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Why You Should Invest in Vietnamese Translation Today?

Do you know nearly 97 million people speak Vietnamese language globally? If a business wants to grow in a very young and robust population, business must not ignore Vietnam. Vietnamese market is an optimal market for a business who is looking to grow economically and profitably. However, an business is able to achieve great results when it prefer to adapt to the market by using the Vietnamese language.

Vietnam is a rapidly growing country and it is well known market among various big and small businesses. If any business put in great efforts, it can be actually be a great opportunity for a business to grow. It’s a unique place where you can find the latest tech innovations and the market is re-shaping is strategies to attract more businesses. However, any business that operates by using translation is able to remains consistent in its business operations. Getting the Vietnamese translation allows your business to have meticulous attention that makes business to grow. There are various aspects in which an effective use of translation allows business to seek great profits. If your business wants to expand in the Vietnamese market, there is need of getting reliable Vietnamese translation solutions. Choosing a professional translating agency helps you to get the best quality translation that assist your business in its growth.

English to Vietnamese Translation Services

Vietnamese hold important and unique value to the Vietnamese people and thus it is native to most of the regions in Vietnam. Businesses looking to expand to the Vietnam market must understand the importance of the Vietnamese language. Investing in the English to Vietnamese translation services helps your business to manage a huge workload and able to communicate clearly.

We are a professional translation company helping businesses who are looking forward to expanding in the Vietnamese-speaking regions. We have native language translators who have a better understanding of the Vietnamese language and guarantee to deliver accurate translations. Choosing our translation solutions presents a significant opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience and boost their sales.


Get Certified Vietnamese Language Translators For Your Project

Vietnam is a promising and rapidly growing industry that brings immense potential for investors. However, it is important to know about the challenges in the market and prefer to localize the solutions. Several large multinational brands choose Tridindia as we are a professional translation company and come with a team of skilled translators with great experience in translation fields.

We are highly strict in the selection process and choose Vietnamese language translators who are trained and come with great years of experience. They have a better understanding of the Vietnamese market and therefore, guarantee the highest level of accuracy in translation. They possess’ great professional and personal skills to make sure to deliver high-quality specialized translations.

Vietnamese Translation Market

Vietnam is best known as a seasoning market but it is a rapidly growing industry that has immense potential for investors. According to the study, the Vietnam market grew at an average annual growth rate of 25 to 32 percent from 2016 to 2022. This was further driven by several factors such as a growing population and increasing urbanization.

Moreover, it is expected to see the great growing nature of Vietnam’s economy coupled with the development that signifies the increasing importance of Vietnam as a global language. Vietnamese language translations are beneficial and allow them to penetrate the ever-growing and prospering Vietnamese market. This helps the business to create better local connections in the Vietnamese market.

Vietnamese language speakers are spread across the globe and using Vietnamese translation is not only limited to one market. Using Vietnamese translation is crucial and is considered the most important language in the world for business expansion. This allows you to reach Vietnamese-speaking communities such as Vietnam, the US, or other parts of Asia including China, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Vietnamese Translation Tips

Vietnamese is considered a very difficult language and it is especially for those who are English speakers. Even during the English to Vietnamese translation, the translator finds it challenging to deliver the right translation, and following are the tips translators follow:

Different Tones

Vietnamese language is the tonal language and it has 6 different tones. Each Vietnamese syllable is pronounced in one of six tones and it is generally centered on the main vowel or group of vowels. Translators need to be careful while using the tones.


Vietnamese pronouns are highly complex as they are able to reveal a lot more information than English pronouns. The one reason why there are many benefits of translations is to make the translation relevant as per grammar aspect. This is another reason that makes the Vietnamese translation challenging.

Vietnamese Language Facts

The Vietnamese language was also formerly known as Annamese, which is the official language of Vietnam. The Vietnamese language has been strongly influenced by Chinese languages and given below are the following language facts that you need to know:

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and has more than 70 million speakers worldwide.

Vietnamese is also the official language in the Czech Republic.

Vietnamese is considered one of roughly 150 different languages that belong to the Austro-Asiatic language family.

The written form of Vietnamese follows Latin script and its alphabet does not include some letters such as F, J, W, and Z.

Similar to the Chinese language, Vietnamese is also a tonal language and comes with six distinct tones.

Vietnamese language is the sixth most spoken language in Australia.

Vietnamese History

The Vietnamese language is identified to belong to 150 years ago. The Vietnamese language is actually said to belong to the Mon-Khmer branch of the well-known Austro-Asiatic language family. There are several factors that affected the linguistic history of Vietnam and language has been influenced to a great extent also because of its diverse political history.

