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Why You Should Invest in Nepali Translation Today?

Do you know Nepal’s position has made it one of the most popular markets?  Nepal has positioned in between two of the world’s most populous countries, China and India. Several businesses are considering establishing in the Nepali market to have easy access to other vibrant markets in South and East Asia such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc. However, for this, your business needs to be ready to adapt to the Nepali market first.

Nepal is an attractive destination for all investors and this is because of the affordable labor, low land cost, high profitability, and accessibility to the neighboring countries. Nepal is also entitled as one of the promising markets but there is a need to work on solutions and be ready to adapt to the market. To allow your business to function well, it is important to work on a strategy that makes the business to be promising to the new market. Entering a new market is a big deal and there comes a giant issue the language barrier. So, there it needs to get the Nepali translation to adapt to the culture and preferences of the market and audience. You need accurate Nepali translation and for this, you need to go with a professional translation company. We have a huge team of expert translators who are skilled and make sure to deliver reliable and accurate Nepali translations.

English to Nepali Translation Services

Nepal is one of the most attractive economies in South Asia and attracts several foreign investors. However, to establish business operations in Nepal, it is important to make your business localized and prefer using the Nepali language. Thus, it is important to get English to Nepali translation services allowing your business to unlock its potential and make it successful in the Nepal market.

We have a team of industry-expert Nepali translators who specialize in performing English-to-Nepali translations in a much more effective way. They have years of experience in delivering high-quality Nepali translations that are relevant and meet the cultural needs of your target market. Our translators are experts in subject matter and ensure to deliver accurate translations at affordable prices.


Get Certified Nepali Language Translators For Your Project

Businesses looking to explore new markets can never ignore the Nepal and its market importance in South Asia. Thus, businesses are in great need of Nepali translation and they always choose us to get the desired Nepali translation solutions. Tridindia provides best Nepali translation solutions that allow the business to not face any delay or initial problems of operating a business in Nepal.

To provide accurate translation, we have Nepali language translators who are native Nepali speakers. They have sound knowledge of the culture and history of the place and this helps them provide the best Nepali translation. With us, you can be assured of getting a professional Nepali translation that meets all your requirements.

Nepali Translation Market

Nepal is considered a landlocked country in South Asia. It is the 48th largest country by population and is located between two of the world’s most populous countries, China and India. Its location is crucial and provides easy access to other vibrant markets in South and East Asia including Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Laos, and Cambodia. The official language of Nepal is Nepali and it is important to understand the importance of the Nepali language.

Nepal is small in size and population and the domestic market is also limited. However, it has made progress toward sustainable economic growth and remains committed to a program of economic liberalization. There are around 500,000 speakers of the Nepali language living in India, residing in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. This clearly tells how beneficial it is to get Nepali translation.

Using Nepali translation is highly important as otherwise it is a very difficult and frustrating to do business unless you have good local partners. We are here to help you with accurate translation and we have a team of skilled translators who have years of experience in providing translation that helps your business to see great growth.

Nepali Translation Tips

The Nepali language is distinct and it has a specific vocabulary and different ways to address someone according to their social status. Today, this variant is increasingly adopted and considered by translators. Given below are the following tips to remember during translation:

Fusional Language

Nepali is a highly fusional language and has free word order with a dominant arrangement is subject–object–verb word order (SOV). The language follows three major levels or gradations of honorific: low, medium, and high, and the translator needs to be aware of it.

Focus on Grammar

Nepali grammar has syncretized and it follows a complex declensional system that was present in the older languages. Nepali developed significantly however, there are certain grammar rules that need to be considered during translation.

Nepali Language Facts

The written Nepali script follows the Devanagari script that originates from the ancient Brahmi script. Several languages such as Sanskrit, Maithili, Bengali, and other Indian languages have distinct influences on the Nepali language. Given below are some important Nepali language facts to know:

Nepali comes under 22 ‘national languages’ recognized by the Nepal government.

The Nepali language was known as Khas Kura and Ghorkali which is related to the language spoken by Khas people and Ghorka people.

