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Why You Should Invest in Kurdish Translation Today?

Kurdish ranks in the 3rd position among the largest Iranian language, after Persian and Pashto and has multiple dialects. Around 20-40 million people speak the Kurdish language. Historically, the language belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, and originated between 4,000 and 2,000 years ago. The dialects of Kurdish are broken into 3 different groups and that is- Central Kurdish, Northern Kurdish and Southern Kurdish. So, if you target Kurdish speakers then you know you will reach millions of consumers. Companies that want content exposure in a market where customers mostly speak Kurdish, need to translate all their documents. Here comes the vital role of Kurdish language translation for business growth in a new market. The affordable translation is not just changing a word, cultural and contextual aspects should also be maintained. That’s why you need professionals who have expertise in your industry and can provide consistency in translation.

Fastest professional Kurdish Translation Services by 4000+ certified Kurdish translators who offer accurate Translation Services in the Kurdish language for government, public and private sectors. We hold more than 15 years of experience in providing accurate Kurdish translation services in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai NCR Bangalore Chennai Kolkata Hyderabad Chandīgarh Amritsar and all Indian/ foreign countries. We are equipped with professional translators in Kurdish language who handle all sorts of translation requirements of clients across the world. Each member of our team is experienced and talented enough to easily translate the source language into the target language with utmost ease. Thus, our leading certified Kurdish translation company can certainly satisfy all your language needs through our high quality translations in the Kurdish language. Further, to make sure that the umbrella of our services helps you get a smoother global expansion, we also provide professional Kurdish localization services and the fastest Kurdish interpretation services for several industries, like agriculture, automobile, technical, IT, legal, medical, construction, media, real estate, chemical sector, mining and various others. Our talented Kurdish Interpreters deliver 100% satisfaction to global clients.

English to Kurdish Translation Services

Iran’s marker dynamic is evolving high and it has provided an economic landscape that attracts the attention of a lot of businesses. In this, business owners are able to attract unparalleled opportunities to increase their reach and gain access to the global market if they use the Kurdish language. So, it becomes important for the business to use English to Kurdish translation services that bring in great growth.

With our Kurdish translation solutions, you will be successfully able to bridge this gap and ensure businesses can effectively communicate with the target markets. We have trained translators who are skilled and professional to make the Kurdish translation adapt to the market in a way where it goes well as per local dialects.


Get Certified Kurdish Language Translators For Your Project

Iraq is considered a highly developing market and it presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for various businesses. However, it is important to use Kurdish translation to make the business adapt to the market’s diverse cultural tapestry and make things relevant to the varied linguistic groups. Tridindia is one of the trusted names for delivering accurate Kurdish translation solutions that bring in a positive response from consumers.

We have skilled and highly efficient Kurdish language translators who are consistent in high-quality translations that help businesses gain the trust of their audience. Our translators have an in-depth understanding of the market and thus they are able to deliver highly accurate and affordable translation solutions to avoid misunderstandings.

Kurdish Translation Market

The Iraqi market is highly characterized by a young and growing population. The reasons for this demographic shift in the market bring a unique opportunity for businesses especially those in the technology, entertainment, and fashion sectors. The market provides an amazing potential and a chance to grow.

Using Kurdish translations, you can easily target Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. If you are an entrepreneur in the textiles, automotive, and ship building industry, then these translations can help you in targeting the turkey market. Household product manufacturers can target the Iranian market with these translations, as the GDP by household consumption is around 45.4% in Iran.

In the Iran market, there are several consumers who approach certain products and solutions when they easily relate to the business. Using Kurdish translation solutions will help in building brand awareness that also helps in attracting audiences and building their trust. In this, it is important to seek professional translation solutions that help to establish your business in a new market.

Kurdish Translation Tips

Kurdish language is not easy and there are several challenges associated with the translation. Given below are some interesting tips our translators follow to deliver accurate Kurdish translations:


One of the major things that make the Kurdish language hard to translate is with respect to the terms of grammar and learning resources. Translators need to have a proper understanding to deliver accurate translations.

Various Dialects

There are several dialects of the Kurdish language and before developing the translation, it is important to define the target audience and the Kurdish dialect associated with the region.

Kurdish Language Facts

Many people know, Kurdish language belongs to Iraq however, there are millions of people living in Turkey and Syria who speak the Kurdish language. Below are some more interesting facts about the Kurdish language:

The Kurdish language is a group of dialects spoken by the Kurds community in Western Asia.

This language hails its descent from the Indo Iranian group of languages.

It is estimated that Kurdish has 30 million native speakers.

It is written using the Somani or Peso-Arabic script.

Kurdish language can also be written in Latin, Cyrillic, or Armenian scripts.

