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Why You Should Invest in Thai Translation Today?

Around 50 million people communicate in Thai all across the world. It is used by around 85% of the population in Thailand, and by small portions of people in the US, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Thai specifies various ways to address people to represent different degrees of respect or to acknowledge an individual’s social rank. For instance, some particles can be included at the end of a sentence to show deference to the person being spoken to, or to communicate the speaker’s opinion about what is being said. Thai, to the much wider Austric language group. Thai spoken language is believed to have emerged in the area which is now the border between China and Vietnam, a concept that offers clues to the origin of the Thai people, a field of continued academic debate.

Fastest professional Thai translation services by 4000+ certified Thai translators who offer accurate translation services in the Thai language for government, public and private sectors. Do you want to start a business in Thai-speaking regions? Do you want to promote your business campaign, mobile app, publication, or any product in the Thai market? Or do you simply have to provide a translation of any paper to clients, suppliers, or business partners in Bangkok, ensuring precise communication with no misunderstanding? Reliable translation company is here to help you at any hour through effective translation. Not only we are experts in target languages and cultural nuances, but we specialize in the subject matter knowledge and industry terminologies for your worldwide success. So, why not translate your needs today? Get started quickly anytime you want.

English to Thai Translation Services

Thailand comes with a rich history and culture and is an attractive destination for tourists. Not only this, but its environment also provides a lot of business opportunities that are helpful for various business domains. However, when establishing a business and its operations in Thailand, it is important to seek English to Thai translation services that help to capture the essence of the market.

Experience is very important in providing the translation and therefore, we are highly trusted by leading businesses. We are a professional Thai translation company and have highly skilled and experienced translators in our team who have a deep understanding of the language and associated challenges involved in translation. They follow all standards and ensure to provide the translation that goes well with the original text.


Get Certified Thai Language Translators For Your Project

Thailand follows a cohesive economic strategy that proves to be instrumental in navigating through challenging periods. Businesses are able to see great results in the Thailand market if they go for the best Thai language translations. Tridindia can help you in providing excellent help to make your business penetrate the native market and serve with great ease.

The reason why we are highly trusted is that we have a team of skilled Thai language translators. They are not only having excellent language skills but they also understand the culture and context before providing the translation. They are highly familiar with the Thai language and its market and always ensure to deliver the translation that effectively conveys things to the target market.

Thai Translation Market

Thailand is considered as a domestic consumer market having more than 69 million people coming with average economic status. In past years, Thailand has made huge advances when it comes in terms of both social and economic development. Thailand highly focuses on key economic and other social reforms to bring an end to poverty and boost shared prosperity with great innovative ideas that brings sustainable economy.

Thailand has much evolved and unlike its few neighbors, Thailand has worked on building robust infrastructure and bringing in modern IT and communications networks. This is also an inexpensive way that brings great convenience for the businesses that are thinking of establishing solutions in a new market.

Also, there is a vast geographical spread of the Thai language and this gives business owners another reason why they need to invest in Thailand. So, if you are thinking of expanding to the Thai market, it is a must not to ignore Thai language translations as this can serve as a great way. This will help your business to expand in Thailand, and connect with the Thai-speaking communities of the world.

Thai Translation Tips

There is a growing demand for Thai translation and the majority of it includes English and Thai translations. English and Thai languages are highly dissimilar and this gives rise to several complexities making it difficult to translate. Given below are following tips our translators follow to deliver Thai translation solutions:

Tonal Language

Thai is a tonal language and it has 5 tones where every syllable is pronounced with one. This makes the language quite difficult and it is especially for those translators who don’t have much experience. Tones are important and something wrong will bring a great change in the understanding. Therefore, translators need to be careful while using tone.

Regional Variety

Thailand is a big country and there is a lot of variety of cultures that vary according to different regions of the country. Regional variety of the cultures has a great effect on speaking and some dialects of the Thai language. This means the translator needs to be aware of the target audience before delivering the translation.

