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Why You Should Invest in Romanian Translation Today?

Do you know almost 24 million people speak this language as their native language? It is the official language of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. This language is also spoken across Latin Union and European Union. It is said that the place of birth or formation of the Romanian language is both north and south of the Danube. According to modern history, the first Romanian grammar book was published in the year 1780 in Vienna. Due to great artists and award-winning movies, the Romanian language is highly popular outside Romania.

Fastest professional Romanian Translation Solutions by 4000+ certified Romanian translators who offer accurate Translation Solutions in the Romanian language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas, and so forth. Thus, we have established a well-known trustworthy Translation Company in New Delhi India Mumbai Amritsar Kolkata Chandigarh Chennai UAE Hyderabad Bangalore Noida Pune Gurgaon Ghaziabad, and several other Indian and foreign cities. Our professional Romanian translators are experts in managing big assignments with ease resulting in the agreed deadline and providing the topmost degree of accurateness. Our extensive sources of Romanian language professionals pay systematic and comprehensive dedication to each point confirming price-effective and proficient translation solutions in the Romanian language. Our DTP unit is embraced with high-tech IT resources that let any Romanian file be translated directly.

English to Romanian Translation Services

One of the main reasons why many businesses choose to operate and invest in Romania is because of its attractive market that brings in great opportunities. Businesses find the market adaptable and this makes Romania’s market to be best as compared to other countries in Europe. Using English to Romanian translation services allows businesses to make it easy to see growth while allowing great precise global communication.

With the Romania market offering great opportunities for business to grow, the Romanian language translation demand is increasing. We can help you with accurate Romanian language translation allowing your business to establish in the globalized marketplace. We have skilled translators who understand the Romanian market well and therefore, deliver translation that is accurate and culturally relevant.


Get Certified Romanian Language Translators For Your Project

The economy of Romania is considered a high-income economy and comes with a skilled labor force. Romania has a lot to offer not only for European country operations but also as an excellent gateway for other businesses as well. For businesses, language holds great importance and Tridindia can help you with the best translation allowing your business to localize perfectly according to the market.

We have skilled Romanian language translators who have a good grasp of the Romanian language. Thus, they are always trusted by our clients to deliver high-quality Romanian translation solutions that go well with the standards. Also, during the translation, they keep a check on the various other aspects and ensure delivery of culturally relevant and accurate translations at affordable prices.

Romanian Translation Market

Romania is small in size and you may wonder how it is so an important market for businesses. Romania is a highly developed country and is also considered as an emerging middle power in international affairs. It also ranks among the fastest-growing economic countries in the European Union holds a position in the world’s 44th largest by nominal GDP, and is at the 36th position largest by PPP.

In Romania, the Romanian language is a widely spoken language and you can also find a majority of Romanian language speakers in Moldova and other European countries. There are more than 28 million people who speak the Romanian language worldwide and 23 million people speak it as their first language and 5 million speaking it as a second language. It is unquestionably obvious why businesses are interested in getting into the Romanian-speaking market.

Also, there are various organizations in the world that use Romanian language as an official or administrative language where there are Romanian communities. Whatever be your purpose, it is highly important to invest in professional Romanian translation solutions to ensure clear communication.

Romanian Translation Tips

The Romanian language may have origins and linguistic roots from Latin but Romanian distinguishes itself while being preserved in archaic elements, loanwords of the ancient Dacian language. There are several things translators need to know and given below are important tips to follow for Romanian translation:

Romanian vs. Moldovan

Romania language is spoken in both Romania and Moldova, but there is subtle dialectal difference that only professional translators know. Before providing Romanian translation, translators must know the audience to ensure to deliver the right translation as per region and dialect.

Text Expansion

While translating into the Romanian language, it is important to know how expansive the language is. During translation, the length of the words exceeds 10 percent of the original source. So, the translator must ensure the translation is done while maintaining the format.

Romanian Language Facts

The Romanian language has more than 70% of things in common with other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Also, it is considered to be the closest living language to Latin. Given below points elaborate more interesting facts about the Romanian language:

There are about 25 million Romanian speakers globally and the majority of them can be found in Romania and Moldova.

Though Romania is bordered by Slavic countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Serbia, the Romanian language is not a Slavic language.

About 66% of Romanian vocabulary comes from Latin and only 10% of the language’s words come from Slavic origin.

In Moldova, the Romanian language is referred to as Moldovan, and with region, you can see differences in accent and in pronunciation too.

The Romanian language falls under the group of the Romance languages.

Romanian History

The origin of the Romanian language can be traced back to the time of the Roman colonization in the 2nd century AD. With time, as the Roman Empire started to expand, Latin began to merge with the existing language, Dacian which was spoken by the local population. This combination of Latin and Dacian language led to the emergence of a new language, Vulgar Latin called the precursor to modern Romanian.