At the time, when Vietnam was under Chinese rule, the Vietnamese language was written using custom-made Chinese characters. In this, the majority of the vocabulary was borrowed from the Chinese language. There are 60-70% of the Vietnamese language stems from Chinese and the majority of them include compound words. These are words that are a combination of local Vietnamese and Chinese.

Vietnamese language also has a significant amount of French influence and there are several elderly Vietnamese who still speak French as their second language. Until the 20th century, the Vietnamese was highly spoken by the people of Vietnam but unfortunately, its written form failed to gain the status of an official administrative language. Today, the Vietnamese language and its writing system is a highly modified version that includes the Latin alphabet with extra diacritics.

Countries that speak Vietnamese

There are more than 59 million people worldwide who speak Vietnamese language. Though most of them are found in Vietnam, you may find several numbers of people overseas. There are several ethnic minority places and neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos where people speak Vietnamese as their second language. Given below are the following countries where you can find the Vietnamese speaking audience:

France Norway
United Kingdom Canada
Germany Australia
Finland New Caledonia
Thailand Cambodia
Vanuatu Côte d’Ivoire
Martinique Senegal
Vietnam Czech Republic
Netherlands Taiwan
Philippines United States
China Laos
Russian Federation (Asia)

Vietnamese Country Data

Country: Vietnam
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 9.75 Crores
Civil Law System: President  Võ Văn Thưởng
Currency: Dong
GDP (ppp): 36,613.76 Crores USD
Unemployment: 1.92%
Industries: Deals in food processing, garments, shoes, machine-building; mining, coal, steel, cement, chemical fertilizer, glass, tires, oil, mobile phones, etc.

Vietnamese Dialects

There are about 90% of the citizens who speak Vietnamese as a first language. The language has seen a great spread over the years and this linguistic trend has brought great changes in the language as it spread to the regions. Given below are the following Vietnamese language dialects:

Hanoi (Standard)

Popular Vietnamese Translation Phrases

Vietnamese people have been residing in for a long in the Czech Republic and this has made it to become a popular language. Also, there are a lot of Vietnamese people living abroad across the world for decades. Several people are interested in interacting in the Vietnamese language and given below English phrase and its Vietnamese translation:

English Phrase                 Vietnamese Translated Phrase
Hello! Xin chào  
Good morning Chào buổi sáng  
Good luck  Chúc may mắn  
Welcome  Chào mừng  
Thank you  Cảm ơn  
How are you?   Bạn có khỏe không?

Affordable Vietnamese Translation Services for Your Business

Translation is a critical component for successful global operations as its first goal is to make the business highly adaptable.  If you have a business that has an eye on expanding to a new market, it’s time to start thinking about availing the translation.  When you want your business to get aligned with the Vietnamese market, adapting content to the Vietnamese language will make it feasible for your business to carry out its operations. However, some businesses consider the translation to be a costly investment but it’s not true.  At highly affordable prices, you can get the translation from a professional Vietnamese translation company. We offer translation at cost-effective prices that ensure your business gets accurate and effective translations without going out of budget.








Need of Vietnamese Translation Services For Your Business Today

Starting of your business operations in the new market, demands initiatives of having clear and specific objectives. To make sure your business is ready to achieve great success target market, it is important to be thoughtful about the ways to interact with that audience. When you want to expand to the Vietnamese market, it is important to get the Vietnamese translation to meet the language aspect and go well with the cultural nuances and preferences. There are various needs for which you may need the Vietnamese translation such as:

Reach Target Audience

When your business operates in the Vietnamese language, this helps in delivering a promising translation that provides an enhanced experience.

Boost Sales

As soon as your business uses the Vietnamese translation, it helps to win the trust of the audience which lead to more engagement and boost in sales.

Better ROI

When you get the Vietnamese translation, you make your business ready serve to the local audience that further helps to bring in more ROI.

Identify Market Potential

By using the Vietnamese translation, you can make your business perform with confidence and avoid any awkward moments in business operations.

The translation provider you prefer to work with will decide whether your business will fall flat or you’ll be successful in establishing in the new market. Before this, it is important to look for Vietnamese translation agency who are professional in their approach and make sure to deliver translations that bring benefits to your business. For your various translation needs, you can trust us and our team will ensure to deliver the promising translation fast.

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Professional Vietnamese Translation For Documents

Vietnam is a strategic location for businesses to operate and various businesses look for interesting ways to proceed into this market. The first approach is to integrate the refined content and other offerings and make it very adaptable to the Vietnamese market. When you’re selecting a translation agency for your various business needs, there is a need to choose a professional translation agency.  Hiring a Vietnamese translation company is crucial who has robust expertise in translation and an in-depth understanding of your specific industry. Our translators are highly trained and they understand the language and the cultural nuances well to make sure to deliver promising Vietnamese translations.

