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Do you want to be successful in Portuguese market? If yes then Portuguese translation services is a must to reach those who speak it in order to get success in a widespread market like Portuguese.

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Why You Should Invest in Portuguese Translation Today?

Do you know that more than 250 million people want to translate their content into the Portuguese language as this opens up many opportunities? Portuguese, the native language of Brazil & Portugal, is also the most widely spoken European language after English. With a presence across 5 continents, the language has the highest potential as an international language in South Africa and South America. That’s why translating into Portuguese comes with various benefits. Apparently, anybody can develop a product but to make it an international sensation you need to adapt your product concerning the language, culture, and tradition of a particular Country.

Fastest professional Portuguese Translation Services at Tridindia by 4000+ certified Portuguese translators for quality translation services in Portuguese in 200+ languages. Famed for versatility and quality, we offer certified Portuguese Translation solutions in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Chandigarh Bangalore Ahmedabad, and different foreign countries. We are backed by native Portuguese Translators who deliver accurate translation solutions in the Portuguese language for varied subject matters or industries, viz. mining, legal, technical, tourism & hospitality, medical, IT, engineering, oil & gas, etc. Being the top-notch Portuguese Translation provider, we have been assisting several clients with Portuguese interpretation services as well as Portuguese localization services at very feasible rates.

English to Portuguese Translation Services

With an enormous number of Portuguese speakers around the world, it is known as the sixth most spoken language on the planet. Portuguese language speakers who are distributed across Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa are increasing every year. Portuguese language has the potential to be a language in international communication language and several businesses prefer to use English to Portuguese translation services for better communication.

Using our English-to-Portuguese translation solutions can be highly beneficial, as it allows you to expand your reach into Portuguese-speaking markets. With our accurate translation, you can effectively communicate with Portuguese-speaking audiences and this will help to increase your customer base, build brand awareness, and drive business growth while saving your time and resources.


Get Certified Portuguese Language Translators For Your Project

Portuguese is a highly complex language and comes with nuances and phrases that differ depending on the dialect and the country. For quick and accurate Portuguese translation services, various global businesses trust Tridindia as we always work with great dedication and deliver the translation without compromising on quality. Our Portuguese translators come with specific expertise to deliver translations that suit your needs.

We are a certified translation provider for English to Portuguese translation services with local Portuguese language translators from both Portugal and Brazil. They understand the dialects in a better way and thus guarantee to make your translation meets the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Portuguese Translation Market

Portugal may not be counted as the huge global economy and it may rank outside the top 20 global economies however, it is a service-based economy that works with the European Union. Also, another Portuguese-speaking country Brazil has the 9th largest economy in the world by GDP, and it can withstand economic disruption. Brazil mainly serves in industries including agriculture, aircraft and car production, and mineral extraction whereas Portugal deals with manufacturing, chemical, plastic, etc.

For better operations in Portugal and Brazil, it is important to know how Portuguese can vary from country to country. You will see differences in Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese dialects as they have evolved independently of each other where local cultural terms vary too. So, Portuguese translation may not serve well in the region with different Portuguese dialect. Using the English language will bring no chance of growth and seeking professional Portuguese translation is the better option.

In this, you need professional translators who speak and understand the dialects of Portugal and Brazil in a better way. You need certified translators who can help you to solve communication barriers by accurate English to Portuguese translation and convey the right meaning.

Portuguese Translation Tips

The Portuguese language has received a large influence from other languages and the Arabic language has a major contribution to its evolution. Till now, many words from Arabic remain in everyday conversation among Portuguese speakers. There are various important tips that our translators work on and given below are two important translation tips for the Portuguese translation:

Understand European vs. Brazillian Portuguese

The Portuguese language is spoken in Europe and Brazil and during translation; there is a need to be aware of the significant differences to work effectively with the discrepancies in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Translation Format

Portuguese language is a more elaborate language than English and Portuguese translation takes up around 30% more space than the source text. There is a drastic change in expansion in the layout and design of your material, so translators have to work on it.

