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Tridindia offers exceptional and fast Oriya translation services, providing legal, medical, scientific, technical translation into and out of Oriya Language by certified Oriya translators worldwide.

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Why You Should Invest in Oriya Translation Today?

Are you confused about what to take into account when choosing an Oriya translating solution? Oriya is the popular language of the Indian state of Odisha and 80% of the population are native speakers. To grow your business among Oriya customers it is important to translate content into the Oriya language. While introducing the business to a new audience, the reputation of the company depends on the quality of your translated materials. When it comes to promotional translated materials, you will need trustworthy translation company to accurately convey the information of your business. The translation agency knows a better way how to be technically precise with everything when it is translating the information.

Fastest professional Oriya translation services by 4000+ certified Oriya translators who offer accurate translation services in Oriya language for government, public and private sectors. Are you planning to enter into new markets of Oriya-speaking areas? Do you believe that product you’re going to launch is accepted by the Oriya customers in huge demand? Want to analyze the potential of the intended market, consumers’ behavior, and their preferences before selling your goods? For this, you need translation to communicate clearly with the prospective users. If you notice, people like to read user manuals, instructions, and product information sheets before using any goods. So, translate the marketing collaterals to provide customers with the intended details and analyze their feedback to identify how the product is received in the market. If you are looking for a company that you would be comfortable working with, then we are here to be your partner in growing your product sales and business reach.

English to Oriya Translation Services

The Oriya language is also known as Odia is an Indian language that spoken in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. Oriya is the native language of over 80% of the population of Odisha however, it isn’t limited to only Odisha. For businesses, it is important to get English to Oriya translation services that help to provide global expansion is access to additional markets and potential buyers speaking Oriya language.

Good translation is highly important for businesses and translators need to be culturally informed and understand nuances and meanings. They are well versed in the subject matter and they are always true in providing accurate translation that ultimately determines the success with great localization.


Get Certified Oriya Language Translators For Your Project

There are 4 neighboring Indian states that have Oriya speakers to some extent and it is also spoken in Bangladesh. So, businesses focusing on expanding to a huge market base always prefer considering the translation for better business functioning. It requires more than being bilingual approach and Tridindia translators have specialized training in the original and target languages and they are well aware of cultural intelligence to carry out accurate results.

We have Oriya language translators who are familiar with the language and customs of your target market. This helps to provide accurate communication that ensures effective communication for your business. With this, you’ll be able to successfully meet the challenges and ensure great success in the global expansion and success of Oriya markets.

Oriya Translation Market

A business that is committed to bringing in more diversity and expanding its approach to new markets is focused on localization. Speaking of Odisha’s economy, it is basically an agriculture-based economy and is progressing towards being an industry and service-based economy. This brings in an increase of around 22-23% in the last six years when it comes to its GSDP. Besides agriculture, manufacturing, quarrying and mining, and construction have also been a center of attraction.

Odisha has been one of the most popular investment destinations for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In this, using Oriya translation is important and this can bring immense promise that helps the business to get through the current growth trends and projections.

Oriya translations also promise businesses who wish to expand in this developing eastern state of India. In this, it is best if you choose professional Oriya translation solutions. This provides streamlined experiences and this can go a long way in reducing headaches and complications that businesses often face in new markets.

Oriya Translation Tips

Oriya language is best known of having a long literary history and has borrowed vocab extensively from other languages. To carry out the accurate translation, it is important to consider important tips:


In the grammar of most Indian languages, there are three genders (masculine, feminine, and neuter) and two grammatical numbers (singular and plural). However, in the Oriya language, there are no grammatical genders and translators have to remember that every time.

Writing system

The Oriya language is a syllabic alphabet wherein all consonants have an inherent vowel. This may appear above, below, before, or after the consonant and is used to change the form of the inherent vowels that appear at the beginning of a syllable.

Oriya Language Facts

The Oriya language is said to have evolved a speech style of the Old Indo-Aryan language. There are various stone inscription of Ananta Varma, Bajrahasta Deva that dates back to 1051 AD and is considered the first manifestation of Oriya script and language. Given below are following language facts that you need to know:

Some experts claim Oriya language is the richest vocabulary.

Oriya language comes with words that are sufficient tongue rolling to master most languages of India.

Oriya has a great resemblance to the Bengali language.

Almost every word in formal Oriya ends in a vowel.

Oriya’s vocabulary consists of very old Prakrit words that are the backbone of its dialects and Sanskrit which is the base of its standard form.

Oriya History

The Oriya language can be traced back to its roots in the 10th century. The Oriya language originated from the Eastern Magadhi Apabhramsa along with other languages such as Bengali and Assamese. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Oriya was greatly influenced by Sanskrit and this approach was made during the 17th and 18th centuries.

With time, the Oriya language evolved into Modern Oriya and it is the spoken language today. The Prakrit form known as Pali or Magadhi is a language that was prevalent across cultures and kingdoms in Eastern India and this led to even more growth in the Oriya language.

