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Why You Should Invest in Korean Translation Today?

Do you know there are 72 million people residing on the Korean peninsula who speak only the Korean language? The Korean language is spoken in North Korea and South Korea and both markets are known for the business-friendly trade and other policies.  The favorable policies of the Korean market for the business have allowed to pave the path to get into and serve in the Korean market.

Korea is counted as a leading economy in the world and it has ranked as the 11th largest in the world and also the 4th largest in Asia. Korean favorable policies and a better understanding of the businesses have led to economic success and remarkable success stories of businesses. Many giant companies are investing in this highly promising market and they all depend upon high-quality Korean language translation solutions for better functioning. Getting the Korean translation focuses on businesses to reach a multivariate global audience and make sure to communicate in a language where Korean audience can relate to. For best results, it is advised to get with a trusted translation agency to get accuracy assured translation. With us, you can get the Korean translation solutions that will help your assist business to establish and connect with the targeted place to ultimately bring in more sales.

English to Korean Translation Services

Korean is a common language of North and South Korea and both governments are focusing on embracing new businesses in the country which provides a great opportunity for the business to get to a larger audience. However, businesses operating in the English language must consider using English to Korean translation services while entering a more globalized Korean economy.

We are one of the professional Korean translation companies that give businesses access to many well-qualified translators. Our translators are well aware of distinct dialects used in South Korea and North Korea and thus able to deliver the best translation that goes well with the region.


Get Certified Korean Language Translators For Your Project

Korean market is vast and expanding rapidly in the growing time. There are several businesses that are in need of Korean translation to expect growth. Korean translation is complex and businesses trust Tridindia to get accurate Korean translation that goes well with the cultural sensitivity of the market. Our language translators understand the different aspects of the Korean language and work on it while focusing on the dialects.

Our team has a huge number of Korean language translators who have deep knowledge of the Korean language and always maintain accuracy from every aspect. With us, you can be guaranteed to get highly accurate and trustworthy Korean translation solutions at affordable prices.

Korean Translation Market

Korean market is a difficult market to succeed as there are demanding consumers who have a lot of options present in front of them. The Korean population is more than 50 million, with 23 million living in Seoul and its neighboring province. Also, some of the Korean speakers live in China and, the US, and using the English language for your business may not be a good option if you are expecting growth.

Business growth can see the main benefit if it considers investing in translation from English to Korean. Using Korean translation is one of the best ways to get into new markets that will further bring significant opportunities for a great increase in customers and profits. But, if you want to target the Korean market effectively, you must get with professional translators.

During translation from English to Korean translation, it is important to consider the audience and account the cultural differences. Korean translators ensure they are able to convey your specific message to your target audience that helps ensure brand consistency for maximum impact when you enter the Korean market.

Korean Translation Tips

Korean language is also considered one of the most difficult languages to understand and learn. The reason what makes the Korean language so complex is its variation as it doesn’t have a historical or linguistic link to any other language. Given below are the following translation tips our translators follow to deliver the best Korean translation:

Use Right Formatting

The Korean language is much more concise than English and there are no gender distinctions, grammatical numbers, or definite or indefinite articles. Also, when you consider translating English to Korean language, the text usually contracts by 15%. In this, translators always revisit formatting to ensure translation has a professional finish.

Respect Cultural Aspects

Koreans are highly concerned about their culture and it is highly important to respect the social and cultural aspect in your translation to Korean. There is clearly a need to define your target audience with an appropriate translation that goes best according to the cultural aspects. Our translators ensure the translation doesn’t appear rude, inappropriate, or ineffective in any way to the Korean audience.

Korean Language Facts

Korean language is one of the oldest living languages in the world and its origins are hard to trace. However, it is said to be old as Korean shows a relation to several other languages. Some of the Korean words are of Chinese origin and there are some Japanese words too. Korean language is fascinating and given below are the common language facts you need to know:

The Korean language is the 11th most-spoken language in the world with approx. 75 million speakers worldwide.

Some consider Korean a language isolate just like other language isolates including Basque and Sandawe.

Korean is the official language of North Korea ( 24 million speakers) and South Korea, ( 48 million speakers ).

You can find millions of Korean speakers located in China, the United States, and Japan.