Nepali is highly spoken beyond the borders of Nepal in parts of India such as Himachal Pradesh and Assam.

Around 45% of Nepal’s population has 12,300,000 people who speak Nepali as their first language.

There are 40 million Nepali speakers living globally.

Nepali History

Nepali language originated from the group of Pahari languages and follows the Devanagari script. It was developed in India between the 1st to the 4th century CE. The language shares a lot of similarities with the Hindi language. The written Nepali got its recognition in the 12th century A.D. which was in the Devanagari alphabet derived from the Brahmi script.

This Nepali language has its own literary collection. The Adhyatma Ramayana was written in Nepali by Sundarananda Bara in the 19th century, whereas the other version is considered to be written by Bhanubhakta. There are various collection of folk stories known as Birsikka that was also compiled in the Nepali language and were translated later.

Today, Nepali is the official language of Nepal and around 45% of the population speaks it as their mother tongue. There are 123 local languages spoken all around Nepal and the Nepali language is one of the most commonly speaking languages. The government of Nepal uses Nepali for all official purposes and it is also an important language that is studied in schools until the 10th grade.

Countries that speak Nepali

Nepali is spoken by approximately 16 million by native speakers and another 9 million as a second language. Nepali was earlier known as the Parbate Bhasa or Gorkhali and the majority of Nepali speakers are found in Nepal. However, Nepali native speakers make up less than half the population, about 44.6%, and the language is also described as Khas Kura and Ghorkali in different kingdom. Not only in Nepal, you can find Nepali speakers in other countries as well such as:

Myanmar  Australia
Nepal  Hong Kong

Nepali Country Data

Country: Nepal

Capital: Kathmandu
Population: 3 Crores
Federal Democratic Republic: President Ram Chandra Paudeland Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal
Currency: Yen
GDP (ppp): 3,628.88 Crores USD

Government Type: Federal Democratic Republic
Unemployment: 11.11%
Industries: Deals in manufacturing, real estate, construction, distribution, services, communication, mining, power, gas and water utilities.

Nepali Dialects

Nepali Language is divided into three provincial languages, the western, the focal, and the eastern. Likewise, there is a particular language dialect used by the individuals from the past several years. Given below are the following Nepali language dialects:

Bajurali Bheri
Acchami  Baitadeli
Bajhangi Dadeldhuri
Gandakeli Humli
 Purbeli  Soradi
 Dailekhi  Darchulali

Popular Nepali Translation Phrases

The Nepali language is said to have a rich cultural history and is the language of the Nepal people. Many people when visiting Nepal are interested to learn the Nepali language and given below are common English phrases and their translations:

English Phrase               Nepali Translated Phrase
Hello! नमस्कार (Namaskāra )
Good morning शुभ – प्रभात (Śubha – prabhāta )
Good luck  भाग्यले साथ दिओस् (Bhāgyalē sātha di’ōs )
Goodbye  अलविदा (Alavidā )
Thank you  धन्यवाद (Dhan’yavāda )
How are you?  तिमीलाई कस्तो छ? (Timīlā’ī kastō cha? )

Affordable Nepali Translation Services for Your Business

Nepal is a fantastic country however doing business in Nepal is probably about competing with the local businesses. Various businesses are already serving the Nepali market and you need to make your business ready to be accessible in the market first. The translation is a much needed approach however you should not go for the cheap Nepali translation company. Delivering excellent translation requires great skills and effort and our translators have specialized in the field.  Partnering with us will help you to get accurate and applicable Nepali translations that will boost your business name and reputation. Our translators are efficient in their approach and make sure to deliver fast and culturally relevant.








Need of Nepali Translation Services For Your Business Today

One of the major reasons why businesses are so focused on expanding to the Nepali market is because it is well sandwiched between two of Asia’s economic powerhouses. Reaching out to the Nepali market makes it easy for the business to position well however, this will require adapting to the market first. Getting the Nepali translation will allow your business to operate mindfully while respecting the cultural aspects. There are various other reasons why you should get Nepali translation solutions and here are some of them:  

Reach Target Audience

Availing of the Nepali translation makes it easy for the business to connect with the audience and feel more connected to them.

