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English to Twi Translation Services

Twi language is highly spoken by most people living in Ghana though people also speak English language. Most of the time, you will hear people conversing in a language that is a mixture of Twi and English words but Twi language is needed to make your business adapt to the market. Therefore, several businesses look for professional English to Twi translation services that come at affordable prices.

We are a professional Twi translation company that carries great expertise and experience which is essential to overcoming translation challenges. We have trained translators who understand the language and are well aware of the translation skills and techniques to ensure delivery of the Twi translation. Our translators follow a planned process to ensure your translation needs are met within the deadlines.


Get Certified Twi Language Translators For Your Project

Ghana is considered the best place to do business in West Africa and it is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Throughout Ghana, you can find people speaking different dialects of Twi which makes it important for businesses to get Twi translation. Tridindia is one of the trusted translation companies by various businesses whenever they are in need of Twi translation for better operations.

One of the reasons why we are able to deliver the best translation is that our team has skilled Twi language translators. During the Twi translation process, they provide meticulous attention to details. They have years of experience and have the ability to handle every element in translation in the best way. With this, they are able to ensure accurate translation leading to a truly satisfying experience

Twi Translation Market

Though many people are not aware of the Twi language, it is spoken by many people in the Southern part of Ghana. More than 8 million people of Ghana’s population speak Twi. Not only this, you can find around 30% of Twi speakers living in the Ivory Coast.

Ghana lies at the core of a region of Sub-Saharan African cultures and is best known for works such as metal-working mining, sculpture, and agriculture. Ghana has witnessed an increasingly steady and also intense democratic governance. This has been one of the reasons that triggered the effectiveness to gain continuous and positive growth over the years.

Twi language is highly spoken in Ghana and the language is getting more recognition. Now there are many different universities that offer courses in the Twi language. This is one of the great ways to preserve the language and allow it to grow more. Thus, several businesses are encouraged to use the Twi language to better connect with Ghana’s audience.

Twi Translation Tips

To make the business perfectly adapt to the market, Twi translation is needed. Perfect translation makes the business adapt to the market and culture needs. Translating into Twi language can be challenging and here are the two important tips to follow:

Consider Tones

Twi is a highly tonal language that involves high, mid, and low tones. With this, the meaning of each word changes when you change the tone of the syllables. Translators need to be very careful about using the tone and this is the best way to ensure the translation context stay same as of original.

Dialects And Script

There are two major Twi dialects, the Asante and the Akuwapem. In every dialect, Twi language is written through a common script that was created by the Bureau of Ghana Languages. Translators need to look at the dialect and script well before delivering translation.

Twi Language Facts

The word Twi is derived from two former dialects i.e. Asante and Akuapem. The majority of the people living in Ghana speak Twi language and here are some of the interesting facts you need to know about the Twi language:

Although Majority of population speaks Twi but English is their official language.

Most of the words have been derived using Roman alphabets.

Many foreigners prefer to learn Twi as the local language of Ghana.

Translating literature in Twi is marvelous effort to target the residents of Akanland, as literature is very prominent there.

Farming was the earliest occupation in Ghana. Thus, translating documents in Twi for agriculture business will help you expand in that region.

Translating Twi documents into another language is also beneficial for the Ghana firms, in order to aid business expansion.

The dialect is used in translating the Bible was Akuapem and this makes it more familiar dialect.

Twi History

The origin of the Twi language dates back to the 13th century when Akans a particular group of Ghana speak the Twi language. In the time 1900 when Ghana was colonized by the British, many Akans had to learn how to speak the English language. There are various difficulties in pronouncing the Twi words by the British and some British mispronunciations made to accept it as the correct pronunciation of some Twi words.

There were no written forms of Twi until 1978. Later, the Akan Orthography Committee established orthography for the Akan people and this has made them gather 20,000 different words. During British colonization, Twi was spread especially in South America and the Caribbean due to the slave trade. Later, some escaped slaves and their descendants continued to use the Twi language, which makes the language stay present today.

It is interesting to see Twi-speaking people in Jamaica as well as Suriname. Thus, one of the most well-known literature pieces in Suriname and Jamaica are the Anansi spider stories. Also, Akans are known for their love of stories and proverbs which were written in Twi language.

Countries that speak Twi

There are about 7 million Twi speakers and the majority of them are mainly found in Ghana. The language has exposure to various other countries as well. Twi language spread worldwide and is spoken by a majority of South Americans too. Here are the following countries where you can find the Twi language speakers:

United States Canada
Ghana Benin
Côte d’Ivoire Jamaica

Twi Country Data

Country: Ghana

Capital: Accra
Population: 3.28 crores
Presidential Republic: President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Currency: Ghana Cedi
GDP (ppp): 7,759.43 crores USD
Unemployment: 3.87%
Government Type: Presidential Republic
Industries: Highly deals with aluminum smelting, mining, ship construction and exportation, light manufacturing, cocoa and food processing, lumbering, automotive construction, etc.

