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Our skilled and native human technocrats have forte in rendering professional content moderation or brand protection services for user generated content across all social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others. No matter the content is in the form of blog post, image, text, feedback, video or reviews, we can help you get user friendly and relevant content, every time a customer visits your website, social media page, online community etc. Further, we offer secure and real time content moderation services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Hyderabad Mumbai Bangalore Chandigarh Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkata Amritsar and various other nations worldwide. Not just this, our content moderation company also provides brand protection assistance for all major industries, viz. technical, legal, medical, tourism, mining, hospitality, media, marketing, real estate, life science, engineering and so forth.

As a business owner, you must be knowing that social media and various other media platforms within your website allow you to solicit responses from the customers. But, sometimes it may result into the negative consequences, as permitting a user-generated content without precise moderation can put your brand value and image at risk. Hence, it is very critical to look for a multilingual team that offers online moderation of content, which is basically a method preferred by site providers to sort obscene, illegal and insulting content. This is the point, where TridIndia comes into play. With a multilingual team of moderators, we moderate all sorts of spammy content in more than 250+ languages and regional dialects. Hence, under the vigilance of our team, you can just sit back and relax; because we have got you covered.

Need of Moderating Content

As mentioned above, Brand protection is the sole purpose, why companies are continually developing the need to moderate their social content. In today’s technology savvy world, all the brands are engaging with their target consumers via micro-sites, social networks, outdoor billboards, live chat pages, forums, blogs and more. Hence, a huge amount of data gets transmitted and posted on a serviced website regularly that necessitates for content regulation. Engagement is great medium to boost the followership, but all of the content created by the user – images, text, audio, or video etc. – cannot be published, as they carry a potential risk to the brand image.

It could contain

  Obscene content
  Defamatory material
  Breach of copyright
  Intimidating comments
  Child abuse
  Spam/off-topic comments

Hence, maintaining tandem with all such consequences, our deft team of moderators, endeavors to offer complete protection to your brand alongside render a better experience to your online audience, i.e. free from spam or unsuitable user generated content or flame wars.

What We Do?

In order to deliver complete protection for consumer risk and brand, we provide the following in more than 250 languages and across the globe:

1- Moderation for Social Media : With a view to catch and eliminate every kind of risk, our unmatched moderation services work across all the social channels. Our team scrapes every post, comment and other items based on the criteria you designate. Finally as per your instructions, we notify you and remove the bad content. Whether it is the moderation for Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube, our team is vigilantly watching over your channels.

2- Comment & Forum Moderation : Community forums are great for audience engagement. But they work until any spammy content shows up. Hence, TridIndia abolishes such risk, thereby protecting audience satisfaction and critical ad revenue by monitoring for inappropriate content. Thorough examination of each and every comment helps us to discard abusive content.

3- Video & Image Moderation : You can easily invite users to exchange their video or image without worrying about the creeps who upload violence and other nuisance content. Our team sweeps across the social channels and makes sure that none of the bad stuff slips through. Our services are designed to examine and scape off the bad content, following rigorous standards.

4- Chat Moderation : Our team catches every possible risk and confirms accuracy and flawlessness with double-layers of review. Under the chat moderation service, our team will locate and finally eliminate any bad actors, such as online predators that try to use your game, messaging app or other service. With an added advantage of being multilingual, our team analyzes the language, style and tone of every single chat.

5- Outbound Social Risk Defense : We understand that even a single errant tweet or internal leak can be the reason for a huge uproar. Thus, we check every outbound message from your social channels before it actually goes out. With comprehensive monitoring of outbound social channels, we review dozens of posts.

6- Existing Website Content Moderation : Apart from the above tasks, our team of exceptionally talented content moderators makes sure that the existing website content is thoroughly moderated, thereby eliminating the unwanted or irrelevant stuff. If you are unsatisfied with content on your website, then our team can guide you by moderating, proof-reading the content. This will help your visitors to look at a content that is pure excellence and devoid of any error.

Major Social Platforms Served Major Languages
YouTube Indian languages
Facebook European languages
Google+ African languages
Twitter Middle-East languages
Pinterest Asian Languages

Why Outsource To TridIndia?

Each day, we invest our efforts to project a positive image that your brand needs to prosper. Hence, outsourcing to TridIndia could turn up as an advantageous decision for your brand. You can outsource to us for a number of reasons, such as:

  We keep conformity with the quality control measures.
  We commit for 98% accuracy.
  We are known to offer comprehensive and accurate moderation services.
  We aim at minimization of inappropriate content.
  We commit for cost and time savings.
  Offer real time multilingual moderation.
  Moderated more than 1500 content and still counting.
  Our services act as a fuel for your rapid industry growth.
  Boast of a team of multilingual human moderators and technocrats.
  Encourages a safe environment for customers.
  Global coverage across all social channels in 3000+ language combinations.

Global Safety for Your Brand

Relying on our accurate services, you can be rest assured that your online content is safe from spam/intimidate/off-topic content. Hence, your brand is globally safe from such unwanted intrusions, risks and crises. With such a thought, you will be ultimately opened to make informed, strategic business decisions. Further, our services for moderating content are so blazing fast and cost-effective that will blow your mind, in positive way, ofcourse.

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