Identify Market Potential

By using the Nepali translation, your business will get to have a better understanding of the market to work on result-orientated strategies.

Boost Sales

Getting the Nepali translation helps to see a huge boost in sales that further helps in boosting growth to have long-term success.

Better ROI

When you use the Nepali translation for your business operations, it becomes much easier to engage the audience and bring in more ROI.

Different markets allow the business to operate in different ways and with translation, you can understand and go best with the market. Whenever you need the translation, it is important to reach out to a professional translation company who have a network of Nepali translators.  Our Nepali translators have established professional experience and specialization knowledge in various fields.  They use their skills and experience to be sure your message is translated with 100% correctness.

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Professional Nepali Translation For Documents

Nepali is known to be one of the world’s largest and most respected industrial and manufacturing markets. The market is growing in different sectors and has attracted the attention of several foreign businesses. To ensure that businesses can perform well in the market, they receive the highest-quality Nepali translation related to different business solutions.  You can get anything translated into the Nepali language and we have hundreds of Nepali translators who work under the project manager to deliver the promising Nepali translation. Our translators are highly trained and they come with huge years of experience to deliver the Nepali translation successfully.
Experienced Project Managers: – In our team, we have experienced project managers who know how to handle the translation requirements and work on them accordingly.
Certified Translators – We are a team of certified translators who are skilled in handling various types of translation projects and promise to deliver it accurately.

Types Of Nepali Translation We Offer

The Nepali market is known to have a growing business hub where several international businesses have started to become aware of the huge potential of this industry. Therefore, to compete well in the market and to be ready to offer to the audience, businesses are making translation as a part of the policy to attract Nepali speakers. Using Nepal translation is one of the best ways for a business to boost its credibility and be responsive every time. Here are the following types of Nepali translations we deliver:  . Let’s give a quick look over some of these.
  • Nepali Website Translation
  • Nepali Content Translation
  • Nepali Document Translation
  • Nepali Certificate Translation
  • Nepali Audio Translation
  • Nepali Video Translation
  • Nepali Contract Translation
  • Nepali Technical Translation
  • Nepali Legal Translation
  • Nepali Literary Translation
  • Nepali Book Translation
  • Nepali Manual Translation
  • Nepali Patent Translation
  • Nepali Paper Translation
  • Nepali Media Translation
  • Nepali Medical Translation
  • Nepali Powerpoint Translation
  • Nepali Subtitle Translation
  • Nepali Proposal Translation
  • Nepali Website Localization
  • Nepali Content Localization
  • And Many More…
Using translation has enabled the world’s leading businesses to effectively reach out to multicultural audiences worldwide. No matter what is your translation needs, it is important to reach out to a network of linguists who are professional Nepali translators working on translation projects. Whenever you need professional translation at affordable prices, you can reach out to us and we have specifically trained Nepali translators who have subject matter and understand terminology to translate and bring fruitful results.  

Benefits of Outsourcing Nepali Translation Services to Us

To make sure to reach and serve the market with consistency, it is crucial to look at the most effective strategy that can help in branding and marketing. You need a professional translator who can ensure that all of your communications stay consistent while reaching out to the Nepali audience across different platforms. Outsourcing the Nepali translation will help your business reinforce your brand identity and build trust with your target audience. There are various benefits of getting the Nepali translation and here are some of them:

Data Privacy

Whenever working on the Nepali translation, it is important to keep up with the client's safety and we make sure to protect data from any loss or theft.

Quality Control Systems

We always keep a check on the quality approach and always conduct a thorough quality check to deliver accurate translation solutions.

Culturally Relevant

Adapting to the market is essential and with the Nepali translation, you can make your business to be culturally relevant to the Nepali market.

Faster TAT

We have a huge team of Nepali translators who are efficient in their approach and promise to deliver the translation fast.