Portuguese Language Facts

Portuguese language has also provided loanwords to many other languages and is one of the major world languages. Also, it is the official language of nine countries while being the official languages of the EU. Our translators understand Portuguese history, language, and culture and ensure you get the high-quality translations. Look at some of interesting facts about Portuguese language:

It is the official language of Eight Countries that including Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé.

Over 230 million people spoke Portuguese.

It is also declared as one of the critical languages by the National Defense Education Act.

The language is strongly influenced by Arabic.

Portuguese language is known to belong to the Ibero-Romance family.

Portuguese language is the 6th most spoken language based on the number of native speakers.

Portuguese History

One of the popularly known Romance languages, Portuguese language meaning evolved from Latin. In 216 BC, the Romans initially brought Latin to the Iberian Peninsula and it was used as the primary Portugal language for hundreds of years. As time passed by, the Portuguese language began to diverge from other Romance languages in the 9th century. After the Roman Empire fell, it brought the rising era and the beginning of the Old Portuguese.

Old Portuguese also referred to as Medieval Galician or Galician-Portuguese was generally used for speaking and written communication. Earlier, it was highly used for many historical poems and pieces of literature. This became the turning point in Portuguese history which led to the establishment of the Lusophone University in 1290. After the University’s establishment, the name “Portuguese” became the official language and was replaced by Latin at this time.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, The Old Portuguese language continued to expand and this has colonized many countries and established the Portuguese Empire. Also, it is said that Portuguese explorers took their language with them and became the lingua franca in Asia and Africa for trade. Alongside, it also became a dominant language in Brazil.

Countries that speak Portuguese

Portuguese is a popular romance language and also have large Portuguese-speaking populations in other countries in the world such as:

Antigua and BarbudaGermany
Netherlands AntillesSwitzerland
LuxembourgSouth Africa
AngolaEast Timor
MalawiSaint Vincent
UruguayCape Verde Islands
United KingdomBrazil
IndonesiaSão Tomé e Príncipe
United StatesChina


Portuguese Country Data

Country: Portugal
Capital: Lisbon
Population: 1.03 Crores
Semi-Presidential Republic: President Marcelo Rebelo de sousa
Currency: Euro
GDP (ppp): 25,366.31 Crores USD
Unemployment: 5.78%
Government Type: Semi-Presidential Republic
Industries: Deals in textiles, paper, plastics, chemicals, auto-parts, manufacturing, metals, food, ceramics, glass, technology, telecommunications, ship construction, tourism, etc.

Country: Brazil
Capital: Brasilia
Population: 21.43 Crores
Federal Presidential Republic: President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Currency: Brazillian Real
GDP (ppp): 1.61 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 9.46%
Government Type: Federal Presidential Republic
Industries: Deals in iron ore, tin, textiles, shoes, aircraft, chemicals, steel, motor vehicles and other machinery and equipment.

Portuguese Dialects

The Portuguese language history began in Portugal but many assume the Portuguese language came to Portugal. Portuguese language is the official Portugal language that is spoken by 99% of the population. However, you will be amazed to know only around 5% of total Portuguese speakers live in Portugal and the highest Portuguese speakers actually resides in Brazil.

It is widely spoken in many other geographical zones as well apart from Portugal, which includes Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, etc and this has led to differences in the dialects of the language. Given below are commonly known Portuguese language dialects:

BrazilianEuropean (Portugal)


Popular Portuguese Translation Phrases

Portuguese language has spread worldwide and it is currently spoken on four continents due to colonization in the 1500s. With time, Portuguese language has seen great evolution shaping the distribution of Portuguese language speakers today. When you want to communicate with Portuguese speakers, you need to know common phrases. Given below are common English phrases and Portuguese translations that will help you:

English PhrasePortuguese Translated Phrase
Good MorningBom dia
Good LuckBoa sorte
Thank YouObrigado
How Are You?Como está?

Affordable Portuguese Translation Services for Your Business

Portuguese translation will assist your company to strengthen its communication with customers and employees across the world, setting it apart from rivals who may not be as in tune with this language as they should be. You can also take things a step further with translation. More personalized expertise for every audience member will massively assist to build trust among potential customers through impressive creativity in translation– and we already know a vast number of them speak Portuguese. Professional translators dedicatedly offer accurate, highest-quality translation and make sure your translated text expresses your intended message.