Country: Jamaica

Capital: Kingston
Population: 2.83 Lakhs
Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary System, Democracy: Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness
Currency: Jamaican Dollar
GDP (ppp): 1,465.76 crores USD
Unemployment: 6.05%
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary System, Democracy
Industries: Highly deals in food processing, flour milling, tourism, mining, agriculture, oil refining, tobacco processing, chemicals, rum production, cement, etc.

Twi Dialects

Almost 58 percent of Ghana’s population speaks the Twi language and with the region, there are variations in its dialects. In order to make business go well with the region, business needs to understand the Twi language and its dialects. Below table describes the dialects with respect to the region:

East Coastal GhanaFante Twi
South Central Region of GhanaAshanti, Asante, Achanti, Asanti, Ashante or Asante Twi
Southeast Region of Ghana, North of AccraAkuapem, Akwapi or Akuapim Twi

Popular Twi Translation Phrases

In earlier days, it was said Twi was commonly used by people who lived in villages that were headed by chiefs. It is said that they use the Twi language to tell stories and proverbs to express their ideas. Because of the observed mixture of Twi and English, it becomes easy for English speakers to learn the Twi language. Here are the common English phrases and their Twi translation:

English Phrase                Twi Translated Phrase

Hello!Aane (Ah-nay)
Good morningMaakye (Mah-chay)
Good afternoon Maaha (Mah-hah)
Good Evening Da yie (Dah yee-ay)
How are you?Wo ho te sen? (Wo ho-tay sen?)

Why You Should Invest in Twi Translation Today?

Twi language has root back to 13TH century when Akans occupied the southern part of Ghana for their development by using forests and coastal areas. They use stories and proverbs to express their ideas and to speak. In 20TH century, the area was occupied by Britishers and Akans people also started learning English. The Britishers observed the difficulty and technicality of Twi language and in 1978, with the help of Akans orthography committee twenty thousand twi words were gathered which further helps in diversifying and easy implementation of languages in various college, institution and research. This is because of their efforts, Twi language spreaded worldwide and spoken by majority of people especially by South Americans. Most of the people living in Ghana speak Twi but with the latest development in technology, people speak mixture of Twi with English.

Fastest professional Twi Translation Services by 4000+ certified Twi translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Twi language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas and so forth. Thus, we have established as a well-known global Twi Language Translation services company in New Delhi India Mumbai Amritsar Kolkata Chandigarh Chennai UAE Hyderabad Bangalore Noida Pune Gurgaon Ghaziabad and several other Indian and foreign cities. Further, with the guidance of native Twi translators, we have been able to render utmost authenticity to the translation assignment. But, the quality output is not solely because of our accurate translation; a small portion of credit also goes to the professional Twi localization services that we offer for apps, software, websites etc. major industries encompassed by our services include tourism, media, technical, medical, legal, financial, engineering and others. Also, the authentic Twi interpretation services are rendered by native Twi interpreters for all private and public sectors.

Affordable Twi Translation Services for Your Business

To run business operations effectively in the non-native nation and to maintain a good relationship across their branches and subsidiaries worldwide, even the most successful businessmen of big corporations use utilize translation solutions to keep up a good relationship across their branches as well as subsidiaries globally. Global collaboration is feasible, enabling businesses to develop long-lasting partnerships. When you employ the Twi translation solutions of Tridindia, you will definitely enjoy certain benefits. Our translation solutions simply adhere to industry quality standards to make sure that the completed projects follow legal and ethical obligations. Our professional translators translate several documents, such as research, literary, legal, scientific, commercial, technical, and educational materials which are helpful in forging as well as keeping partnerships. Our Twi translation solutions have their industry specialization, such as, business, medicine, finance, and the arts. Based on your niche or field, appointing one of our translators is a wise decision so that you can reach more interested clients worldwide.

But what will happen if you don’t take translation services? Here are some of the things that will happen:

Ambiguous Communication: A communication that seems clear sounds more effective. But when one person does not know your language, it becomes difficult for the other person to understand. This is because of the language barrier that affects communication greatly.

Missed Opportunities: Companies that expand their businesses to other nations market, needs to work a lot on their communication to grab the endless opportunities. Without translation, you cannot be able to understand the market and what customers actually looking for.