The Romanian language saw great evolution but it has maintained a great level of continuity while carrying its Latin roots. As compared to other Romance languages, the Romanian language has preserved several archaic features of the Latin language such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. The linguists and language enthusiasts who are highly interested in languages can have a valuable and deep insight into the linguistic landscape of Rome.

However, the credit to the Romanian language cannot be entirely given to the Latin language. Over the centuries, there were great regions of Romania that witnessed migrations and cultural exchanges with neighboring countries. With this, the Romanian language saw a great impact of Slavic languages which is particularly evident in the vocabulary, syntax, and format of Romanian language.

Countries that speak Romanian

There are about 27 million Romanian speakers globally and 24 million of them speak it as their native language. Besides Romania, you can also find a large community of Romanian speakers in Israel. Mentioned below are the following countries where you can find Romanian speaking audiences:

Germany Italy
Russia United States
Hungary Portugal
Spain France
Israel Romania
Ukraine Bulgaria
Greece Moldova
Serbia Canada

Romanian Country Data

Country: Romania
Capital: Bucharest
Population: 1.91 Crores
Semi Presidential Republic: President Klaus Lohannis
Currency: Romanian Leu (RON)
GDP (ppp): 28,408.76 crores USD
Unemployment: 5.44%
Government Type: Semi Presidential Republic
Industries: Deals in mining, construction, petrochemical, automotive, agriculture, oil refining, shoes, textiles, timber, chemicals, food processing, etc.

Country: Serbia
Capital: Belgrade
Population: 68.3 Lakhs
Parliamentary Republic: President Aleksandar Vucic
Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)
GDP (ppp): 6,308.2 Crores USD
Unemployment: 9.60%
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Industries: Deals in coal, oil and gas, chemicals, metals, machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding, manufacturing, communications, agriculture, processed foods, consumer durable goods, textiles, and handicrafts.

Romanian Dialects

With time, there has been a historical development in the Romanian language and it always stand stood as a testament to maintaining its resilience and cultural identity. Romanian language may have Latin origins and the influences of other neighboring languages such as Slavic, Greek, and Turkish languages however, it spread beautifully and was spoken in different dialects. Some of the Romanian dialects are:

Wallachian Moldavian
Banat Maramureș

Popular Romanian Translation Phrases

The reason that makes the Romanian language attractive is its linguistic features and characteristics that still store the historical interactions and its cultural heritage. Romanian captivates several linguists and language enthusiasts and given below are commonly spoken English phrases and their Romanian translations:

English Phrase                  Romanian Translated Phrase
Hello! Salut!
Good morning Buna dimineata
Good luck Mult noroc
Goodbye La revedere
Happy birthday La multi ani
Thank you Mulțumesc
How are you? Ce mai faci?

Affordable Romanian Translation Services for Your Business

The reason why it is important to avail solutions from professional agencies is the amount of accuracy and professionalism in the work. The professional translation agency is well equipped with experts that are specialized in various fields. They have a systematic translating process and this is why they offer top-class quality solutions. Hiring a freelancer for the translation work is not worth it. The freelancers are not experts in all the domains whereas a translation company has every resource to match all your requirements. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional and affordable Romanian translation agency who can help you with valuable customer retention strategies.








Need of Romanian Translation Services For Your Business Today

There are several times when documents need to get translated. Whichever industry-specific the document is, it is important to look for the solution offered by reliable language service providers. They can help to get translated content into the Romanian language while maintaining the authenticity and originality of the document.

Reach Target Audience

The business that understands the importance of communicating with the audience in their native language, chooses professional translation solutions. Translation helps in formulating an effective communication strategy.

Better ROI

Your business has to say a lot to the new audience and you need to make sure that everything is accurate. When you choose a translation agency, you will be confident that your documents will get translated accurately.

Boost Sales

By producing content that is culturally acceptable, your customer will consider you as a strong brand. This will further lead to generating a lot of credibility and a strong customer base for more sales.

Identify Market Potential

Professional translation done by a professional can help your business to tap into a new region. The accurate and quality translation can help you to communicate better. Translation enables you to analyze the complete market situation.

While planning to establish in a new market you must use an effective language translation solution that can make every aspect of your business accessible to the target audience. Several businesses operating at the international level know the real benefits of providing accurate translation to their audiences for actual global business expansion.

Types Of Romanian Translation We Offer

To communicate with the audience, it is important to use translation. It is easy for the customer to accept you in the local language. If your business wants to expand into a new market, you can go for Romanian language translation. Listed below are some types of translation we offer in Romanian language:
  • Romanian Website Translation
  • Romanian Content Translation
  • Romanian Document Translation
  • Romanian Certificate Translation
  • Romanian Website Localization
  • Romanian Content Localization
  • Romanian Content Writing
  • Romanian Audio Translation
  • Romanian Video Translation
  • Romanian Contract Translation
  • Romanian Technical Translation
  • Romanian Legal Translation
  • Romanian Literary Translation
  • Romanian Back Translation
  • Romanian Manual Translation
  • Romanian Patent Translation
  • Romanian Paper Translation
  • And more
Get the best translation from a highly skilled professional and rest it is assured to provide you with accurate, flawless translation solutions.

