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Why You Should Invest in Turkish Translation Today?

Do you know Turkish is a Turkic language spoken by around 88 million people? The language is mainly spoken in Turkey, and also in German, Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria, and many other countries. There are around 82 million speakers of Turkish in Turkey, around 606,000 in Bulgaria, 2 million in Germany, 300,000 in Northern Cyprus, 500,000 in the UK, 130,000 in Uzbekistan, and 165,000 in the USA, and smaller numbers in many other countries. The language is recognized as a minority language in Herzegovina and Bosnia, Iraq, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosova, and Romania. It is very closely related to Turkmen, Azerbaijani, Balkan Gagauz Turkish, Qashqai, and Gagauz, and there is mutual intelligibility between these languages. So, the Turkish language which is spoken in different regions makes it important to get prominent translation into this language.

Fastest professional Turkish language translation services by 4000+ certified Turkish translators who offer accurate translation in the Turkish language for government, public and private sectors. With more than 63 million native speakers worldwide, the Turkish language has many groups of speakers in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, parts of Europe and Central Asia, Northern Cyprus, and The Caucasus. Translation in the Turkish language is extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs planning to start or expand the business globally in Southeastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It is an ideal way to emerge into the academic sector in Europe and the US. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, Turkey is among the 10 emerging markets that thrive for global economic growth. Thus, Turkish translation becomes even more evident.

English to Turkish Translation Services

The Turkish people are protective of their language, and they hold high standards with a 90% national literacy. It is evident how the Turkish economy is growing, and this has made the Turkish language to be essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes This creates an extremely important for the business to consider using English to Turkish translation to grow operations in Turkish-speaking markets.

We understand that for any business, trust and credibility matters a lot. Therefore, we are here to help you with accurate Turkish translations that make Turkish customers perceive your solutions. We are backed by a team of experienced translators who understand the Turkish language well and assure us to deliver comprehensive quality translation that brings in great success.


Get Certified Turkish Language Translators For Your Project

With a rapidly growing economy, the Turkish language is a highly demanded language that helps in business expansion in various areas. Tridindia is a certified translation provider helping various businesses to strengthen communications with their Turkish audience. We have hired the best-suited professional translators who can perform an English-Turkish translation as per clients’ needs.

The Turkish language requires careful consideration of the language and culture. We have an extensive network of professional Turkish language translators who have a strong grasp of English and Turkish language. Thus, they are able to ensure that the essence of the language is properly captured and original meaning stays intact.

Turkish Translation Market

Turkey is among the leading producers of agricultural products, textiles, and electronics. The demands are more and several international organizations in these industries see great benefit in investing in Turkey. Not only this, some businesses are even expanding their operations and establishing in Turkey. In both cases, using the Turkish language is the only way that will make your solutions more appealing to an international audience.

While Turkey is uniquely situated across two continents, the main part of the country is located in Asia and the other part is in Europe. Its geographic location can give you reasons to get English to Turkish translations that bring great advantage of you entering more than one international region and get better access.

There are a large number of people who speak the Turkish language which can be found in Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France, and several other countries. So, using Turkish translation is a great way where you right tone of voice to maintain your brand identity and ensure consistency is pivotal for building a strong and recognizable brand presence in Turkish-speaking markets.

Turkish Translation Tips

When it is about translating from English and Turkish, they have several similarities. Both use the Latin alphabet and similar verb systems, but not having proper knowledge or not focusing on the grammar can be notoriously challenging. Given below are a few common Turkish translation tips our translators follow to carry out accurate translation:

Consider Ways of Expression

Turkish is a comprehensive language with great depth. It has multiple words and phrases although the meaning is not the same and the right words needs to be used to express your words in your Turkish translation.

Correct Formatting

The Turkish language is one of the most agglutinative languages. In other words, the Turkish language has single words for what would be entire phrases in English. However, these words are often extremely long and can dramatically alter the formatting of your translation to Turkish.