Native Speakers – In our team, we have native speakers who are skilled translators and are highly trusted for delivering top-notch Vietnamese translation.
Subjects of Expertise – Our team has professional translators who actually have great expertise in translation and deliver error-free translation always.

Types Of Vietnamese Translation We Offer

Businesses that are putting in the effort to get to the audience always focus on the ways that can bring in great impact. In this, availing the translation ensures to provide a cohesive and engaging experience for the audience of the target market. With the Vietnamese translation, you can see working on the coordination of the various aspects that allow your business to smoothly function in the market. There are various types of Vietnamese translation that your business may need such as:
  • Vietnamese Website Translation
  • Vietnamese Content Translation
  • Vietnamese Document Translation
  • Vietnamese Certificate Translation
  • Vietnamese Audio Translation
  • Vietnamese Video Translation
  • Vietnamese Contract Translation
  • Vietnamese Technical Translation
  • Vietnamese Legal Translation
  • Vietnamese Literary Translation
  • Vietnamese Book Translation
  • Vietnamese Manual Translation
  • Vietnamese Patent Translation
  • Vietnamese Paper Translation
  • Vietnamese Media Translation
  • Vietnamese Medical Translation
  • Vietnamese Powerpoint Translation
  • Vietnamese Subtitle Translation
  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnamese Proposal Translation
Whenever working on the Vietnamese translation, the translators need to be sure to use the right terminology to ensure the correct meaning is delivered. Therefore, it is highly important to look out for the Vietnamese translation company who has worked on several translation projects. We have skilled translators from different industries and they carry specific knowledge and understand the language well to deliver accurate translation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Vietnamese Translation Services to Us

Expansion to the Vietnamese market demands your business to seamlessly integrate itself into the market. For various business projects, you need skilled translators to make sure consistency doesn’t suffer. Consistency is likely to suffer when you don’t have skilled translators and outsourcing the translation projects to highly skilled experts is required. Our team has professional translators who follow a practical approach and here are a few benefits of getting to us for the Vietnamese translation:

Data Privacy

When working on the Vietnamese translation, we make sure to maintain the confidentiality of clients' data and protect it from any theft.

Years Of Experience

Our team has translators who are professionals and have years of experience in delivering the translation that serves for a long time.

Quality Control Systems

We have a huge team of specialized translators who are experts in multiple fields and follow proper quality checks to deliver the best translation.

Faster TAT

Our team has skilled translators and they work on the approach and make sure to deliver the Vietnamese translation with fast TAT.

Culturally Relevant

By using the Vietnamese translation, you can make things communicate well with the audience while ensuring of being culturally relevant too.  

Native Translator

In our team, you’ll find the native language experts who work on the various aspects and make sure there are no errors in any case.
Working with the right translation provider is needed that can make it easier for your business to adapt your content to the new market. No matter the type of content you want to get the translation for, professionals ensure to deliver the promising translation that provides cost-saving benefits. We are best known among the businesses that are in great need of translation and they approach us to get the affordable and the best serving Vietnamese translation.  
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    Your Trusted Vietnamese Translation Agency Online

    It is a rare fact that Vietnam’s population is larger than European countries. Vietnam has a very strategic location and has a long 3,200 km coastline that provides direct access to the South China Sea. This makes it an important destination for businesses who want to have a perfect trading environment in the major Southeast Asian and Asian countries. Vietnamese market is a huge market but business have to work in the most effective way to establish stronger connections with local partners and audiences. Getting the assistance of a professional translator helps you communicate effectively with customers who speak the Vietnamese language and this makes it easier for you to expand your business and reach new markets. There are several reasons to choose us such as:

    Reliable translation

    Native language experts

    Affordable translation

    Fast delivery

    Vietnamese has a unique tonal system and it is known to have a rich cultural heritage. There are various business needs for which experts must master the Vietnamese language before working on the translation. Working with professional translators offers numerous benefits as they are highly skilled and know the market in a much better way. When it comes to translating websites, documents, marketing materials, and other important content, maintaining high accuracy, and quality are paramount. With our native language translator, you can stay assured of getting promising translations that help your business to align best with the market.

    Our Experts Vietnamese Translators

    Number of Vietnamese Language Speakers

    Vietnam market has a very young population and it is generally known to have a large workforce of about 60 million people. Vietnamese is popular and official language of Vietnam however it is also an official minority language in Czech Republic. Besides these areas, you’ll find Vietnamese language speakers notably in North America, East and Southeast Asia, and Western Europe. Vietnam has emerged as a key player in the global economy and this has made several businesses ready to use the Vietnamese language for its operations. With Vietnamese translation, you can attract the audience and also the business partnerships. In this, getting with expert translators will help you with the translation that can provide a competitive advantage to enjoy in the rapidly growing market.

