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Somali History

The name Somali originally came from two words –SOO and MAAL, which means GO and MILK IT. The word itself is a indication that Somalia people were traditional nomadic pastoral society of camals, cattels, sheeps and goats. The language has no written form until 1972, before that Italian and English served as language of government and education. In 1972, Government introduces Somali script, set up a panel of academic intellectuals and they came with modern polished Somali language.

Interesting Faces about Somali Language (af Soomaali / اَف صَومالي˜)

  Somali is considered as Afro- Asiatic tongue
  It was declared as the National language of Somalia in 1972
  Its closest relative is Oromo; one can figure out from its tone
  Spoken by 6.5 million native people and 12 million people worldwide
  It is also regarded as best documents language.
  If you are into livestock, telecommunications, remittance/money transfer business, then Somali translation will be of utter importance to you, as Somalia’s healthy economy is based on these sectors.
  Also, if you are planning to start your business in media field, then also, Somali translation can generate huge revenues on account of rapid popularity of media sector in Somalia.
  Somali translation also attracts many entrepreneurs who deal with natural resources. For precise business dealings, firms need to get their documents translated into Somali.

Language Alphabet

Where is Language Spoken

Ethiopia Northland State Puntland Somalia
Kenya Djibouti Somalia Somaliland

Language Dialects

Somali is divided into three main dialects i.e. :

 Standard Somali, also known as Northern Somali
 Benaadir, spoken at Benadir coast and Mogadishu.
 Af-ashraaf, with limited intelligibility

Basic Info about Language Native Country

Country: Somalia
Capital: Mogadishu
Population: 10.5 million
GDP (per capita): 400 dollar
President: Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
Prime Minister: Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke
Government Type: Federal Republic of Somalia
Currency: United States Dollar, Somali shilling
Ease of Doing Business Rank: 190
Unemployment Rate: 74%

Major Industries: Automotive, Education, Energy, Financial, Industrial, Life sciences, Retail, Technology, Travel, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment.

Country Facts

  • Somalia is known as nation of poets
  • It is the semiarid land in the horn of Africa. The city total area is 1657 kilometer
  • The religion here is sunni muslim and has historical influence of Islam.
  • They exports livestock, banabas and fish
  • Somalia is also known as land of Ancient rock paintings dated almost 5000 years back

Why you should translate your business into this language

Somali is spoken by 16 million people worldwide out of which 8.3 million resides in Somalia. The language is widely used in schools, institutional, media and publishing field. Somalia is popular foe business sectors like: Agriculture and natural resources, Manufacturing, Airline Industry, Construction and telecommunication. Translating your business into Somalia will open new door of opportunity and will help you to generate more revenue.

The people of Somalia are very fond of poetry and many poems are published in Somali language. If you’re a writer and publisher and want to expand your reach then you have to translate your business into this language.

The language is widely used by local media publishers hence for the promotion of product Somali language translation is must.

Why Choose Us

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