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Fastest professional multimedia localization services by 4000+ certified multimedia localizers who offer accurate localization services in multimedia for government, public and private sectors. Targeting the overseas market and connecting their emotional chords is an important task for entrepreneurs, who desire to get their brand identified globally. Hence, translating and localizing multimedia content becomes a must-to-do task in the global marketplace. Backed by a team of dexterous professionals, our company helps your brand/ company, maximize its reach among the international customers with the highest degree of accuracy, precision and cultural sensitivity. So, if you are planning to step into a non-native market or niche, you know where to get an ultimate localized content.


What is Multimedia Localization?

Localizing or adapting the interactive media, as per the language and culture of the target market, is basically known as multimedia localization. As mentioned above, targeting an international audience is not easy and if it is a content that is non-native to the audience, the task becomes hundred times more difficult than ever. This is the reason why businessmen resort to localization of varied multimedia, such as videos, audios, e-learning materials and other allied stuff. This way, the companies convey their message across in overseas markets.


Types of Multimedia Content We Localize

DVDsMultilingual Videos And AnimationPodcasts and Webinars
Learning ModulesVideo GameDesktop Publishing
TV ShowsWebsitesSubtitling
MoviesSoftwareVoice Overs And Dubbing
Audio FilesTranscriptionMultimedia Presentations

Further, we also translate plus localize eLearning modules and training videos created with different software packages, viz. Lectora, Flash, Articulate, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint.


Need of Multimedia Localization Services

The need to communicate and connect with the non-native target audience is the ultimate reason why localization of multimedia content is so essential. English is a global language. Thus, most of the businessmen – often with a view to reduce costs – create and publish content in English language. The logic behind this is the belief that English would help the business owner reach to huge mass of audience, being a global language. While this strategy is fruitful to some extent, the other side says that the modern customers prefer products or services that connect to them just like a local brand, i.e. speak in their regional tongue. Thus, if you seek for global recognition, you must take localization into consideration, for sure.

Here are some obvious, yet most important reasons why you need such services –

Boost Sales : Being a businessman, your major focus definitely lies on escalating your sales revenue graph. But, do you think without adapting your content to the local language and culture of the target audience, your revenue graph will boost? Actually, it would either become stagnant or witness a sharp decline. In no case, it would be increasing. Therefore, your brand needs localization.

A Global Hit : If your sales are speedily increasing every month, every quarter, your brand is sure to become a global hit. Thus, in order to garb international recognition and praise, you need to carefully reach out to the audience and persuade them in the most genuine manner. All of your multimedia content or files must be precisely adapted in line with the target culture and tongue. Any distortion in the meaning or localization process can cause you huge loss.

Better ROI : What’s the point of investing in a market that doesn’t let you enjoy higher returns on investment? This implies that either you invested in the wrong market or your approach somehow failed to appeal to the masses. So, to ensure that you don’t come across the latter case, you must focus on the right approach, i.e. accurate localization of videos, animated files, PPTs etc. This will not just give an edge in the market, but also improve the ROI.

Access to a Global Market : All the above points can be summarized in this point that you may get a smooth access to a global market that is loyal and revenue-generating for your business. Adapting to their culture and language, gives you a golden chance to enter the global market and establish firm a solid connection with the audience. This in turn, will help you multiply your revenue, returns and fame.

Thus, to ensure that your customers are satisfied and stay loyal to your brand, you must get your content localized with the highest level of precision and accuracy. The worldwide audience is looking forward to you and you, just for cost cutting or other reasons, cannot and shouldn’t be compromising with localization. When the whole world is infront of you, you shouldn’t be worrying about small issues. Just try to realize that localization isn’t an added cost; it is something that will save you from incurring huge costs and losses.


Benefits of Outsourcing Multimedia Localization Services to Us

These days, multimedia is widely used for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Thus, for a global enterprise, it becomes very important to get authentic localization for different multimedia content. Hiring an in-house team for such a task can be very expensive and daunting at the same time. Hence, outsourcing these services to us is the best solution. We not only act as a connecting bridge between you and your target audience, but also, ensure that the message conveyed mirrors the original message of your brand.

Here are some of the many benefits that you may get by choosing us as your outsourcing partner –

 Our team strives towards a complete and clear understanding of the client’s needs and demands. Henceforth, they work in close coordination to meet the requirements with hundred percent satisfaction level.

 We take the full responsibility of delivering the assignment within time, without compromising with the quality input. Hence, educating, informing and connecting with the customers become easy.

 We also assure a low pricing scheme, which helps you invest your money in other important activities, without disturbing the budget. Thus, we do not let you think of localization, as an added cost.

So, if you desire a higher visibility or higher sales graph for your brand, you must start taking localization into consideration. We do not claim to be the best outsourcing partner for your brand, as you may find thousands of localization vendors in the market. However, we do assure a better service, a qualitative work, professionalism and a friendly guidance than others. Further, we would also like to mention that our work is flawless enough to give a tough fight to your rivals.


Why Choose Us?

On account of all the benefits and the edge we have on others, you must have got an idea, as to why should choose us. With each new project, comes different challenges; however, our team manages to cope with them and deliver an error-free output, in line with your requirements. As per the feedback of some of our clients, here are some reasons why they choose us and why you should too –

 Experienced and talented localization experts
 99.9% accuracy
 Shortest possible turnaround time
 Most competitive rates
 Can localize in any language, be it an Indian or foreign language

So, if you have been longing to dazzle international markets with your multimedia content, get in touch with us. We have the right team on board that will help you before, during and even after the localization has been done and delivered to your end. At the time of global expansion, you must take any risks, as far as translation and localization is concerned. Thus, with an experienced partner, like us, you will face no problem in connecting with the target audience.

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