Oriya language has a modified version of Odri Prakrit and this in turn is derived from Sanskrit via the transitional Bibhasas. The Modern Oriya’s vocabulary is projected and considered as 70% Sanskrit, 2% Arabic / Persian / Hindustani, and the remaining 28% of “Adivasi” origin. So, translators working on Oriya translation need to have a deep understanding to carry out accurate translation.

Countries that speak Oriya

Oriya is spoken by more than 40 million people, and therefore, Oriya translations are necessary and this helps you to reach 40 million people. For business, it is important to be clear with the message reach various parts of the world wherein the Oriya diaspora exists. The majority of Oriya speakers are found in India and here is the geographical spread of the language speakers in other countries:

Thailand  Indonesia
Canada United States
Malaysia Fiji
Mauritius Sri Lanka
Canada  Australia
 England Burma

India Country Data

Country: India
Capital: New Delhi
Population: 140.76 Crores
Constitutional Republic: President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Currency: Rupee
GDP (ppp): 3.18 lakh crores USD
Unemployment: 7.1%
Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Industries: deals in Steel, engineering and machine tools, electronics, computer software, research and development, textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, communication, construction, power, chemical, etc.

Oriya Dialects

Oriya is known as a dialect-rich language and has several different dialects spoken across different cities, towns, and regions in the state. During translation, translators need to be aware of the following dialects:

Baleswari Oriya Bhatri
Phulbani Oriya  Puri Oriya
Sambalpuri Oriya  Desiya Oriya
Singhbhumi Oriya  Kataki Oriya
Midnapori Oriya  Halbi
Bhulia Reli
Kondhan Sundargadi Oriya
Kurmi  Sounti
Bhuyan Kupia
Aghria Bathudi

Popular Oriya Translation Phrases

Oriya is a relatively young language in comparison to other Indian languages. There is a huge display of styles in Oriya literature that highlights the modern outlook of the Oriya as a whole. Several people are interested in learning the Oriya language and given below are common English phrases and their translations:

English Phrase                Oriya Translated Phrase
Hello! Namaskara(ନମସ୍କାର)
Good morning Suprabhata (ସୁପ୍ରଭାତ)
Good luck  (ଶୁଭେଚ୍ଛା)  
Welcome  Sbāgata (ସ୍ବାଗତ)
Thank you  Dhanyabād (ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ୍‎)
How are you?   Kemiti accho (କେମିତି ଆସିଛ)

Affordable Oriya Translation Services for Your Business

For better communication and the smooth running of a business in Oriya market, you need to choose a professional Oriya translation agency. This will make your potential customers clear about what you want to provide them. They can easily come in touch with you and will help you with various types of comprehensive document translation in Oriya. This will also help you to build a proper business strategy. For better growth of your business in Oriya-speaking regions, it is better to choose a translation solution of premium quality.







Need of Oriya Translation Services For Your Business Today

The business needs to speak in the audience’s preferred language. With a professional translation solution, you can easily target potential customers and build long-lasting relationships with them. Working with potential language service providers welcomes new avenues of opportunities for businesses. If Oriya people get satisfied by your written content, they will build trust with your business.

Reach Target Audience

Good translation allows you to form strong connections with customers. This helps to make sure your business establish as trustworthy and reliable. Customers will likely get in touch with you if you communicate in their language.

Identify Market Potential

Translation solutions are constantly evolving and helping businesses to establish in new markets. When you translate domain-specific content it generally helps you to interact with the audience and this way you identify market potential.

Boost Sales

The best way to communicate with the Oriya audience is through translation. With this, businesses have the ability to expand their target audience. After translation, you can see an increase in your sales and customer base.

Better ROI

A good translation can open the door for the companies to communicate with the people who were blocked due to language barriers. Getting an accurate and efficient Oriya translation can give a boost to the ROI.

Sometimes, business organizations require blog or accurate article translation. Getting a professional translation company with a team of skilled translators who are specialists in different fields can help your business to grow really well.

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Professional Oriya Translation For Documents

If there is a language barrier while handling the Oriya audience then it is better to take help from a professional translation agency. Professional Oriya translation agency will make sure that everything is translated properly so that there is no case of misunderstanding that can adversely impact business objectives and customer relationships. Choosing professional translation is a must as there is a major significance of translation in global news communication.

Optimisation of delivery time – The major benefit of choosing a professional translation solution is to get the work done by the experienced translation agency accurately. This also ensures the delivery of the project in less time.
Proper translation processes – The translation project are completed under proper management and processing. The steps involve translation, edition, and revision.