It is the third most spoken Iranian language after Persian and Pashto.

Kurdish History

Kurdish is considered a West Iranian language that comes from the group of Indo-Iranian languages but doesn’t have English’s West Germanic roots. It does not integrate itself with any other language however, there are languages such as Balochi, Talysh, and Gileki that are closely related to Kurdish and belong to the north-western branch of the Iranian languages.

The Kurdish language has three major dialects that are based on geographical location, Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji). Northern Kurdish is highly spoken from the regions of Mosul in Iraq to the Caucasus in Turkey. Another major known dialect is Central Kurdish( Sorani) which is the primary literary form of Kurdish. The last known dialect is South Kurdish (Pehlewani) which consists of various less-studied dialects.

The Kurdish language is primarily written in the Persian alphabet and is written in Latin, Cyrillic, or Armenian scripts. Today, the Kurdish language has earned great status and is called the official language of Iraq. However, it is banned in Syria, and publishing any material in Kurdish is considered unlawful.

Countries that speak Kurdish

The Kurdish language is spoken by more than 20 million people as a native language and the highest number of native speakers resides in Iraq. It is regarded as a regional language in Iran and as a minority language in Armenia. Given below are the following countries where you can find Kurdish speakers:

Syria Armenia
France Afghanistan
Austria Georgia
Netherlands Turkmenistan
Finland Kyrgyzstan
Luxembourg Turkey
Canada Jordan
Switzerland Iran
Israel Denmark
Kazakhstan Azerbaijan
Belgium Iraq
Russia United States
Pakistan United Kingdom

Kurdish Country Data

Country: Iraq
Capital: Baghdad
Population: 4.35 Crores
Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic: President Abdul Latif Rashid Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani
Currency: Iraqi Dinar
GDP (ppp): 20,788.93 Crores USD
Unemployment: 15.55%
Government Type: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Industries: Deals in petroleum, chemicals, textiles, leather, construction materials, food processing, fertilize, metal, fabrication, etc.

Kurdish Dialects

The Kurdish language is said to belong to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. With time, the language faced a huge elevation and widespread of the language and given below are Kurdish language dialects:


Popular Kurdish Translation Phrases

Kurdish language is chiefly spoken in Kurdistan and it is the third most spoken Iranian language after Persian and Pashto. There are several people who move to Iraq and are always interested in learning the Kurdish language. Given below are English phrase and their Kurdish translation:

English PhraseKurdish Translated Phrase
Good morningBeyanî baş
Good luck

 Bextxweş bî

Welcome Bi xêr hatî
Thank you Sipas ji were
How are you? Halê we çawa ye?

Affordable Kurdish Translation Services for Your Business

If you want expansion in Kurdish-speaking regions, translation from reliable language service providers is a must. It can help in the growth of your company in various ways. Professional translation can facilitate overseas business partnerships, reach a potential Kurdish-speaking audience, and expand your customer base. Knowing how and when to use affordable translation solutions is very essential. A professional team of translators is needed to ensure building a powerful business presence in various markets. Here we have mentioned some perks of investing in a professional translation company:

Native Kurdish Translators: Having native Kurdish translators will ensure you receive top-quality translation while respecting the culture of your target audience.

Accuracy: Professional translators who have a good amount of experience in your industry will provide you with accuracy in every type of translation you want.








Need of Kurdish Translation For Your Business Today

Ensuring smooth communication in business can take you to great heights when it comes to success in a Kurdish-speaking market. Here, translation including effective website translation plays a major role to ensure you can have smooth communication with business partners or target customers.

Identify Market Potential

When you can successfully connect with your Kurdish-speaking audience or partners, you tend to know more about the market potential to expand properly.

Reach Target Audience

Translation makes your content appealing to Kurdish speakers. Therefore, translating your business materials is very important to reach your target audience efficiently.

Boost Sales

You get immense traffic when you provide your brand information in various languages as it increases the accessibility of your content.

Better ROI

Consumers prefer buying from a company that communicates in their mother tongue. This helps them to understand information properly and it brings them more ROI.

With all this information, now you may know that the wisest option to choose when you want to convey your product information in a new market is to have the assistance of a professional translation company. Professionals can help you with exact globalization and translation.

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Professional Kurdish Translation for Improved Reach

The Middle East is uniform, which is why hiring Kurdish translation solutions can add value to your business with many opportunities. Kurdish natives make a business around the world, which makes a professional Kurdish translation an asset for your company. With the increasing number of small and big companies getting established in the growing market, a Kurdish translation may be the right strategy you can use to grow your business and understand how to maximize your productivity. Our translation solutions are affordable and made keeping businesses in mind.

Professional translators – Our team of translation experts can provide you with 100% accurate and professional translation solutions.
High-quality Affordable –  Our translation service packages are cost-effective and competitive compared to other providers.