Years Of Experience

We are highly trusted as our translators have years of experience and have worked on delivering highly promising Nepali translations.

Native Translator

Our team has translators who are native Nepali speakers and are well aware of the language and its dialects and deliver promising translations.
While working on the Nepali translation, we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver the desired translation. Our team of translators comes with years of experience and works effectively on various projects to deliver highly promising translations. Before delivering the Nepali translation, they conduct the quality check to assure to deliver the best serving translation. Our team is best known for delivering the translation while maintaining standards for quality management.
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    When talking about the Nepali speakers, about 200,000 Nepali speakers live in the United States. When you use the Nepali language for business operations, you’ll see how it becomes more connected to many people around the globe. Several businesses want to connect to the local Nepali population and with translation, you can now interact with Nepali speakers in much easier way. However, to do this, you have to trust skilled translators who are highly efficient in the approach and promise to deliver top-notch Nepali translation solutions. No matter what type of translation you need, we have skilled translators who are here to help you with the accurate translation. Here are the following benefits of getting to us for the Nepali translation:

    Accurate Translation

    Budget-Friendly Solutions

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    Besides, bridging the communication gap, there are a lot of benefits that business can avail by getting the translation. However, to seek the best results it is highly necessary to go to a professional translation company that can uplift your business potential to achieve great market results. Your business wants to see great results and our translation solutions can assist your business to easily step into the Nepali market and grow. We have a huge team of translators who are native Nepali language experts and are here to help you around the clock. Benefitting from training and years of experience, these professionals are our translators know exactly how to deliver the translation that speaks to your audience and sparks their interest.

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    Number of Nepali Language Speakers

    Nepal offers opportunities for businesses in various sectors like tourism, agriculture, technology, renewable energy, and e-commerce. Nepali is a language spoken by more than 16 million people who live in Nepal and some parts of India. When it comes to geographical expansion, you’ll find small Nepali-speaking communities around countries such as Brunei, Bhutan, and Myanmar. If your business is focused on expanding to the Nepali market, it would be challenging for your business if it doesn’t go for the Nepali translation. To have smooth business operations, you need a translation company who have dedicated teams of expert translators ready to translate things for you. Our translators have better knowledge of the Nepali language and thus deliver the translation that goes well with the Nepali market.

    Contextually Relevant

    Not only in Nepal but the Nepali language is also spoken in India and it is closely related to the Hindi language.  The Nepali language is divided into three major dialect groups western, central, and eastern and when translating, it is important to work on the dialects. The Nepali dialect groups are divided according to their geographical location and only professional translators with great knowledge have the idea of using the right dialect during the translation. While considering the dialect, our translator’s team keeps a check on using specific vocabulary to keep the translation culturally relevant. So, whatever your translation needs, we are here to help you in every way.

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    Whenever functioning in a new market, businesses always make sure not to experience any pitfalls. If operating in a different language, then it can lead to the damage of reputation. If you want your business to perform best in the Nepali market, you need an officially certified Nepali translation company that can securely translate your content. Our team is efficient and has the certification to work on different Nepali translation projects depending on your specific requirements. Our translators make sure to deliver promising translations and here are reasons to get to us:

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our translators are skilled and trained to use their skills and deliver the accurate translation that helps your business function on a great scale.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Our translators work on the translation comprehensively and deliver the translation to allow businesses to build deeper and more meaningful connections.


    We are a certified translation company and you can trust us to get trustworthy and reliable Nepali translation that helps in better business functioning.

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    We have a professional team of translators who follow the proper approach and keep up to maintain the translation pace and deliver translation fast.

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    Using Nepali translation can unlock the potential and allow your business to function well in this successful market. With our professional and certified translators, you get the Nepali translation with the best accuracy that helps your business to meet more than the expectations.
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    Answer: Yes, we have professional Nepali translators on our team who are always ready to provide translation accurate and fast. This is because they have experienced knowledge to provide translation for any kind of project.

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