Turkish Language Facts

Turkish language is categorized under the Altaic language family and it also belongs to the Turkic language subgroup. Where Kurdish and Zazaki are minority languages and are spoken by the ethnic Kurds and Zazas in Turkey, Turkish language makes up approximately 25% of the population. This is one of the reasons of Turkish being the national language. Below are some interesting facts about the Turkish language that you need to know:

There are around 80 million Turkish speakers worldwide and most of these speakers live in Turkey.

Turkish belongs to the Turkic language group which is a collection of 35 languages spoken across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Siberia.

Modern Turkish has some alterations and uses the Roman alphabet.

Turkish is the most widely spoken of all the Turkic languages having 42.8% of Turkic speakers.

On the internet, 2.5% of all websites are written in Turkish.

Turkish History

The great rise in the Turkish language emerged in the Ottoman Empire, but the origins of the Turkish language date back to much earlier times. The Turkish language was derived from Proto-Turkic which is the ancestor of all Turkic languages. Also, some estimates suggest this ancestral language dates back to 2,500 years ago. However, Old Turkic which is considered as the first attested form of Turkic that were known to be in the records that date back to the 7th century.

The presence of Old Turkic inscriptions was found in modern-day Mongolia. With this, in the Middle Ages, immigrants migrated to Turkey from Central Asia, bringing the language with them. In the Seljuk dynasty, Oghuz Turkic was the predominant dialect and this is the direct ancestor of the current language in Turkey.

After adopting Islam in the 10th century, the Seljuq Empire acquired the Arabic language too. However, Turkish continued to be the official language and the common tongue of the people of Turkey. The Arabic influence altered the Turkish vocabulary therefore, many Turkish words being taken from Arabic and Persian languages. This clearly tells about how the Turkish alphabet uses the Arabic script today.

Countries that speak Turkish

The Turkish language is spoken natively in two continents but only majority of speakers are in one country. Istanbul is the largest Turkish-speaking city with a population of 14 million. Given below is the list of following countries having people speaking Turkish language:

Australia Serbia
Canada Greece
Egypt Tajikistan
Belgium France
Kyrgyzstan Turkey
Israel Switzerland
Azerbaijan Finland
Iraq Sweden
Austria El Salvador
Kazakhstan Bosnia and Herzegovina
Romania United Kingdom
Uzbekistan Georgia Macedonia
Ukraine Bulgaria
Germany Netherlands
United Arab Emirates Cyprus
Honduras Russian Federation
United States Denmark

Turkish Country Data

Country: Turkey
Capital: Ankara
Population: 8.48 Crores
Parliamentary Republic: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Currency: Turkish Lira
GDP (ppp): 81,903.52 Crores USD
Unemployment: 10.03%
Government Type: Parliamentary Republic
Industries: Deals in mining, the production of vehicles (cars, buses and trucks), cement, construction, and petroleum products, iron and steel, textiles, leather goods, cotton, fertilizers, beer, wine and foodstuffs.

Turkish Dialects

Turkish language belongs to the Altay branch of the Ural-linguistic family which share some similarities with Finnish and Hungarian languages. The western part of the Turkish language is spoken across Central Asia and is known as the Oguz group. Turkish language is strongly influenced and it is clearly understood when you look at geographical locations. Given below are the dialects of the Turkish language:

Eastern Anatolian  (Agri, Ovacik, Askale, Malazgirt, Erzurum, Harput, Kemah, Narman, Olur, and Tortum)
Northeastern Anatolian (Trabzon, Pazar, Çamlihemsin, Ardesen Camili, Yomra, and Hopa)
Western Anatolain Devrek, Amasra, Antalya, Zonguldak, Safranbolu, Ulus and Artova
Orta Anadolu Güneydogu

Popular Turkish Translation Phrases

Turkish is known as agglutinative language. Although English is also counted as one of those languages, but the Turkish language is full of agglutinations. There are several rigid vowel and rules that make the language complicated besides its long words. Given below are some English phrases and their translation in the Turkish language:

English PhraseTurkish Translated Phrase
Good MorningGünaydın
Good Luckİyi şanslar
GoodbyeGüle güle
Thank YouTeşekkürler
How Are You?Nasılsınız?

