh-speaking audience.

We have skilled and trained Kazakh language translators, who are native Kazakh language speakers. They are best at translating the content that provides an opportunity for your business to network and build relationships in the Kazakh market. With us, you can be assured of getting accurate and budget-friendly translation solutions without any delay.

Kazakh Translation Market

Kazakh translation is highly valuable for those targeting Kazakhstan, which has an escalating economy in the retail sector. Though Kazakhstan is best known for its soaring mountain ranges, beautiful deserts, and arid steppes, it is also rich in untapped opportunities. It is the ninth-largest country in the world by land mass and the country’s diverse population of 19 million attracts the attention of a lot of businesses.

Kazakhstan is at the heart of the Silk Road and is strategically positioned between the shores of the Caspian Sea and land borders with Russia and China. If you are aspiring to target Mongolian market in natural fiber manufacturing, fluorspar, mining, agriculture etc, then you will eventually need to avail profitable benefits of professional translation firm.Using Kazakh language translation brings in better and desired results.

With Kazakh language translation you are not only limited to the Kazakhstan. You can also target your desired industry or market in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, China, Germany, Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan at once with the translation.

Kazakh Translation Tips

Translating into Kazakh language from any language can be a real challenge without proper resources. For this, there is a need to have professional translators that make it possible. Given below are important tips our translators follow:

Complex Grammar

Grammar is incredibly difficult as it is particularly complicated or irregular. Also, translators need to pay attention to the word order that is incredibly different.


Vocabulary is a much bigger challenge. A lot of words in Kazakh are largely French and Russian words. For accurate translation, Kazakh translators need to be best with practice to deliver accurate translation.

Kazakh Language Facts

The Kazakh language is written in the Cyrillic script where it has followed an Arabic-based alphabet structure. Below are following interesting facts about the Kazakh language:

Kazakh is a western Turkish language was propelled by the Kazakh intellectuals back in 19th century.

As subjugated by Russia, the language used the Arabic script.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to change the writing system from using Cyrillic to Latin script by 2025

Kazakh language follows a system of 12 phonemic vowels of which three are diphthongs.

Four additional letters such as Ä, Ñ, Q, and Ū have different values in the two languages.

Kazakh History

Kazakh language cam during the reign of the Golden Horde where the inhabitants spread Islam and the closest predecessor of the Kazakh language. The modern Kazakh language originated in approximately 1465 AD and this was formed in the Sunni Muslim Kazakh Khanate. Modern Kazakh is considered as descendant of both Chagatay Turkic which is spoken by the Timurids and Kipchak Turkic as spoken in the Golden Horde.

The Kazakh language have huge volume of loanwords from other languages, Persian and Arabic. Also, the frequent historical interactions between Kazakhs and Iranian ethnic groups to the south have also influenced the language. Until 1929, the Kazakhs followed the Arabic script to write their language.

In the early 1900s, Kazakh activist Ahmed Baytursinuli reformed the Kazakh-Arabic alphabet but this was largely overshadowed by the Soviet presence in Central Asia. With so many changes and influences, Kazakhs now use the Arabic, Latin, and Cyrillic scripts to write their language.

Countries that speak Kazakh

Kazakh is highly spoken by the people of Kazakhstan and is said that almost 64.4% of the country’s population speaking Kazakh language. However, this language spread over various regions, and following are countries with Kazakh language speakers:

Mongolia People’s Republic of China
Tajikistan Turkey
Turkmenistan Ukraine
Afganistan Iran

Kazakh Country Data

Country: Kazakhstan
Capital: Astana
Population: 140.76 Crores
Unitary Semi-presidential Republic Under An Authoritarian Government: President- Kassym Jomart Tokayev, Prime Minister- Älihan Smaiylov
Currency: Tenge
GDP (ppp): 19,711.23 Crores USD
Unemployment: 4.70%
Government Type: Unitary semi-presidential republic under an authoritarian government
Industries: Deals in silver, phosphates, sulfur, manganese, chromite, lead, zinc, copper, titanium, bauxite, gold, uranium, iron and steel, oil, coal, iron ore, tractors and other agricultural machinery, electric motors, construction materials, etc.

Kazakh Dialects

The speakers of Kazakh are spread over from the Tian Shan to the western shore of the Caspian Sea. The spread of language across regions differentiated the language into various dialects and following are Kazakh language dialects:

Northeastern KazakhSouthern Kazakh
Western Kazakh 

Popular Kazakh Translation Phrases

Besides Kazakhstan, there are several nearly two million ethnic Kazakhs and Kazakh speakers residing in China. There are several people who are interested in learning the Kazakh language and the following are the common English phrases and their translations in Kazakh language:

English Phrase                Kazakh Translated Phrase

Hello!Сәлеметсіз бе! ( Sälemetsiz be! )
Good morningҚайырлы таң (Qayırlı tañ)
Good luck Іске сәт (Iske sät)
Welcome Қош келдіңіз (Qoş keldiñiz)
Thank you Рақмет сізге (Raqmet sizge)
How are you?Қалдарыңыз қалай? (Qaldarıñız qalay?)

