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Fastest professional Romanian Translation Services by 4000+ certified Romanian translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Romanian language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas and so forth. Thus, we have established as a well-known global Romanian Language Translation services company in New Delhi India Mumbai Amritsar Kolkata Chandigarh Chennai UAE Hyderabad Bangalore Noida Pune Gurgaon Ghaziabad and several other Indian and foreign cities. Our professional Romanian translators are expert of managing big assignments with ease resulting to agreed deadline and providing the topmost degree of accurateness. Our extensive sources of Romanian language professionals pay systematic and comprehensive dedication to each point confirming price effective and proficient translation services in Romanian language. Our DTP unit is embraced with high tech IT resources that let any Romanian file to be translated directly.

Globalization is curse as well as blessing for a business. It’s true that with globalization one can generate high income by targeting multiple economies but it’s not as easy as it sounds as first, you need to solve the ridiculous puzzle of language differences. This is where translation came into existence to create boundary less environment. An organization need to enhance the potential to communicate with wider audiences and to maintain competitive edge.

Without accurate translation, your business might face unprofitable situations like:

• Unambiguous Communication: No business wants to risk their brand value by communicating wrong to their readers/ audiences. Unambiguous situations arises when your words or sentences are wrongly interpreted by other parties

• Missed opportunities: You won’t be able to seize profitable situations like market expansion and potential customers. Your audiences will avoid your product as it’s not interactive in their native language.

• Rivalries: Many companies reject the concept of translation and thinks that one language is more than enough for basic understanding. Well basic understanding about product will not generate any revenue. It’s accurate and complete knowledge that generates the interest level and help you to develop strong position in market.

☞ Interesting Facts about Romanian Language

♦  It is the official language of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.
♦  This language is also spoken across Latin Union and European Union.
♦  Almost 24 million people speak this language as their native language.
♦  Term used for the language in English: RomanianName of the language in Romanian: română
♦  Considered as the closest language to Latin, Romanian is an Indo-European Romance language. Latin has significantly influenced Romanian words as 90% of them have originated from Latin whereas remaining 10% are a mix of Slavic, Hungarian, Turkish or Albanian.
♦  This language is also spoken in Greece – the autonomous Mount Athos region.
♦  The evolution of Romanian is extremely natural devoid of any interruption by the traditional literature accordingly signifying the significant influence of Latin words and structure over it, which is not present in any other Romance languages.
♦  The language shares 75% lexical similarities with French language and 77% with the Italian language.
♦  In addition, Romanian similarly comprises certain grammatical structures that commonly belong to Balkan rather than Romance languages.

☞ Where is Romanian Spoken?

Romania Portugal Canada Cyprus
Moldavia Bulgaria Turkmenistan Hungary
Transylvania Russia Ukraine Israel
Spain United Kingdom Argentina Turkey
Wallachia Germany USA, Mexico
Brazil Italy Serbia Kazakhstan
Australia Finland Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan
Azerbaijan Greece France Tajikistan

☞ Romanian Dialects

Banat: Spoken in Banat and parts of Serbia
Maramureș: Spoken in Maramureș and the northern part of Romania
Wallachian: Spoken in Oltenia, Dobrogea and Muntenia
Moldavian: Spoken in the historical region of Moldavia

☞ Basic Info about Romanian Native Country

Country: Romania Moldova
Capital: Bucharest Chișinău
Population: 19.96 million 3.559 million
GDP: 9,499.21 USD (2013) 2,239.29 USD (2013)
President: Klaus Lohannis Nicolae Timofti
Prime Minister: Dacian Ciolos Pavel Filip
Government Type: Unitary Semi Presidential Republic Parliamentary Republic
Romanian Leu (RON) Moldovan Leu (MDL)
Ease-Of-Doing-Business Rank: 48th 52nd
Unemployment Rate: 6.8% 13.90%
Major Industries: Chemicals, electric machinery and equipment, construction materials, timber, light machinery and auto assembly, mining, textiles and footwear, food processing, metallurgy, petroleum refining Textiles, sugar, foundry equipment, vegetable oil, agricultural machinery, food processing, refrigerators and freezers, hosiery, washing machines, shoes

☞ Romanian History

♦ The battles between Dacians and Romans transformed the Roman province of Dacia. Roman colonists, soldiers and merchants were brought in Dacia and were rewarded with land and civil rights and other privileges.

♦ In the “Constitutio Antoniniana”, released by the emperor Caracalla, it was stated that the Dacians would have to become Romanian citizens.

♦ The Romanian language faced a bilingualism problem, during the years 101 and 271 AD. This is because the language interbred with Latin. Latin prevailed, as it was a great tool of communication.

♦ Studies say that with the arrival of Slavic people, another crossing point for the language started to appear. The rules of Latin could not be applied to the words of Slavic origin. Linguists believed that this was the point where a second cross between Slavic and the newly formed Romanian language occurs.

♦ The Romanian population rejected the Slavs. The Slavic population then dispersed the Romanian community from the south of the Danube.

♦ It is said that the place of birth or formation of the Romanian language is both north and south of the Danube.

♦ According to the modern history, the first Romanian grammar book was published in the year 1780 in Vienna. Due to great artists and award winning movies, Romanian language is highly popular outside Romania.

☞ Romania Facts

■  December 1st is celebrated as the national day by the Romanians.

■  The term “Romania” is derived from the Latin word “Romanus”.

■  The shortest word in Romanian is IP. This is used to name a city.

■  The Romanian gymnast – Nadia Elena Comăneci – got the perfect score of 10 in Montreal 1976 Olympics

■  German and Hungarian are also spoken in Romania.

■  The term “Transylvania” which represents the central part of Romania, means ‘the land beyond the forest’

☞ Boost Your Sales

To boost sales, you need to share correct information with your audiences in their native language. Translation helps in adapting content as per foreign market and provides information as per native language of reader/ customers.

At Tridindia, we help business to communicate with wider audiences that help them in:

• Reaching wider audiences: Translation helps in formulating effective communication strategy. Translation bridges the communication gap between you and your client; making you to further sell your product and services.

• Increasing market potential: Translation enables you to analyze the complete market situations; finding out which area has more demand and where you should sell your products.

• Outrun competitors: By producing content that are culturally acceptable, your customer will not only appreciate you but will consider you as a strong brand. This will further lead to generate credibility and strong customer base.

Many businesses operating at international level knows the benefits of translation in providing accurate translation to their audiences.

☞ Most Economical Translation

We commit to offer the most economical translations into/ from Romanian language. We can handle all types of assignments – translation, localization, DTP and interpretation. Thus, if you are looking for authentic services at affordable rates, you can always trust us. Further, we make sure that the projects are delivered within the proposed time frame. So, contact us today and enter the world of language translation..!!

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