Thai Language Facts

Thai is not only spoken in Thailand but also spoken in Cambodia and Malaysia. Also, many people don’t know but the Thai language was also known as Siamese earlier. Mentioned below points tell some more interesting facts about the Thai language:

Thai language is considered as the first language of the Central Thai people.

It is the official language of Thailand and is spoken by approximately 70 million people worldwide.

Thai language shares similarities with Chinese and Vietnamese and like them, it is also a tonal language.

Thai and Lao language are very similar and this makes them mutually intelligible.

Thai language borrowed words heavily from several Asian languages such as Khmer, Pali, Mon, and Sanskrit.

The first written Thai text dates back to 1292 AD. It was found in Sukhothai which is the former capital of the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom.

Besides Thailand, you can find a lot of Thai speakers across various countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and the United States.

Thai History

The Thai language also known as Siamese belongs to the Tai language family. Tai language family comes under a part of the broader Kra-Dai language family that includes other languages that are highly spoken in Southeast Asia. The Thai language originated from the region that today we know as the border between Vietnam and China.

According to old theory, the Thai language is spoken in Southern China and was called Proto-Tai. This is considered as the ancestor of all languages in the Tai language family. Proto-Thai further integrated various loanwords from Chinese and Vietnamese into its vocabulary and this helped in the evolution into Proto-Southwestern Tai. During the 1200s, the language merged with the other language of the Sukhothai Kingdom called Old Khmer. This is now remembered as Old Thai and it was the time when Thai writing was introduced.

The first Thai writing system was established by King Ramamhaeng who was the Great in the third Sukothai. He also helped in improving the literacy of Thailand language speakers. The script has however remained unchanged over the past 800 years and still uses the same characters that were used before.

Countries that speak Thai

In the world, there are 70 million Thai speakers, and predominantly can be found in Thailand itself. The number of native Thai speakers counts up to around 36 million, and the number of speakers who speak Thai as a second language is about 44 million. The Thai language is spoken by 88% of the Thailand population and for a country having 72 living languages, a huge number of Thai language speakers is a huge achievement.

Thai language also holds the position of a dominant language in Vietnam and Laos by having 1.5 million and 500,000 speakers. Below are the following countries where you can find Thai-speaking people:

Malaysia Vietnam
Cambodia Burma/Myanmar
China Laos
United States

Thai Country Data

Country: Thailand
Capital: Bangkok
Population: 7.16 Crores
Constitutional Monarchy: King Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun
Currency: Thai Baht
GDP (ppp): 50,594.7 Crores USD
Unemployment: 0.86%
Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
Industries: Deals in automobiles and automotive parts, tourism, computers, manufacturing, finance, electric tools and components, plastic commodities, agriculture, textiles, etc.

Thai Dialects

The Thai language is split into several dialects and every dialect roughly corresponds to a different geographic area. These dialects are mutually intelligible and given below are the three major Thai language dialects:

Southern Thai Northern Thai
Central Thai

In the Thai language, you will also find certain language variants in the dialects relating to Siamese Thai. In this, the language differs depending on the field of application it is used for. Following are the occasionally used dialects:

Street Thai Elegant Thai
Religious Thai Rhetorical Thai
Royal Thai

Popular Thai Translation Phrases

It is amazing to know within Thailand, there are twice as many people who are learning Thai as a second language to those who speak it as their first language. Given below is the Thai translation of commonly spoken English phrases:

English Phrase Thai Translated Phrase
Hello! สวัสดี (S̄wạs̄dī)
Good morning สวัสดีตอนเช้า (S̄wạs̄dī txn chêā)
Good luck  ขอให้โชคดี (K̄hx h̄ı̂ chokh dī)
Welcome  ยินดีต้อนรับ (Yindī t̂xnrạb)
Thank you  ขอบคุณ (K̄hxbkhuṇ)
How are you? คุณเป็นอย่างไร? (Khuṇ pĕn xỳāngrị?)

