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Fastest professional Twi Translation Services by 4000+ certified Twi translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Twi language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas and so forth. Thus, we have established as a well-known global Twi Language Translation services company in New Delhi India Mumbai Amritsar Kolkata Chandigarh Chennai UAE Hyderabad Bangalore Noida Pune Gurgaon Ghaziabad and several other Indian and foreign cities. Further, with the guidance of native Twi translators, we have been able to render utmost authenticity to the translation assignment. But, the quality output is not solely because of our accurate translation; a small portion of credit also goes to the professional Twi localization services that we offer for apps, software, websites etc. major industries encompassed by our services include tourism, media, technical, medical, legal, financial, engineering and others. Also, the authentic Twi interpretation services are rendered by native Twi interpreters for all private and public sectors.

Twi Language History

Twi language has root back to 13TH century when Akans occupied the southern part of Ghana for their development by using forests and coastal areas. They use stories and proverbs to express their ideas and to speak. In 20TH century, the area was occupied by Britishers and Akans people also started learning English. The Britishers observed the difficulty and technicality of Twi language and in 1978, with the help of Akans orthography committee twenty thousand twi words were gathered which further helps in diversifying and easy implementation of languages in various college, institution and research. This is because of their efforts, Twi language spreaded worldwide and spoken by majority of people especially by South Americans. Most of the people living in Ghana speak Twi but with the latest development in technology, people speak mixture of Twi with English.

Interesting facts about TWI ( tɕɥi chwee)

  Although Majority of population speaks Twi but English is their official language
  The word Twi is derived from two former dialects i.e. Asante and Akuapem.
  Most of the words have been derived using Roman alphabets.
  Many foreigners prefer to learn Twi as the local language of Ghana.
  Translating literature in Twi is marvelous effort to target the residents of Akanland, as literature is very prominent there.
  Farming was the earliest occupation in Ghana. Thus, translating documents in Twi for agriculture business will help you expand in that region.
  Translating twi documents into another language is also beneficial for the Ghana firms, in order to aid business expansion.

Where is Twi Spoken

United States Côte d’Ivoire Benin
Canada Jamaica Suriname

Twi Dialects

  Asante ( it is one of the major dialects of Twi)
  Akuapem ( in the North of Accra and southern east region of Ghana
  Fante ( East Coastal Region of Ghana)

Basic Info about Language Native Country

Country: Ghana
Capital: Accra
Population: 28.03 million
GDP (per capita): 1026.76 dollar
Government Type: Republic of Ghana, presidential system
Currency: Ghanaian cedi
Ease of Doing Business Rank: 108
Unemployment Rate: 5.20
Major Industries: Mining, Lumbering, Cocoa bean, aluminum smelting, shipbuilding, food processing, light manufacturing, petroleum.

Country Facts

  The name Ghana means warrior king and it’s the second cocoa bean producers in the world.
  Ghana is formerly known as Gold Coast; Ghana Empire was built on the coast of salt and gold.
  First Sub – Saharan African country to gain independence from colonialism.
  Oil was discovered over Ghana coast in 2007 which provide nation approximately 1.6 billion dollars of revenues.
  The country ranked as the most peaceful nation by GPI ( Global Peace Index)

Why you should translate your business into this language

Almost 58 percent of Ghana population speaks Twi language, In order to do business especially cocoa products one has to communicate in their local language. Translating your business into Ghana helps in building proper communication with locals which further ensures regular flow of raw materials.

One can explore further opportunities into various fields such as: Oil, FMCG, Architecture, engineering, mining, etc which is highly profitable area. Translation serves as a relationship building, business formulation, trade, handling legal documents, building business partners and to do business overseas.

Why Choose Us

We at Tridindia are capable in providing to accurate translation.

  • We are ISO 2008: 2015 certified; ensuring quality translation
  • Our translation are done by experts who are fluent and native speakers.
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  • We are capable in handling any documents in any format.
  • Privacy and security. We maintain the safety and secrecy of information and documents
  • Our service charges has No hidden cost
  • We ensure 24*7 customer care service

Our team at Tridindia understands your translation requirements and we fulfill our work by maintaining the standard and quality of your business.

With an aim to deliver the translation assignments within stipulated time period, we have adopted a systematic procedure for translations that accounts for unequalled translation services. Thus, our team assures that the translations will be an epitome of excellence and profits for the companies.

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