Types Of Oriya Translation We Offer

The translation is the best way to operate your business in different language areas and you will see it as a necessary and worthy investment. Specialized translation solutions are integral for translation and they can identify various wrong translation signs. Given are some of the solutions professional agencies provide in Oriya translation:

  • Oriya Website Translation
  • Oriya Content Translation
  • Oriya Document Translation
  • Oriya Certificate Translation
  • Oriya Website Localization
  • Oriya Content Localization
  • Oriya Content Writing
  • Oriya Audio Translation
  • Oriya Video Translation
  • Oriya Contract Translation
  • Oriya Technical Translation
  • Oriya Legal Translation
  • Oriya Literary Translation
  • Oriya Book Translation
  • Oriya Manual Translation
  • Oriya Patent Translation
  • Oriya Paper Translation
  • And Many More…

The translation is not just a matter of just changing words into a different dialect but cultural aspects also need to be observed too. The professional translators are experienced to translate anything while considering the cultural aspects as well.

Benefits of Outsourcing Oriya Translation Services to Us

Successfully breaking into the Oriya market requires more than simply introducing yourself. You need to introduce and speak to the audience in their language. This is where translation comes in and assures consumers to prefer brands that understand them. Professionals can also offer you valuable subtitle translation that can help engage more audiences. Businesses that strive to provide solutions to new customers in this context must need to opt for translation solutions.

Data Privacy

While doing translation, the privacy of documents is very important. We take responsibility and ensure that everything is safe and kept confidential.

Culturally Relevant

Every word in the document is important. Our professional translators translate the content in a proper way while understanding the meaning of each word to ensure cultural relevancy.

Quality Control Systems

We ensure comprehensive management and processing of translation. We follow quality check methods to provide accurate Oriya translated content.

Faster TAT

In this competitive environment, solutions should be provided without wasting any time. Our professionals ensure to provide the completion of the project in a very short span of time.

Years Of Experience

We have been providing translation solutions for many years and we have experienced professional translators. They ensure everything is translated accurately and well on time.

Native Translator

The benefit of doing Oriya translation from native translators is to get the best and accurate translated content. They work on the small details while doing the translation.

In business-related documents, a word’s intended usage is concerned. Correct usage of words in the translation can build credibility with their client base. When it comes to translating documents into the Oriya language, it is better to get it done by a certified translation agency as they can help you with better influencer marketing strategy also. This comes with a lot of benefits where accuracy is most important.

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    The translation is responsible work and any kind of careless translation can injure the reputation of businesses. Professional translation always ensures the use of proper contextual use of words. The professional translators that provide the best translation also take care of the cultural identity of the Oriya language. This is mainly important in standard legal translation. Experts are native Oriya speakers who very well know about the Oriya language and use their ability to frame words in the best way. You can only get efficient and accurate translation solutions from a professional agency. Therefore, professional translators cannot be overlooked when you want to succeed in a new market.

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    Like legal, you also need professionals for high grade medical translation. Our professional team has well-qualified translators, handling business material and all types of content in the best way possible to ensure quality and quick translation. They are industry-expert native translators who specialize in various domains. Our years of experience and detailed expertise provide us the ability to offer translation in compliance with the language, culture, dialects, and other nuances of a target market.

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    Number of Oriya Language Speakers

    Oriya is an Indian language that belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the widely spoken language of the Indian state of Odisha as 80% of the population speaks Oriya. Not only in Odisha, but Oriya is also widely spoken in parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the main official languages in India and the second official language of Jharkhand. This leads to 33 million people that are native Oriya language speakers. To make Oriya’s audience your customers, you need to take help from translation solutions. The translation is beyond converting words which helps to not only translate the words in English to Oriya translation services but also the tone and style.

    Contextually Relevant

    It is believed that translation including error free website translation goes beyond words and experts can translate your words in a way that is understood. The professional has expertise across a wide range of industries. The agency believes that a one-size-fits-all strategy is not able to provide the right communication for different goals and purposes. Professional translators are experts in a particular field. They have an in-depth knowledge of the topics so that your communication resonates with the target audience.

    For growing your business, translation solutions should be of premium quality. This always makes sure to provide accurate interpretation to build a positive image.

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    A professional translation agency can help you to successfully adapt according to a new market and make your customer aware of you. With reliable translation help, you can avoid very unpleasant misunderstandings. It makes a clear way for the business to communicate with the audience.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    The agency believes in providing efficient and unwavering accuracy in Oriya translation. The best translation will make your customers satisfied with your written communication.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Accurate language translation can help the company to build a better brand reputation. The professional translators exactly know how to fit the words to keep real meaning.


    For clear communication with the Oriya audience, it is better to get professional translators. Certified translation provide all sorts of benefits that get immediately recognizable.

    Native Expert

    If the data in the document is being translated then it may have multiple meanings in another language. Native Oriya speakers can ensure better understanding.

    Easy Project

    The secret of successful communication lies in communicating in customers’ language. You can consult the experts to get the same power of clarity.

    Fastest Turnaround

    To provide translation in a well-managed way and all translation requests get delivered in a short span of time. For the short project, the fastest TAT of 24 hours.

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    Efficient and clear communication can lead to company success. The professional translation solutions are there for business which is the best way to make your business communication with customers to be flawless and successful.
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