Affordable Thai Translation Services for Your Business

Due to the difficulties of grammar and the convenience with which context meaning can be ignored, affordable translation in Thai has become important in the business. The word-for-word translation especially in consistent medical translation is not good for sentences that provide essential information. In this sector, the contextual placing of a word is way more powerful than the direct translation. It takes well-trained and experienced translators to convey the intended message appropriately and using the correct tone.


Manual Thai


Native Thai



Need of Thai Translation Services For Your Business Today

The biggest challenge of any organization is to serve a global audience of different languages. You have to make sure that your branding and messaging remain consistent with all markets. That’s why many organizations operating at the international level take expert translation help. Some other reasons why you should opt for translations are as follows-

A Global Hit

Accurate translation help in finding out the potential customers; who’re interested in buying your product. It helps to put your content/product or services in front diverse audience. In this world where everything is online who knows from where your customers can come.

Boost ROI

Let’s seize every possibility of earning profit. If you provide translation and your rivals don’t, this will definitely create an edge and will boost your sales. Providing translation not only eases your communication but also increases visibility among audiences.

Access to Global Market

If you’ve to communicate about your product and services to a market of multiple languages then a translation is a must in your business. It is pretty obvious that you can’t address them in one language. So, if you are looking to convey your message, then a translation is a must.

Boost Sales

How are you gonna make sure that the information you’re providing is reaching your audience or not? Without communication, you won’t be able to create any awareness about any of your services and do not enjoy the best sales volume. Hence, translation is a must.

You need to embrace new communication mediums on a global platform. Think about it, 80 percent of customers prefer to purchase products/ services in their native language. This clearly shows that one language is just not enough in this global world and that’s why an accurate translation along with progressive website development becomes a crucial necessity for businesses such as e-commerce.

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Professional Thai Translation For Business Growth

Many multinational companies or non-governmental institutions have different branches in various locations all across the world. They receive and send information from locations with various cultures and languages. This makes the use of Thai language translation important to assist in premium localization or adapting this information. Many cultures exist across the world, all expressing the specifics of their daily lives throughout their native language. Just imagine the vast cultural treasures lost if they ignore their own language and just communicate in one language.

Professional Thai Language Translators – Our translation fills the gaps between cultures. It permits you to go through cultural phenomena that would help you to grab the potential audience from Thai-speaking regions.
High-quality – Receiving information in this language is essential, as it helps you avoid miscommunications. And this is exactly what you get from translation.

Types Of Thai Translation We Offer

Those days are no longer when you can translate only paper content from one language to another. Currently, you can make your website, audio, video, and all types of content understandable for the target audiences. Here is a short overview of different types of translation we provide.

  • Thai Website Translation
  • Thai Content Translation
  • Thai Document Translation
  • Thai Certificate Translation
  • Thai Website Localization
  • Thai Content Localization
  • Thai Content Writing
  • Thai Audio Translation
  • Thai Video Translation
  • Thai Contract Translation
  • Thai Technical Translation
  • Thai Legal Translation
  • Thai Literary Translation
  • Thai Book Translation
  • Thai Manual Translation
  • Thai Patent Translation
  • Thai Paper Translation
  • And Many More…

We are specialized in handling multiple documents, it doesn’t matter what your project is- online, offline, legal, promotion, website, conference, financial, etc. You name it we have it. We can even provide you elite engineering translation. So, don’t let language barriers come in the way of your global business success.

Benefits of Outsourcing Thai Translation Services to Us

Thai is a tonal language as well, i.e. the meaning of letters depends upon the tone as well rather the merely depending on its letters. Hence, to reduce this complexity, it is beneficial to outsource translating requirements to successful language service providers. With our services, you can avail yourself so many benefits such as the following ones:

Data Privacy

We respect your privacy and handle your work with no disclosure of information. We make every single effort to keep all your documents and your personal info confidential.

Culturally Relevant

There would be no benefit of converting the language of words if it does not convey cultural meaning appropriately. Therefore, we provide translation considering cultural differences.

