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Fastest professional website localization Services by 4000+ certified website localizers who offer accurate localization Services in website for government, public and private sectors. Since last 15 years, we are providing high quality website localization services in NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Amritsar, Chandigarh and all across the world. In short, our services are spread over the nations worldwide and are trusted by various global organizations, for their diverse website localization needs. This is the reason why we are a renowned Website Localization Company in the global market of today. So, if you are looking for the best quality, optimum satisfaction and native experts, who could localize your website as per your target culture, you are at the right place.

What Is Website Localization?

Website localization is the process in which the modification of an existing website is done to make it suitable for a target audience to access it. Website localization includes the proper translation of the website content from one language to another according to the locals.

Types of Website Localization:

Italian Website Korean Website Shopping Website
Spanish Website Czech Website Opencart Website
Japanese Website Vietnamese Website Mobile Website
Turkish Website Indonesian Website Fashion Website
French Website Greek Website Technology Website
Dutch Website Swedish Website Software Website
Arabic Website Ecommerce Website Hardware Website
German Website Oscommerce Website Pharmaceutical Website
Chinese Website Shopify Website Healthcare Website
Portuguese Website Zen-Cart Website Telecommunication
Russian Website Volusion Website Non-Profit Website
Polish Website Joomla Website Retail Website
Persian Website Bigcommerce Website Dental Website
Magento Website Drupal Website Travel Website
Real Estate Website WordPress Website  

Need of Website Localization Services

Have you ever wondered how you can expand your business beyond the boundaries of a country? Have you ever thought of how would you be able to connect with the potential target locale? Localization of your website might seem an expensive and daunting idea but it’s worth understanding the need of it for your business. Website localization is not just the translation of the content of your website to another language. It is much more than that!

Here are few of the needs for the localization of your website:

Boost Sales: With the proper implementation of website localization process, it builds the visibility of your brand. Everything depends upon how your offerings are presented in the international market. How you work with the sales prospects by localizing according to the target locale thereby increases the sales of your products or services.

A Global Hit: in a world where people use their native language to communicate in different countries, companies need to adapt their language in order to target the locale. In fact, certain global industries have mandate it to provide information about your products or services in the local language.

Better ROI: According to a recent study, companies who have their websites localized, performs better and has increased ROI. It helps in supporting the business partners in different countries and creates the loyalty. Ultimately, website localization enhances the sales prospects and return on investment.

Access to a Global Market: In this world where anything can go viral within the fraction of seconds. For you to have a competitive edge over others, it is required to provide your potential customers the relevant information in their own language.

Website Localization Challenges:

 Issues with website texts in the localization of website are common, especially the readability of words and different phrases of any particular language.

 Problems while changing the character sets of both the languages because the difference between the two can make a good project look like a puzzle.

 Getting the right image for the website localization becomes difficult often because certain images have a different meaning in different language and culture.

 Dealing with inconsistencies in the formatting of postal codes, numbers, sentence structure and postal codes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Website Localization Services to Us

Website localization is required when you look to expand your business into the global markets. More than one-third of the internet users’ use their local language i.e. are non-native English speakers. Henceforth, website localization can benefit you in several ways.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing website localization services to us are mentioned below:

 We take up the responsibility of the completion of your entire task so that you can invest your precious time in the other vital operation requiring your attention.

 Our team consists of dedicated and professional native localizers who have the right understanding of the preferences and cultural nuances of the language that require modification according to the target locale.

 We assure the completion of the website localization process within the prescribed turnaround time with maximum accuracy and efficiency to facilitate the success on the worldwide level.

Our Website Localization Process

The website localization process is quite simple and easy to understand having the components mentioned below:

1- Client Enquiry: Firstly, the client enquires about the website localization services offered by us and requests for the price quote.

2- Source Document Analysis: When a quote is requested and we receive a client’s query, we analyze the source document thoroughly and send the quote to the client along with a confirmation mail, defining the turnaround time for the project.

3- Source File Preparation: This step involves the Project coordinator who contacts with the localization engineer and extracts only those portions from the source text that is required to be localized.

4- Allocation of resources: After the text has been extracted, the translation task is allocated to the most experienced translator who specializes in the type of translation (industry specific translation), you demanded.

5- Translation: The translation has been started in this step. The translators perform the accurate translation process as per the requirement and specifications of the client.

6- Proof-Reading and Quality Check: After the translation task is over, the localized files are delivered to the proof-reading experts and quality supervisors, who performs the task of editing/ proof-reading of the entire text and check the same on stringent quality parameters.

7- Project Delivery: This is the final step where all quality checks are performed over the translated document and then is finally handed over to the client within the proposed time deadlines.

The process of website localization is the reflection of the efficiency of work we offer. It helps the user in the clear understanding of the procedure we follow to deliver the results on time.

Why Choose Us?

We have a dedicated team of native website localization experts having years of experience in the sector of website localization. We are a top-notch company offering accurate and authentic services to the customers. Apart from this, we possess the following attributes:

 Availability of native speakers and assurance of data security

 Best quality of localization services with proofreading facility

 Cost effective services in the quickest turnaround time

 Customers Satisfication is our first priority

If you are facing any kind of difficulty in the localization of your website, you can turn up to us for the world-class experience and we assure you that you will get high quality website localization with 99.9 % of accuracy within the shortest span of time.

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