    Specialized Translation

    As Vietnamese is spoken in different regions, it has three common dialects. Among all, Hanoi dialect is the most widely spoken and is often known as standard form of the language. Many translators who are unaware of the language and its dialects, prefer to use the Hanoi dialect in every Vietnamese translation. You can receive a successful translation when it is translated by considering the dialect spoken in the target region. In our team, we have specialized translators who have an in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese language and understand regional dialects and accents very well. Thus, they easily overcome any challenges and put in the effort to deliver highly authentic Vietnamese translations.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Vietnamese language solutions can be the best decision.

    Effectively reaching new markets is highly important but the results are not possible unless you go for the market adaption. When you want your business to function in the Vietnamese market, there is a need to meet the linguistic and cultural requirements. Availing professional Vietnamese translation is one of the comprehensive approaches that involves meticulous attention to meet the cultural nuances and also adhere to market legal standards. There are various reasons to get to us for the Vietnamese translation and here are some of them:

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Though working on the translation is highly challenging but our team makes sure to keep a check on the quality and deliver highly accurate translation.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Our translators work on the translation project in a very comprehensive way and always make sure to deliver the relevant Vietnamese translation.


    In our team, you’ll find translators who are certified and they have the training to work on translation projects and deliver the desired translation.

    Native Expert

    Our translators are native Vietnamese language speakers and they have the knowledge of the language and deliver promising translation solutions.

    Easy Project

    For a translation project, we hold easy project conclusion sessions to understand the client's needs and therefore, work on the project accordingly.

    Fastest Turnaround

    After choosing our translation, your business doesn’t have to wait for long and can expect to get the Vietnamese translation within a short span of time.

    The Unbeatable Vietnamese Translation Master since 2002

    Our team work on Vietnamese translation with a strategic approach that goes beyond simple translation. Our translators involve a deep cultural adaptation thus they ensure to deliver the Vietnamese translation to resonate with each unique audience and foster engagement.
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    Take some easy steps for Vietnamese Translation Order

    As your business decides to get into the Vietnamese market, translation emerges as a pivotal strategy. Availing the Vietnamese translation from the professionals plays a key role in bridging and making business ready to perform among diverse audiences. If you are interested in our solutions, follow the steps:

    Contact us first

    Reach out to us for Vietnamese translation via call or mail.

    Consult with Project Manager

    Hold a proper project consultation with our experts.

    Place Your Order

    When the requirements are discussed, place the order.

    Get Delivery On Time

    Get the translation delivered with the fast TAT.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Vietnamese Translation

    Answer: Businesses should communicate accurately and clearly. To communicate with Vietnamese, it is better to choose the Vietnamese translation solutions provided by professionals. We have native Vietnamese language speakers who have enough knowledge to deliver the translated content.
    Answer: If you want to quote for Vietnamese Translation, contact us on the phone or choose to mail us at [email protected]. The experts would respond to you within no time.

    Answer: We have experienced translators from specific industries. Also, they are native Vietnamese translators. They know the better way to translate industry-specific material into their native language. We provide different types of translations like effective industrial manufacturing translation and so on in Vietnamese language.

    Answer: We have a team of professionals that work fast to complete the work on time. However, the TAT is not constant for all the projects. It depends upon the length of the project and the complexities of the project. We do offer quick TAT of 24 hours for short projects.

    Answer: Yes, we are known to provide accurate translation fast. This is because we have professional Vietnamese translators who are always ready to provide translation accurate and fast. They have the knowledge to provide translation for any kind of project.
    Answer: When you give your project to the professionals, the original meaning will remain intact. There would be no changes in the meaning, just the translation will be done.
    Answer: We have a team of professionals of different native languages that provides translation for documents in more than 150 languages including Arabic, German, Dutch, Korean, French, Chinese, Spanish, and many more. You can choose the required language and get the best and most accurate translation from professionals.
    Answer: You can choose to pay for your Vietnamese translation project via PayPal or bank transfer. The methods are secure and convenient.
    Answer: Professionals always work following proper rules and regulations. You need not worry about losing your data. We have a strict customer confidentiality policy to keep your documents protected from any loss or unauthorized access.
    Answer: The quality check process is to ensure better and more accurate translation. Our team of experts has professionals who have sufficient knowledge to ensure the quality of the translation is maintained in every document while translating the content.

    If you have any doubts regarding clear your doubts. Talk to our experts on +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected].

    Answer: To avail of Vietnamese Translation solution from us, you can call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]. You are also welcome to visit our office which is on the 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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