Quality Control Systems

We as a reliable translation team focus on various factors such as grammar, sentence formation, accuracy, culture, etc to provide you with high-quality translation.

Faster TAT

We focus on providing you with a translation that matches your speed. We understand the importance of your work and make delivery of any project on time.

Years Of Experience

With 18+ years of experience in this industry, we can help any company grow internationally and expand its reach to the global audience with full efficiency and accuracy.

Native Thai Language Experts

We have a team that holds skilled and well-experienced Thai language professionals that have the knowledge and worked with different industries that have grown their business internationally.

Thai is really a hard-to-understand language. To convert the verbs into nouns, you may require the help of prefixes. A single word may comprise several meanings, subject of pronunciations. Besides these, many considerable points need to keep in mind while communicating in the Thai language. To avoid these hassles for you, we provide translation like prominent business translation in all dialects of the Thai language.

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    Today, international diplomacy is the most essential component of a nation’s external affairs. Be it a global summit or a new economic deal, diplomats, as well as world leaders, always represent their thoughts and ideas in a language they are very comfortable in. It is essential that these ideas are accurately translated in an expressive, accurate, and non-condoning manner, which can lead to crucial issues in diplomatic relations between two or more two nations. Inaccurate translation can change the intended message for your business also, and have negative effects on your business, mainly in a new international country. If you are searching to strengthen your foothold in an international region or expand your business globally it is vital to identify and partner with our translation agency which can offer you a worthwhile and accurate language translation like high grade article translation.

    Listed below are some perks that you get:

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    Surrounding yourself with supporting customers in their native language is a great move. Your customer will appreciate your work and will generate brand loyalty and goodwill for your organization. Hence, we are ready to translate your needs into any language pair for your global success. Big assignments and tight deadlines never degrade the quality of our translations. Further, we provide the topmost degree of accuracy and agree to deliver the translated text even the conclusive website translation within deadlines.

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    Thai is the national as well as the official language of Thailand. It is spoken by around 69 million Thai people in the country. Even though Thai and Laotian are written with quite different scripts, they are linguistically related. Both of them belong to the Thai language, hence, they share a wide range of similar words. That is the reason why Thai TV programs and music are massively received and understood in Laos. The majority of Laotian people can also read and speak the Thai language. Outside Thailand, there is a wide community of Thai speakers in California and Los Angeles with more than 80,000 Thai immigrants. There is even a Thai town in LA with different Thai bookstores, sweet shops, markets, and newspaper offices.

    Quality and Accurate Translation

    The importance of translation in everyday life is way more multidimensional than you realize. Yes, English is a language that is understood by almost everyone. It is the 3rd most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers. This equals around 330 million people. If you involve people who can speak English as a second language, it is likely the most famous language around the world. so why would translating into the thai language with proper translation facts be essential today? There is great significance and importance when it’s a matter of translation for everyone. Completely operating in English can hold back businesses and companies. When you know the significance of English to European translation services for everyone, you can see it as an essential as well as a worthy investment. For that, you will require professionals.

    The majority of people prefer their own language. It is what they are most comfortable communicating in and it reflects in their confidence when they are speaking. This is why you need translation such as fruitful document translation, it will permit people to communicate more efficiently. The mega-businesses require high quality to communicate efficiently to grow their business. With such a demand, the Thai language translation is not going away any time soon.

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    Our company maintains a specific level of quality and accuracy. Be it small or big businesses, we can assist any company in growing internationally.

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    We provide comprehensive language solutions at a very cost-effective price. With 18+ years of experience and immense knowledge, we can satisfy every global customer.

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    Our professional and skilled translators can offer you certified language translations that will give you error-free translation. We provide effective translation to assist you to grow.

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    While you might be aware of a language that you are translating in, professional translation will take you beyond or above. Always invest in affordable and top notch translation for every sector. Professional translation will permit you to get rich, deep context and an accurate translation for essential documents to share with those you are targeting.

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