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Fastest professional Comment Moderation Services by 4000+ certified Comment Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in Comment for government, public and private sectors. Protecting the brand from fraudsters or filthy minded people is the most important concern for every online business today, as you may not know who may be talking bad of your brand and influencing your customers. Hence, you need to ensure that your brand is protected from false reviews and that the customers are not negatively influenced. This is the point where we come to your rescue. Our talented team of human technocrats utilizes latest fraud detection technology, which shields your brand against foul language, offensive images, fraudulent reviews, competitor price references and nudity videos. Not just this, we also monitor every single piece of user generated content, so that the online communities remain safe from any absurdity.

What is Comment Moderation?

Before we go any further, it is very important to understand the basic meaning of moderation for comments. Let’s take a very simple example of social media. Whenever a post, video etc. is uploaded on social network, ‘n’ number of comments are posted from the ones you know and from the ones you do not know. Amongst these users, there can be some filthy minded users, who may post absurd comments that would influence other users in a very negative way. Reading such comments, the genuine users would get disturbed and avoid commenting on your post. For a business man, this can be very risky as such comments degrade the brand reputation. Hence, moderation is the simplest way through which such comments are restricted from publishing online.

Need of Comment Moderation

When your business operates online, you have an added responsibility to ensure that the customers get a safe environment, where they can read genuine things about your business. What happens is that online businesses post something on social media or discussion forums, the global online population goes through it; and the ones, with filthy minds post obscene comments, which in turn, degrade the reputation of the brand in the eyes of genuine customers. You would obviously never want this to happen to your brand. Hence, such services are very essential and you must not ignore them.
In very simple words, you need these services, for the following major reasons –

 To protect brand
 To avoid cyber bullying
 To avoid nasty comments on your post
 To keep the customers’ trust on your brand high

Major Types

When it comes to moderating comments, we ensure that our services include every little thing that can foster a better brand protection. There are three major types, which are stated as under –

A) Compliance Moderation

No matter, your business is a community management platform or any popular networking site, our team ensures that every single piece of content generated by the user is in strict compliance with the policies you follow.

B) Internal Moderation

We moderate the comments in real time, so that any obscene comment is removed at the same time when it is posted. Our team tags the comments and labels them for internal team members, viz. tech support, customer service, sales etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Comment Moderation Services to Us

With years of experience and commitment towards quality, we are definitely the perfect match for you, if you are looking for an outsourcing partner. We understand how important it is for your brand to create trust among target customers; to let them know that you are a genuine brand in the market. Hence, we ensure that your voice is clearly heard by the audience, without any disruption of absurd content. Listed below are some of the benefits that you get by outsourcing these services to us –

Streamlined Work Procedure

To ensure the highest standards of quality, we follow a stringent work procedure, under the supervision of talented experts. As a result, all the user generated contents turn out to be appropriate, legitimate as well as non-contradictory. It also helps us in speedy execution of work, i.e. we take care of the tight deadlines and see to it that every task is completed within the shortest possible time period.

Specialized Human Moderators

Something which can be understood by human brain can never be understood by any machine, no matter how technologically advanced it may get. Hence, our team consists of human technocrats or moderators, who hold specialization in different areas of expertise. Hence, your project is assigned to a moderator or a team that specifically deals with moderating comments or other kind of content. Our team works in close coordination with the clients, to clearly understand their specific needs and requirements.

Instant Alerts

As soon as our moderators detect any kind of content or comment containing absurdity, safety concerns, customer service issues, links of malicious websites, or anything else that degrades the reputation of your brand, they instantly remove the same and alert you about the condition. This implies that we conduct our work in real time and never let the shopping experience of your customers, turn bad.

Multilingual Specialty

Being multilingual is the necessity of every online business today. Hence, we offer moderation services in multiple languages. Be it an Indian or foreign language, we moderate comments in all languages and their respective dialects. We understand that your target customers can be situated anywhere around the world, and the content generated by the users can be in any language. Hence, our multilingual team removes any kind of obscene comment, no matter which language it is in.

In simple words, getting an authentic content is easy, if you join hands with us. The online population is incredibly huge. You never know when your competitors and some filthy-minded users post negative comments regarding your business. Since, you’ll be busy in executing other important activities related to your business, you’ll never come to know about such things. Henceforth, you need to hire a team that is specifically dedicated towards improving the kind of experience that your customers might feel when they visit your website or any of your posts.

Why Choose Us?

From the above mentioned benefits, you might have got an idea, as to why we are the perfect match for all of your moderation requirements. Choosing us over others will also help you in boosting your sales and driving in more traffic. So, what is keeping you waiting? Here are some of the major reasons why you should definitely give us a call to outsource our services –

 Real time multilingual moderation
 Follow strict quality control measures
 100% minimization of inappropriate content
 Cost efficient and scalable services
 Human moderators and technocrats

Now, there is no reason for you to keep waiting? By the time, you are just thinking, your competitors would devise new strategies to put you down; and who knows they might have posted intimidating comments that may influence your target customers. So, it’s high time that you must make efforts to protect your brand and retain your customers. Call us right away to know more!!

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