Affordable Kazakh Translation Services for Your Business

Be it a small or well-established one, translation is needed in every size of business if you want exposure and growth. Companies that are focusing on Kazakh-speaking market should ensure they have standard business translation. By breaking down the language barriers, it becomes easy for you to establish a strong connection with the audience you want. This will also build a trustworthy relationship that will make them choose you over your competitors. Affordable translation in Kazakh language will not only fill the language gaps, but will also ensure effortless business communication with your Kazakh partners. Here are some perks that you get by choosing a reputed translation company:

On-time Delivery: When you hire a translation company, you get a team of translators too and this means there would be many who will work on your project to deliver it on time.

Professionalism: Hiring a reputed company will give you an experience of a professional translation process. As there will be experienced translators who will professionally handle the project.








Need of Kazakh Translation For Your Business Today

Nowadays, customer prefers the brands that conveys the details of their products and services in their native language as this gives them proper understanding. There is a good use of professional translation services if you want to reach Kazakh speakers.

Identify Market Potential

Once you start communicating in the native language of the people you are targeting, you will automatically understand the potential of the market you want your business to spread in.

Reach Target Audience

You can reach your target audience efficiently if you can connect with them by communicating in their native language. This will also help you establish a strong connection with your audience.

Boost Sales

By communicating in your target customer’s native language, you can establish trust in them for investing in your products or services. This way you can increase your sales massively.

Better ROI

As you will make your consumers feel valued, they will tend to return again and again to your brand. This will ultimately increase your ROI and make your business grow.

This globalized world has increased the major benefits of translation. To establish certain trust and sense of familiarity in consumers, you need to respect your target audience’s culture. And this can only be done through translating your brand information in your target customer’s local language.

Types of Kazakh Translation We Offer

According to the industry or the type of market you want to target, you need to choose the kind of translation you want. To give a clear view of our offerings, here we have mentioned some types of effective translation you can get by hiring us.
  • Kazakh Website Translation
  • Kazakh Content Translation
  • Kazakh Document Translation
  • Kazakh Certificate Translation
  • Kazakh Website Localization
  • Kazakh Content Localization
  • Kazakh Content Writing
  • Kazakh Audio Translation
  • Kazakh Video Translation
  • Kazakh Contract Translation
  • Kazakh Technical Translation
  • Kazakh Legal Translation
  • Kazakh Literary Translation
  • Kazakh Book Translation
  • Kazakh Manual Translation
  • Kazakh Patent Translation
  • Kazakh Paper Translation
  • and more
These were some types of translation we offer at a very competitive price. Also, we can customize our solutions according to your project needs and we can do precise proofreading in translation. So, you can talk to us if these are not the type of translation you are searching for.
Why Choose Us

Choosing Tridindia for Kazakh language solutions can be the best decision

Nowadays, every company wants to spread their business in a new location especially in regions where Kazakh is spoken. So, to reach the target location you need to choose trustworthy business translation company that can provide you reliable Kazakh language solutions.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

These two things are the top-most factor that we always keep in mind to maintain in our translation. We follow certain quality control process to make sure there is high quality and accuracy level.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

At Tridindia, you can get comprehensive language solutions at a very affordable price. These language solutions provided by us will give you an opportunity to target any consumer you want.


Our company offers you certified translation by well-qualified translators. Through certified translation you can avoid worst translation mistakes and make the document accurate.

Native Expert Translators

We have a huge network of native expert translators who can translate documents while keeping in mind the linguistic aspects and cultural nuances. This ensures that the right information is conveyed.

Easy Project Consultation

Easy project consultation is something that will give a convenience to consult with our project manager without investing much time. Through this you can keep an eye over the work going on in your project

Fastest Turnaround Time

We have many years of experience to strategize every translation project in such a manner to ensure that all the work is delivered within the fastest turnaround time. We don’t make our clients wait.
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    Common Facts about Kazakh Language

    Term used for the language in English: Kazakh
    Name of the language in Kazakh: Қазақ
    Spoken in: Kazakhstan, Afganistan, China, Germany, Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Tagikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan by around 5.293.400 people.
    Specific features: Kazakh is a western Turkish language was propelled by the Kazakh intellectuals back in 19th century, as they were subjugated by Russia, and the language used the Arabic script. Russia in reply demolished the school system and imposed Cyrillic alphabet, which was condemned by the general public. As a result Arabic script was reintroduced in schools and government in 1917. Following a decade of subjugation by the Kazakh Nationalist Movement (1927), Arabic made way for the Latin alphabet, which was later replaced by Cyrillic in 1940.

    Kazakh Language Translation From Business Perspective

    Kazakh translation is highly valuable for those targeting Kazakhstan, which has an escalating economy in the retail sector.
    If you are aspiring to target Mongolian market in natural fiber manufacturing, fluorspar, mining, agriculture etc, then you will eventually need to avail profitable benefits of professional translation firm.
    You can also target your desired industry or market in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, China, Germany, Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan at once with these translation.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.


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