Affordable Turkish Translation Services for Your Business

With the help of affordable Turkish language translation, you can break down these barriers and make sure that your customers get the brand information they require to invest in your company. Selecting a Turkish translator for your company can give you many benefits that can assist align your company with its business goals. The translator can provide your company with a convenient way to reach new and existing clients through document or accurate website translation.


Manual Turkish


Native Turkish



Need of Turkish Translation Services For Your Business Today

Turkish language is rising at a much faster pace because companies from other countries are targeting Turkey to avail of multiple fruitful opportunities. Therefore, no matter which industry your business belongs to, knowledgeable language service providers will help you to tap into Turkish markets with the following benefits.

A Global Hit

It requires plenty of time, money, and effort to research the targeted market and its value for a business. Translation helps your company tap into the prospective Turkey regions and take advantage of all opportunities. You can get accurate results from competitors, potential customers, and more.

Better ROI

As Turkey is the fastest growing economy in Europe and has been experiencing a significant boost in international trade with better import and export opportunities, translating into the Turkish language might be an exceptional way to embark on a growing sailing project with improved ROI.

Boost Sales

Turkish language translation is worth an investment because it helps businesses like yours win the attention of audiences and convert them into would-be customers. This will result in more sales and more revenue. So, include Turkish content in your marketing mix, website, and other business aspects to maximize sales volume.

Access to Global Market

Translating the content such as promotional material, product or services description, etc in a matter that is culturally sound and understandable to local citizens help to reach potential customers. Audiences would more likely prefer your brand over others when finding its information in their native language.

With a positive economic outlook and increased value in the global business world, Turkey becomes an investment magnet for entrepreneurs. If you want to reap the benefits from the great economic potential of Turkey markets, then ensure that premium document translation is relevant to the geographic area and specific market. So, get in touch with us.

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Professional Turkish Translation For Business Growth

Professional English to Turkish translation services is important to keep this connection strong between individuals and make sure that there are no language gaps. You can feel confident that through translation, you will get skilled translators who can translate orally as well as through a document very easily. They will be able to do both paper and valuable patent translation. Translation builds up relationships between customers and business owners which leads to business growth and expansion of the social network.

Skilled Translators – Our translators will allow effective communication to happen between customers and business owners. They act as couriers for transmitting knowledge, protectors for cultures, and permit good communication for business in the global economy.
High-quality – With high-quality translation, you will be assured to give correct translated information to your valuable customers. And this will strengthen your clientele base.

Types Of Turkish Translation We Offer

Translation for different types and formats of content requires using industry-specific terminology, grammar knowledge, cultural meaning, and all sorts of standard foreign document translation skills. Hence, we provide services for various kinds of translation including the following ones.

  • Turkish Website translation
  • Turkish Content translation
  • Turkish Document translation
  • Turkish Certificate translation
  • Turkish Website localization
  • Turkish Content localization
  • Turkish Content Writing
  • Turkish Audio translation
  • Turkish Video translation
  • Turkish Contract translation
  • Turkish Technical translation
  • Turkish Legal translation
  • And Many More…

Our team of translators renders supreme-grade solutions for all these types of translating requirements and more. So, drop us your requirements and get ready to expand business at a high scale with actual same day translation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Turkish Translation Services to Us

Our Turkish native translators are experienced professionals with detailed knowledge of the Turkish language, its regional dialects, grammar, formatting, sentence making, and more complex features of this language. To put it in simple words, our good ethics for translators help us successfully handle the large-scale requirements of high-profile clients across the globe and easily manage complex assignments coming from your end.

Native Turkish Language Experts

Native Turkish language experts are the major benefit that you will get by hiring us. Our Turkish translation agency holds only native speakers who have sufficient knowledge and experience to do the work.

Culturally Relevant

Translators in our team are professional Turkish natives and are fully aware of cultural gaps. We translate the content considering regional and dialect differences to ensure that end-output holds cultural meaning.

Quality Control Systems

Efficient Turkish translation professionals maintain the highest quality standard of our services throughout the project. The end-output is evaluated by reliable supervisors to make it error-free.

Faster TAT

Our experienced team of professional Turkish native translators offers services with a quick turnaround time. No matter how complicated and bigger your project is, we always ensure timely delivery.