Need of Portuguese Translation Services For Your Business Today

Expanding business to a varied nation is complicated without the assistance of translation. It acts as a foundation step to beginning the business in a new region. Moreover, to promote a product in a specific location, a company needs advertising as well as publishing marketing content. It is essential to convey messages prominently without losing diplomatic and political nuances. That’s why there is a major need of business document translation.

Reach Target Audience

Create a platform that connects millions of users around the world. With the help of translation, you’ll be able to target potential customers who are willing to buy and you just need to translate into their native language.

Identify Market Potential

Translate your business and formulate an effective marketing strategy. To boost sales, you need to make your product and the biggest advantage of translation is that it helps to reach new market potential.

Boost Sales

Translation helps in bridging the communication gap which further leads to awareness and sales. With translation, you can further expand to multiple regions and boost sales.

Better ROI

In the current days, almost every company is trying to take its business globally and strengthen its customer base. Translation assists in attracting a wide range of consumers and increasing ROI.

Translation is recognized as valuable service to deliver information in particular cultures, languages, people, and periods of time. Many organizations know that it is the accuracy, clarity, and flexibility that brings people closer from different regions and they also know that with translation they can achieve this. That’s why considering real importance of translation service is essential.

Types Of Portuguese Translation We Offer

If the documents needs to be translated into Portuguese language, only experts with proficiency in the language should be involve to do that task properly. Here are some popular types of translation in Portuguese you can choose from based on your project needs.

To get an effective Portuguese translation, one must employ a knowledgeable translation service provider to make sure the accuracy of the translated document. With professional translation agency, you can high-skilled translators that have achieved expertise in various industries.

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Professional Portuguese Translation For Documents

Without professional Portuguese language translation, you won’t be able to hold a fierce position in any foreign market as your competitors already deliver products and services in their native language. There are so many languages spoken and written around the world. It is difficult for any business to provide information in all languages at a rapid rate, especially if that company is eCommerce and operating in multiple countries. That is where translation services focused on comprehensive eCommerce translation practices come in handy in removing language and cultural barriers.

Professional Translators – Our various professionals work together to meet the accuracy and quality goals. Translation has multidimensional usage. With our knowledge, we can fill the gap between two distant nations.
Experience – We have a worldwide network of experienced Portuguese translators who work in their own language to offer budget-friendly language translation at a fast TAT.

Types Of Portuguese Dialects We Offer

With reliable translation help, you get a chance of extending your business and social network. The bridging of linguistic gaps is basically the ultimate aim of translation. Putting across messages utilizing English to Portuguese translation services is important to engage in and understand the communication taking place. Listed below are different types of Portuguese dialects we work on:

  • Brazilian Portugal
  • European Portugal
  • African Portugal
  • Asian Portugal
  • Galician Portugal
  • And many more..

Translators offer the means for people of various languages to be able to communicate ideas with anyone they select. This is where you know why is translation important. Sometimes governments from various countries require to exchange ideas and formulate solutions when conflict is about to erupt. Experienced translators can offer efficient communication by translating documents.

Benefits of Outsourcing Portuguese Translation Services to Us

Our Portuguese translation agency allows efficient communication to take place between individuals throughout the world. By outsourcing translation to one of the actual top translation companies, you can get a quality translation to bridge the multilingual communication gaps both externally and internally.

Data Privacy

Our company uses advanced encryption software and information security technologies to protect the customer’s personally identifiable information. Therefore, do not worry about confidentiality.

Culturally Relevant

We know that only a local person better and deeply knows the culture, language, customers, and other things of a particular region. That is the reason why our team holds native translators.

Quality Control Systems

Our company is an ISO-certified and trustworthy translating agency making sure prominently translated content that constantly remains in the quality assurance method for utmost precision.

Native Translator

We have many native translators who are specialized in multiple industries and know how to translate every document into other languages effortlessly to convey the right message.

Years Of Experience

Our company has many years of experience in translation, we have sufficient knowledge to assist your brand to grow strongly. By offering correct translation, we assist to gather potential customers.

Faster TAT

Professionals at our place are always ready to cater to customers’ translation requirements even under strict deadlines. It doesn’t matter how complicated your needs are, you will get satisfactory results.