Types of Kurdish Translation We Offer

If you are expanding your business in the Kurdish-speaking market, you probably want to know what all types of translation you can choose. Therefore, here we have mentioned popular types of translation we offer in the Kurdish language.

  • Kurdish Website Translation
  • Kurdish Content Translation
  • Kurdish Document Translation
  • Kurdish Certificate Translation
  • Kurdish Website Localization
  • Kurdish Content Localization
  • Kurdish Content Writing
  • Kurdish Audio Translation
  • Kurdish Video Translation
  • Kurdish Contract Translation
  • Kurdish Technical Translation
  • Kurdish Legal Translation
  • Kurdish Literary Translation
  • Kurdish Book Translation
  • Kurdish Manual Translation
  • Kurdish Patent Translation
  • Kurdish Paper Translation
  • and more

According to your project requirements, we can suggest to you the type of translation that will best suit your needs. We can also customize our language solutions if it’s needed for targeting a specific set of audiences and also help you with article or faultless blog translation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Kurdish Translation Services to Us

Be it a small or big business, having proper communication with the audience across the world is important. And translation can help you do that. But it’s essential to choose the right provider that can provide you the actual benefits of translation company. Hence, consider outsourcing Kurdish translation services to us.

Native Translators

Our company takes a pride to tell you that we have a network of native translators.

Faster TAT

We give you the assurance of completing translation projects within fastest TAT.

Years Of Experience

With 18+ years of experience, we are now considered as one of the best in the industry.

Culturally Relevant

We work with native speakers and can assure you cultural relevancy in translation.

Data Privacy

In every translation project, we make sure of data privacy so that our clients remain stress free.

Quality Control Systems

Our translators follow some quality control process to ensure error-free translation.

With these benefits of outsourcing Kurdish translation to us, you can expand easily and attract Kurdish speakers to sell your products or services without wrong translation.

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    The translation is important for sharing new knowledge, information, and thoughts around the world. It is very important to maintain effective communication between various cultures by doing proper proofreading in translation. When it comes to spreading information, translation plays a very important role it is the only medium by which you can connect with millions of Kurdish speakers and expand your business.

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    Kurdish translation is very important for companies as well as businesses that want to operate in regions where Kurdish speakers reside and often have to share and understand information from Kurdish speakers. In such scenarios, the information needs to get translated well by native translators who know the language and cultural aspects well so that everyone understands. Also, translation is very beneficial when companies need to partner with reputed Kurdish companies and make deals. Even, professionals can help you with valuable healthcare translation.

    Highly Accurate Kurdish Translation

    The translation is essential as it brings to the popularization of ideas as well as information. All because of translated documents, reports, and studies, you can now learn and create better products. Professional Kurdish translation supports global integration- you can watch, read, hear and know Kurdish speakers from different parts of the world.

    Kurdish translation assists to improve and expanding business in multiple areas where Kurdish is spoken. Also, we can help you increase your customer base and ensure smooth communication. A properly translated content will build a sense of familiarity and influence clients to purchase from you.

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    Certified translations are one of the benefits that bring us more clients. With our certified translations, you can be assured that the translation has no errors and the meaning is conveyed properly.

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    You can trust us for providing translations within fastest turnaround time. As per the size of the project, the numbers of translators are allotted so that there is no delay in work.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Kurdish Translation Services

    Answer: Yes, it is possible. Our team will ensure that the original layout of the documents is well maintained. When clients ask us to maintain the page layout, translators translate while making sure the format or style remains intact and high translation quality standards is maintained.

    Answer: At Tridindia, we provide certified translations that ensure the accuracy and originality of the actual documents. This certificate will give you a smooth process in a sensitive scenario like legal or medical.

    Answer: Apart from Kurdish, there are 150+ languages that we can provide translation in. All thanks to the network of native translators we work with that gives us the way to fulfill translation needs in almost every international and Indian language.

    Answer: Our translation team follows certain quality control processes along with productive translation strategies that ensure there are no errors in the end result. Also, manual proofreading is done twice before the project submission.

    Attributes of Kurdish Language

    The Kurdish language is a group of dialects spoken by the Kurds community in Western Asia.
    This language hails its descent from the Indo Iranian group of languages.
    It is estimated that Kurdish has 30 million native speakers.
    It is written using the Somani or Peso-Arabic script.

    Reasons to Translate Kurdish Language

    Using Kurdish translations, you can easily target Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Georgia.
    If you are an entrepreneur in the textiles, automotive, and ship building industry, then these translations can help you in targeting the turkey market.
    Household product manufacturers can target the Iranian market with these translations, as the GDP by household consumption is around 45.4% in Iran.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.


    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.