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Professional Romanian Translation For Documents

It is not possible for the business to think about expanding overseas with the materials written in their first language. To boost sales, you need to share correct information with your audiences in their native language. Translation helps in adapting content as per foreign market and provides information as per the native language of reader/ customers. The professional Romanian translation agency is considered to ensure both accuracy and quality in accurate translation for every sector.

Enough Resources – The translators have the expertise and knowledge about the market which helps them to translate into the Romanian language easily.
High-Efficiency Work – When the work is given to experienced professionals, you won’t have to worry about the translation not getting delivered by the deadline.

Types Of Romanian Translation We Offer

With Romanian translation, you can reach audience from various countries. Given are some popular types of translation in the Romanian language we offer to different countries:
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Moldavia
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkmenistan
  • Hungary
  • Transylvania
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Argentina
  • Turkey
  • Wallachia
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Serbia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Greece
  • France
  • Tajikistan
So, these are some of the top countries we provide Romanian translation in. If you want to target some other location other than this, we will surely help you out in that too. Just reach us and discuss about your translation requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Romanian Translation Services to Us

Translation is important for every business that operates in different language-speaking regions. We commit to offering the most economical translations into/ from the Romanian language. We can handle all types of assignments – translation, localization, credible desktop publishing, and interpretation. Thus, if you are looking for authentic solutions at affordable rates, you can always trust us.

Data Privacy

In translation, data privacy is most important. Our team does translation while following the strict confidentiality policies to protect customer data from any third party.

Native Translator

The translation is said to be accurate when it is done by native Romanian speakers. This saves a lot of time and makes sure that you get an accurate and faultless translation.

Quality Control Systems

Fast delivery of the translation project is important and so is the quality. We have professionals that perform quality checks of the translation at various stages.

Faster TAT

A lot of time gets involved to provide a great translation. We have professional native Romanian speakers who perform the work and get it accomplished on time.

Years Of Experience

The translation is the best way to tap into the new market. When it is done by our professionals with years of experience, it can help you to acquire new customers and build your brand.

Culturally Relevant

We do a translation that not only means changing the words with respect to language. The translation is done by considering various cultural norms, traditions, and values of Romania.

Instead of relying on in-house translators, it is better to trust a professional business translation agency. This will save your time and make you sure to receive quality translations with a fast turnaround time from one of the successful Indian translation companies. This helps to make a wise investment decision by hiring the solutions of a professional translation agency.

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    A professional agency can help you to make plans to reach a new target audience that speaks a different language. If you run a business that requires translation into the Romanian language, you can expect good things only from professional Romanian language translation.

    When it is about the reputation of the company, you need to deal with a translation agency that believes in accuracy. Inaccurately translated materials can create a negative image of the business among the Romanian audience. For every kind of document, standard document translation is essential.

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    Number of Romanian Language Speakers

    There are approx 24 Million Romanian speakers. A term used for the language in English: RomanianName of the language in Romanian: românăonsidered as the closest language to Latin, Romanian is an Indo-European Romance language. Latin has significantly influenced Romanian words as 90% of them have originated from Latin whereas the remaining 10% are a mix of Slavic, Hungarian, Turkish, or Albanian. This language is also spoken in Greece – the autonomous Mount Athos region. The language shares 75% lexical similarities with the French language and 77% with the Italian language.

    Contextually Relevant

    For business purposes, along with premium website development, translation needs to be accurate and quality-driven. It is essential to work with English to Romanian translation services. Their experts possess native-level fluency and understand field-specific terminology used in the documents. In addition, Romanian similarly comprises certain grammatical structures that commonly belong to Balkan rather than Romance languages. Here are the given Romanian Dialects:

    • Banat
    • Maramureș
    • Wallachian
    • Moldavian
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    It’s true that with globalization one can generate high income by targeting multiple economies but it’s not as easy as it sounds at first, you need to solve the ridiculous puzzle of language differences. This is where translation, specifically manual rush translation for documents, came into existence to create a boundary-less environment.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Business translations always demand precision. You need to require a professional Romanian translator who can deliver the content in a simplified and accurate manner.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    The translation company always offers its solutions in a specific area. They have specialists that provide comprehensive solutions of content with the best industry-specific terms and phrases.


    Translation quality is a top priority. Get the quality translation only from certified professional translators. The professional knows it better to provide quality translation to ensure the best results.

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    It is important for professional business translators to be native speakers. They possess extensive knowledge of the language and are well aware of the cultural differences. This helps them to provide accurate translation for the target audience.

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    If you want your business operations to spread globally, it is important to have consistency in your communication. Get the easy project consultation from the business translator to deliver the best brand message to reflect the original source.

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    When you choose professionals, you are actually relying on them to receive the timely delivery of work with quality. The expertise translates the content quickly and you need not worry about deadlines.

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