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Fastest professional iPhone app localization services by 4000+ certified iPhone app localizers who offer accurate localization services in iPhone app for government, public and private sectors. IPhone is now a huge craze among customers all over the world. No matter, how expensive it is kids collect their pocket money for several months, just to purchase an iPhone. Hence, many apps have been developed, especially for iPhone, to ease the work of iPhone users. But, what if one of the apps has not been localized as per the target audience? Would it be usable for the customers? Would the customers even bother to download the app? The answer is ‘no’. The customers will only download or install the app, if it is localized for their use and speaks in the native language.


What is iPhone App Localization?

For all those, who are new to localization, it is pivotal to understand that adapting every detail of your iPhone app, to make it usable for the target audience, is termed as iPhone app localization. You need not to worry about any changes in the use or functionality of the app. Localization does not modify the basic purpose of the app; it rather just modifies the look and feel as well as language of the app, according to the target masses. This makes it easier for the customers to use your app.


What Do We Localize In iPhone Apps?

We localize all kinds of apps in iPhone, which can be related to social networking, news, email & messaging, backup, security, antivirus and others. Generally, all of such apps require localization for specific elements, viz. –

Instructions Contact information Help pages
Name of the app App description Graphical user interface
Images And so on…

Need of iPhone App Localization Services

The inability to understand the need and importance of localization often leads to failure of an app in the international market. Simply devising killer marketing tactics, developing the app with avant-garde features etc. doesn’t make your app persuading enough to buy. If it is to be launched in the overseas market, it needs a bit extra. It needs to be localized every time you target a new non-native segment. Here are some of the notable points that discuss, why exactly you need to go for localization of your app –

Boost Sales : First and foremost, you need localization to escalate your sales and revenue graph, as this is the ultimate aim of business. Localizing the content of the app and other details, will not only improve its usability for the target customers, but also, increase its visibility online. Hence, more customers would be able to find your app and use the same. The only thing that you need to take care of is to ensure that all the promotional materials, content and elements in the app are perfectly localized. Once it is done, the sales will boost automatically.

A Global Hit : Every business enters the market with a hope to become a global hit in the market. But, do you think a mere translated app will help you succeed? Well, no!! In order to win over the hearts of your customers, you need to understand their expectations regarding your app. As well as, you need to modify or adapt the app, as per their preferences for language and culture. So, if you are looking forward to international success, focus and just focus on localization.

Better ROI : What’s the point of investing in a market that doesn’t offer higher returns? To launch an app in the overseas market, you need to invest a good amount of money. Hence, the expectations regarding the returns are obviously higher. However, all of your investment may turn into zero, if the app has not been localized according to the language and culture of the target masses. So, do localize your app, if you desire for better returns on your investment.

Access to a Global Market : The ultimate need or reason, as to why everyone should invest in localization is access to a global market. Most of the business owners have the notion that only translating the app is enough to get into the market and capture the same. However, they fail to identify the difference between translation and localization. Through localization, you will create a modified version of your app that is more usable and functional for the audience.

In simple words, you seriously ‘need’ localization, no matter how big or small your budget is. Having said that, it should be noted that localization is not a huge cost; even small business owners or startups can afford these services, as they are very affordable. They will help you avoid any additional costs that may incur in the absence of a perfectly localized app. Thus, the moral of the entire story suggests you to look for an outsourcing partner and discuss about the process.

Benefits of Outsourcing iPhone App Localization Services to Us

As mentioned above, outsourcing such services is very important; and if you are looking for high quality, yet affordable services, you should definitely consider us, as the outsourcing partner. Backed by a dexterous team of professionals, we have worked on several localization projects (such as websites, software, apps etc.) in the past 15 years. Hence, you may get a competitive advantage in the market, if you get your app localized by our team. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing these services to us –

 You get to associate with an experienced team that can localize your project in endless languages and cultural preferences, as per your target segment. We also localize in specific dialects as per your requirements.

 We are completely responsible for delivering the project on time. Hence, you can be rest assured that you won’t come across any lame excuses for the late execution and delivery of the output.

 Our team also assures that any information regarding your app, target market or localization would not be leaked out to any third party. It is our responsibility to keep the info safe, secure and confidential.

To cut the long story short, you will be at great advantage, if you give us a chance for localizing your varied stuff. Once, you have got your app localized from us, you will always return to us for other assignments. Our team is so talented and experienced that it ensures that the localized output would certainly become the stepping stone for your international success. So, don’t you think that it is worth the deal? We are always at your service and will always serve you with quality work.

Why Choose Us?

Being a smart business man, you must always choose the best. Hence, when it comes to choosing the localization partner, you should look for the best among all options. With 15+ years of experience, we can proudly confess ourselves to the perfect partner for localization. What we can offer is completely unmatched; no other service provider can deliver the same level of accuracy, professionalism and commitment that we can offer. Our clients generally select us for the following reasons –

 Superior quality assurance
 Shortest TAT, i.e. turnaround time
 Localization in all Indian as well as foreign dialects
 Very competitive rates
 Highly professional and experienced localization experts on board

At the end of the day, it is completely your call, as to whom to select and whom to reject. We can only let you know what would be better for you, on account of our years of experience. So, if you are on a look out for localization partners, do get in touch with us. Our experts will clear all your doubts and help you understand our work would help you succeed in the overseas market. So, get started today!!

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