Years Of Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 18 years, so this might tell you we have immense knowledge of translation. Also, we have worked with different industries and helped them to grow.

Data Privacy

All types of information you share with us whether it is personal or professional remain confidential to us. To better safeguard your privacy, we have a strict and well-defined privacy policy.

In short, you have access to all the possible benefits that are ideal for boosting your business growth in the target country. So, if you are eager for international acclaim, do consider high grade paper translation, document translation or technical translation as the pivotal step for growth and success.

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    With our native Turkish language translators, you will have the power to reach customers from all across the world. There will be no requirement to ignore projects only because of language barriers as your translator will translate every information essential for you to perform and proceed in the Turkish language. You will get an immense advantage as your business will be able to grow into a new market and expand its operations internationally without any restriction on language. You can count on accuracy and professionalism from the Turkish translators as they are held to the highest standards. With many years of experience, they understand your business requirements and can communicate your desires to customers of all cultures, languages, and nationalities. You will know that your business is getting a high degree of accuracy with every translation, be it worthwhile technical translation or document translation, as the Turkish translator works efficiently to convey your message in a very concise manner.

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    If you are looking for prospective customers in Izmir, Konya, or leading suppliers in Ankara or other Turkey cities, then you require precisely translated material such as legal documents, employee manuals, website, etc. Lets one of the reliable Indian translation companies provide you with advantageous and correct translating solutions as per your company’s customized requirements.

    Our Native Turkish Translation Experts

    Professional Translation Experts

    Turkish is the dominant language of Turkey where it is the native language of around 80% of the population. The language linguistic minority in Turkey holds Kurdish speakers, especially in South-Eastern Turkey. The language is also the co-official language of Cyprus. But the largest number of Turkish speakers across Turkey is in the Balkans, especially Bulgaria, bu t also Greece and Macedonia. The Turkish language was very first time spoken in Mongolia, before being effectively influenced by Persian and Arabic. Turkish was then improved in the 20th century. Modern Turkish is based on the Istanbul dialect of Anatolian. The first Anatolia Turkish documents dating from the 13th century represent that the literary tradition of Central Asia was very efficiently carried over by the Turkish tribes after occupying Anatolia from the East in the late 11th century. This might helped you know why content translation strategy is essential for Turkish.

    Quality and Accurate Translation

    With Turkish translation solutions, you can assure having a professional who is well-experienced in translating various languages. It is essential to have a knowledgeable translator who can fluently speak as well as translate both the source language and the target language. Translations have prerequisites for their linguists like industry experience, university degree, and demonstrated capability to translate fluently in their studied languages. Turkish translation solutions offer the option of certified translation and better Turkish website translation as well making it convenient for both parties to know each other conveniently.

    The work of professional translators is not a piece of cake as it requires accuracy. A single mistake can lead to misunderstandings. With skilled translators, you can be assured of having accurate context for quality communication.

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    Backed by a dexterous team of professionals, we provide error-free and authentic translation for every sector. At each step of translation progression, we make sure that the quality parameters are specifically taken care of. Thus, we offer 100% customer satisfaction, via flawless translations at very pocket-friendly rates.

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    Our company maintains a high standard of quality and accuracy so there is no inconvenience given to our customers. We go through each and every document before it’s submitted.

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    Here you will get comprehensive language solutions that will help you to target any market or any audience efficiently. With our team we are able to help you with any language you want.

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    We offer you certified language translations that will give you assurance of professionalism and accuracy in every document translated. This will also help you in legal and medical scenarios.

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    We only hire and work with native translation experts who have proper knowledge and experience. With their expertise, we can assure you to deliver error-free translation.

    Easy Project Consultation

    The fastest turnaround time is the core benefit that you can get from hiring us. Without affecting the quality and accuracy of the content, we deliver you complete work within time.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Fastest turnaround time is the core benefit that you can get from hiring us. Without affecting the quality and accuracy of the content, we deliver you complete work within time.

    The Unbeatable Turkish Translation Master since 2002

    Our team of translators is subject matter experts who are language professionals and experienced in their respective business domains. With us, you can be assured to get the attention of a professional translator best suited to your unique business needs.

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