While the Portuguese Language is native to Portugal, it is widely spoken in many other geographical zones as well. In fact, it is the official language of 8 countries apart from Portugal, which includes Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Macau, East Timor, etc , and is even spoken in the Indian state of Goa, and the Union Territories of Daman and Diu. Therefore, effective translation for business in Portuguese is important.

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    The web has been an asset for businesses in their efforts to go international. Connecting with clients in different countries is not without its challenges. The ever-present language barrier is the major difficulty global companies face on an almost daily basis that can be managed by leveraging the perks of European or faultless Brazilian Portuguese translation. While English is considered to be the main international language, the fact of the matter is that various countries prefer to communicate in their vernacular. It is just good business to be able to interact in a specific business’s local language. Translation solutions make this possible. This is specifically true in the fields of e-commerce, education, safety and healthy, law, learning and development, engineering, marketing, and others. In an industry where communication is a major element, there needs to be a medium to fill the language gap. Professional language translators make sure that the channels of communication remain transparent and open. Here are some benefits you can count on at our place:

    Better conversion rate

    Global Reach

    Boost in sales

    Wider Reach

    During the 3rd century, BC Romans introduced Vulgar Latin which served as the base of today’s Portuguese language. During the Romanization period, the Iberian Peninsula was divided into different regions and at this time Portugal was known as Lusitania. With the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, a new language climate began to evolve under barbarian tribes. Now the language is known as Galician Portugal (one of the oldest Portugal languages). The language flourished for three centuries, later with the arrival of Arabic the language was further influenced and several Arabic words have been linked to Portuguese. Portuguese became the official language of Portugal in the 12th century. Portuguese became popular and widely accepted by Government and educational institutes. The language extended and became popular in South America and Brazil along with culture and hence the demand of prominent document translation in Portuguese is important.

    Our Experts Portuguese Translators

    Need Of Portuguese Translation

    With a native speaker base of at least 250 million, Portuguese happens to be the 2nd most spoken language in South America, the 3rd most spoken language in Europe, and the 5th most spoken language across the world. While the two major regional variations of Portuguese include the Modern Standard European Portuguese and Latin American Portuguese, several sub-dialects vary based on the geographical zone. As far as the origin of the language is concerned, Portuguese is an Indo-European Language, specifically hailing from the West Iberian Family of Languages. That’s why there is a great demand of Brazilian or premium European Portuguese translation.


    Specialized Translation

    While you can use different free translation technology solutions, you will never get the same quality of translation as when you utilize professional translation solutions. While many of these solutions can prominently translate a word or even a sentence, they cannot translate context or meaning. Top-notch English to Portuguese translation services comes with a translator who is well-versed in the language and culture and is, in turn, able to provide you with a content-rich, dynamic, and accurate document.

    Given these essential reasons to consider translation solutions for your company, it is clear that how it can give an advantage to your organization in the long run. Not only are you able to reach a wider audience, and develop a common understanding among industries, quality paper translation or any other type of translation will make sure you get the correct message to the right audience, in the appropriate context.

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    Unlike other Translation Service Providers for Portuguese translation, we have a very transparent translation charge on a per-word basis and no additional charges. Our project manager is always available at your beck and call, all the while ensuring that the turnovers are fast and efficient. Here are some more benefits you can get by choosing us for correct translation for foreign documents:

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our translation solutions are high-quality and accurate. With 100% accuracy in the translation work, you can easily step into a global market and target a potential audience.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We offer comprehensive language solutions through which you can attract many long-term customers. Not only that, but you can also work with internationals and generate more business.


    We have certified translators in our team who can provide you with certified translation solutions and this will definitely help you in medical and legal cases. Our well-knowledgeable translators can assist you with reliable translation.

    Native Expert

    Tridindia works with native expert translators only who are specialized in different industries and can easily convey your brand message to the target audience.

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    Clients are our first priority that’s why we always ensure to give convenience to them. At our place, you will get easy project consultation which will not take much of your valuable time.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Every translation project that is given to us is provided to you with quick TAT. But the fastest TAT does not affect the quality of our translation. We maintain the accuracy level.

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