Rivalries: Every business fights to stay ahead of its competitors. The Twi-speakers market is vast and there are many businesses already competing with each other. Those businesses are doing every bit to ensure they get more customer support. Without translation, you cannot beat your rivalries.

Twi translation has gained so much demand because Twi speakers understand their language much better than any other language. This is why businesses need this translation to make their information available in the Twi language.



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Need of Twi Translation For Your Business Today

Several people think that if they communicate in the English language they can connect with anyone anywhere in the world. The reality is that not every person knows English and also, there are many people who speak a dash of English but are not so good enough for effective communication. Because there is more to a language than only the words it takes a highly skilled and proficient translator to be able to effectively translate text from one original language to Twi. There are several benefits that comes with it.

Identify Market Potential

Translation lets you do a complete study about the target market. You will get to know what is trending and what customers are demanding. Translating your information in the Twi language will give you indications that your target customers are engaging with it.

Reach Target Audience

Every audience has different demands. Understanding those demands becomes important for businesses to reach the target audience. Getting your contracts, websites and other information translated in the Twi language boosts your presence and lets you reach target audiences.

Boost Sales

When translation lets you reach target audiences, you will get to know what they actually want. Accordingly, when you will translate your product descriptions in the Twi language, they will quickly engage with it, may find it useful and buy it. In short, this leads to boost sales.

Boost ROI

When the translation boosts sales, how can we forget about ROI. The one benefit any business can get from the translation is the increase in revenue. Changing the original language to the Twi language, you can make your content searchable, accessible, boosts your presence and ROI.

Understand how translation can be fruitful for your complete business that it can help you beat your competitors. Tridindia is the company to hire if you want accurate Twi translations at affordable rates. We provide excellently and trusted translations for individuals and businesses at fair prices. You can consistently count on us for any sort of linguistic needs you may have.

Types of Twi Translation We Offer

Almost 58 percent of Ghana population speaks Twi language, In order to do business especially cocoa products one has to communicate in their local language. Translating your business into Ghana helps in building proper communication with locals which further ensures regular flow of raw materials. Tridindia professionals have sufficient expertise in handling projects that require Twi translation. Here are some of the documents that we can translate in the Twi language.
  • Twi Website Translation
  • Twi Content Translation
  • Twi Document Translation
  • Twi Certificate Translation
  • Twi Website Localization
  • Twi Content Localization
  • Twi Content Writing
  • Twi Audio Translation
  • Twi Video Translation
  • Twi Contract Translation
  • Twi Technical Translation
  • Twi Legal Translation
  • Twi Literary Translation
  • Twi Book Translation
  • Twi Manual Translation
  • Twi Patent Translation
  • Twi Paper Translation
  • and more
One can explore further opportunities into various fields such as: Oil, FMCG, Architecture, engineering, mining, etc which is highly profitable area. Translation serves as a relationship building, business formulation, trade, handling legal documents, building business partners and to do business overseas.
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We at Tridindia are capable of providing accurate translation. Our team at Tridindia understands your translation requirements and we fulfill our work by maintaining the standard and quality of your business.

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We follow a strict quality check process to ensure that the translated copy has high levels of accuracy and quality and then deliver the same to the client.

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To provide fully accurate translation to our client, we provide complete language solutions to ensure that the translated content meets the requirements of the client.


We have a highly experienced team of certified translators who produce error-free translated content using the right vocabulary and jargons.

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We have a pool of well-trained translation who can efficiently translate any document in the Twi language using the skills and expertise they earned.

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Our project manager will get in touch with clients to consult them regarding the translation solution or address their queries regarding our translation process.

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Our translation process is quite fast. Our native translator with translate with the fastest TAT and will strive to deliver the translated content quickly.
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    Where is Twi Spoken

    The places where is Twi is widely spoken United States, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Canada, Jamaica, Suriname and Ghana.

    Twi Dialects

    Asante (it is one of the major dialects of Twi)
    Akuapem (in the North of Accra and southern east region of Ghana
    Fante (East Coastal Region of Ghana)

    Interesting facts about TWI (tɕɥi chwee)

    Although Majority of population speaks Twi but English is their official language
    The word Twi is derived from two former dialects i.e. Asante and Akuapem.
    Most of the words have been derived using Roman alphabets.
    Many foreigners prefer to learn Twi as the local language of Ghana.
    Translating literature in Twi is marvelous effort to target the residents of Akanland, as literature is very prominent there.
    Farming was the earliest occupation in Ghana. Thus, translating documents in Twi for agriculture business will help you expand in that region.
    Translating twi documents into another language is also beneficial for the Ghana firms, in order to aid business expansion.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.


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