The dialects of North Korea are considered purer, whereas the Southern Korean dialects incorporate loanwords from other languages.

Koreans frequently say “our” or “we” instead of “my” or “me.”

Korean History

The Korean language is considered one of the oldest living languages and it is highly difficult to accurately trace the history of Korean and its origins. There are several linguists who believe Korean belongs to the Altaic family of languages that originated from North Asia. Others believe the Korean language is closely related Jeju language and belongs to its own language family, the Koreanic family.

According to some people, it is also said Korean language is related to Japanese. There are undoubtedly many similarities in grammatical structure but linguists find no historical connection between the two languages. Instead, more than 50% of Korean words are taken from Chinese and this language is also unrelated from a historical standpoint.

Many are unclear about language but it is said Korean language has been spoken since 57 BC. The original version or the old Korean language is thought to have three original dialects corresponding to the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Although there were distinct differences in vocabulary and pronunciation as much as the differences you can see between the North Korean and South Korean dialects today.

Countries that speak Korean

The Korean language is currently the 16th most-spoken native language worldwide and it is officially the national language in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea. It has around 75 million native speakers and some Korean speakers also live in China, the United States, and Japan. Below are the few countries where you can find the Korean language speakers:

Canada North Korea
Russia United States
South Korea Japan

Korean Country Data

Country: South Korea Capital: Seoul Population: 5.17 Crores Presidential Republic: President Yoon Suk Yeol and Prime Minister Han Duck-soo Currency: South Korean Won GDP (ppp): 1.81 Lakh Crores USD Unemployment: 2.40% Government Type: Presidential Republic Industries: Deals in automotive, electronics, aerospace, biotechnology, communication, chemicals, Information Technology, manufacturing and tourism.


Country: North Korea
Capital: Pyongyang
Population: 2.6 Crores
Communist State: Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
Currency: North Korean Won
GDP (ppp): $48.3 billion
Unemployment: 2.96%
Government Type: Communist state
Industries: Deals in electric power, military, textiles, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, machine building, food industry, etc.

Korean Dialects

There are approximately 48 million people living in South Korea who speak the South Korean dialect, whereas 24 million live in North Korea. The difference between these dialects is the one used on Jeju Island as there were influences of other countries involved in the Korean War. Given below are the following dialects of the Korean language:

Seoul dialect Pyongyang dialect
Hwanghae dialect Chungcheong dialect
Gyeongsang dialect Jeolla dialect
Jeju dialect Kangwon dialect
Hwanghae dialect

Popular Korean Translation Phrases

Korean is one of those languages that brings up a world of possibilities for people who want to learn it. There are several English speakers who are interested in the Korean language and given below are the following Korean translation for the common English phrases:

English Phrase Korean Translation Phrase
Hello! 안녕하십니까  (Annyeong-hasimnikka )
Good morning 좋은 아침 (Joh-eun achim)
Good luck 행운을 빕니다  (Haeng-un-eul bibnida)
Goodbye 안녕  (Annyeong  )
Thank you 감사합니다  (Kamsahamnida  )
How are you? 어떻게 지내세요?  (Eotteohke jinaeseyo? )

Affordable Korean Translation Services for Your Business

The Korean market has developed a lot in recent years and it keeps on setting new benchmarks in the industry to allow for better functioning. For your business to function well in the market requires strategies to align perfectly with the market needs. Availing translation solutions from a trusted Korean translation company can allow your business to get to serve in the Korean-speaking regions and avoid any situation of misunderstanding.  Even getting a cheaper translation gives rise to misunderstanding because of the poor translation. Choosing us will be highly beneficial as you can get professional Korean translation at highly affordable prices. Thus, you can avail our solutions and make sure your business can function in the Korean market accordingly.


Manual Korean


Native Korean



Need of Korean Translation Services For Your Business Today

When you’re functioning in the new market, attracting customer attention is important. Therefore, businesses have to work on various aspects and consider growth strategy approach that allows the business to connect with the audience in a much better way.  By using the Korean translation solutions, you’ll see how easy it becomes to communicate and be ready to approach the audience with what you have to offer. Using a top-notch Korean translation is helpful and here are the reasons to get it for your business:

Identify Market Potential

With Korean translation, your business can get to have a better understanding of the market to deal with its aspect and survive market fluctuations

Boost ROI

Getting the Korean translation helps you to build a better foundation that helps to build a sustainable position to serve better in the future too.

Boost Sales

With Korean translation, you’ll see how best it becomes to work on the strategies and not have to wait for a long and see a great boost in sales.

Reach Target Audience

When your business uses the Korean translation, it won’t have to face any complications to connect with the target customers and be ready to serve well.

Your business could have any kind of translation needs, and with us, you can get them fulfilled very easily. We have a large team of native Korean translation experts who are trusted to deliver a high-quality and top-notch translation to meet the needs of various businesses belonging to the industries. We have worked with several international business clients who highly trust us and approach us to get the unmatched Korean translation at highly affordable prices.

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Professional Korean Translation For Business Growth

Korean market is indeed a favorable country for businesses to get a chance to grow in international marketplace. Whenever the market is highly promising, the business needs to analyze the situation and think well about how to compete well with its competitors. To get through the Korean market, you need Korean translation that allows businesses to adapt to the market as well as determine the potential of expanding in the Korean market. If you need Korean translation solutions, it is best to get to a translation agency who have translators with immense knowledge about the Korean language and market. Our team includes skilled translators who are native language experts and conduct certain quality control process that ensures the translated content is high-quality and accurate.

Experienced Translators – For successful Korean translation, you need assistance of the skilled translators and we have them on our team to deliver promising results..
Accurate Translation – When professional translators are working on your translation project, you need not worry about anything and can get accurate translation.

Types Of Korean Translation We Offer

Making sure your business has a presence in a new market requires working on strategies to align your business to the market. When talking about growing and expanding the business to the Korean market, translation is a highly important thing to consider. Getting the Korean translation for various needs allows businesses to easily focus and plan out on the ways to get to the Korean-speaking regions in less time.  Several types of Korean translation will be helpful for your business and here are some of them we deliver: Every market follows a culture and have beliefs in different norms and values. These norms and values are deeply woven among the audience and into the language. When translating your business content into the Korean language, it is very essential to understand the sensitivity and be able to operate your business perfectly. By using the Korean translation, your business will not be facing any situation where it may offend audience beliefs while interacting with them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Korean Translation Services to Us

Your business has to work on the strategies that allow it to have a sustainable future and in this, the top most priority must be to adapt to the market in every way. When functioning in the new Korean market, there is a need to maintain business integrity and this is best possible by getting the Korean translation. Outsourcing the Korean translation for your business allows it to be authentic to the Korean market and approach to target customers without any hesitation. Here are some of the benefits of getting Korean translation solutions from us:

Data Privacy

We are highly trusted by the majority of businesses and when we work on translation solutions, we keep the client data highly safe and secure.

Culturally Relevant

Our translators understand the Korean market in a better way and respect the cultural beliefs and other aspects to deliver the best-serving translation.

Quality Control Systems

Before delivering the translation, our team never misses out on conducting the quality check and thus effectively delivers top-notch Korean translation.

Faster TAT

No matter if you are in urgent need, we keep a strong check on the various aspects and thus make sure to deliver translation fast without any errors.

Years Of Experience

With us, you’ll get experienced translators who are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience in delivering promising Korean translation solutions.

Native Translator

Our team has native language experts who are highly efficient and work on various aspects to deliver relevant and highly accurate translations.
Your business has to be serious about how to have better and consistent market growth. Even after trying out the various strategies, if you are not getting the Korean translation, you won’t see great results. Trusting a professional Korean translation company is required if you want your audience to appreciate your effort and connect with you. We have a huge team of translators who have years of experience and deliver highly assured Korean translation at affordable prices.
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    There are more than 80 million native Korean speakers in both North and South Korea. Though it is expected that Korean speakers belong to Korea, there are more than over 2 million native Korean speakers in the US alone. If your business is working on expansion and serving to the Korean audiences, you can get the untapped opportunities available in the US as well to connect with Korean speakers. So, if your business wants to get the best out of the opportunity, you need to get with a renowned translation company that also provides specialized Korean translation solutions. We excel in offering high-quality translation that allows your business to be tailored to the Korean language and culture. There are various benefits of getting the translation from the professionals such as:

    Top-Notch Translation

    Error-Free Solutions

    Quality Assured

    Culturally Relevant

    Among the different languages, Korean is a very different and difficult language where the use of syllables is stressed a lot. Keeping the context the same while translating into the Korean language is challenging and there are a lot of things to do. In many cases, the Korean language cannot be translated using a linear method and in this, you need efficient translators who understand the importance of using syllables and emotions to make it go best with the context. With us, you’ll get skilled and certified translators who use their approach and skills that help maintain rigorous quality control processes and deliver promising translations. So, investing in our translation will help your business to function well in the Korean market with great ease.

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    Number of Korean Language Speakers

    The Korean language is the official language in both South Korea and North Korea. However, you may find the Korean language speakers beyond the Korean Peninsula such as China, the US, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. There is wide geographical spread and the influence of historical and recent diaspora movements. There are Korean language speakers around the globe but still, the language holds 5 dialects in North Korea and in South Korea. Despite the socio-political dialect, the Korean language is mutually understood by speakers from various areas. However, to ensure it goes well with the dialects, your business should not mess it up and get skilled and trained translators who are well-known to deliver top-notch Korean translation solutions.

    Specialized Translation

    Every language has a variety of dialects based on the location the language is spoken and whenever working on the language translation, there is a need to understand the linguistic differences. Even when you are targeting to reach a specific Korean audience, translators hold project consultations to understand your needs and to work on the Korean translation while considering the right dialect. We have native Korean speakers who are trained experts and they have in-depth knowledge of the language as well as the culture. Choosing our professional Korean translation company can help you to have skilled translators who are efficient to handle various types of situations and help your business to surely navigate cultural and language barriers and gain audience trust.

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    With Korean language translation, you can communicate the original Availing of the best-performing Korean translation provides a great opportunity to grow the business fast and even survive the greatest market fluctuations.
    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Korean language solutions can be the best decision.

    Adjusting to the new market is not an easy thing and there is a need to make things more appealing. This requires taking positive steps from the business side and working on various strategies that bring in great results. When you get the Korean translation, your business won’t have to struggle or find it hard to compete well. We have a huge team of translators who prioritize not only linguistic accuracy but also cultural appropriateness and thus ensure the intended message provide a major impact in different markets. Here are a few reasons why you must get to us for Korean translation solutions:

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our team has highly skilled translators who work on various aspects to deliver the translation to make your business interact well with the Korean audience.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We have translators who have an in-depth understanding of the market and they work effectively to deliver comprehensive Korean translation.


    We have highly certified translators on our team who are not only skilled but hold years of experience to deliver excellent and unmatched Korean translation.

    Native Expert

    In our team, you’ll find native language experts who are efficient in understanding the language and market which helps your business to connect with the market.

    Easy Project

    We offer easy project consultation session that allows our clients to place their requirements and get the translation that they need for the business functioning.

    Fastest Turnaround

    We follow proper protocols and work at a great pace to maintain the quality of the translation and deliver it to you with a really fast turnaround time.

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    Thousands of businesses have seen growing demand for the Korean translation and it is actually useful for giving your business a competitive edge over your local competitors. Our translators are here to help you while providing the translation to make your business ready to create a sense of familiarity in the market.
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    Expanding your business and making it established in the Korean market can be a game changer when you prefer to adapt to the market first. By getting the Korean translation, you’re overcoming the language barrier and providing a clear path to grow your business. If you are interested in availing our Korean translation, here are the following steps:

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Korean Translation

    Answer: The expertise and knowledge that we have gained in these 18 years have given us the ability to understand your need the best and provide you with what you were actually searching for.

    Answer: Yes, we have worked for many online businesses that have translated their website from our place. Furthermore, we can translate websites of multiple industries. 

    Answer: No, everything will stay intact. We will just change the language of the content, everything else will be maintained so that there is no misleading or incorrect information conveyed to your audience.

    Answer: No, you can assign us as much as you want. We will be happy to assist you in every manner possible. However, the order size will definitely decide the TAT and the price.

    Answer: Again, it depends on the amount of work you assign us and the complexities of the content. However, we don’t take much time and deliver you complete work in the shortest time possible.

    Answer: Our translators are professionals and have the skills to translate everything properly. Also, we follow some quality control processes that make sure accuracy and quality are maintained.