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Fastest professional Social Media Moderation Services by 4000+ certified Social Media Moderators who offer accurate Moderation Services in Social Media for government, public and private sectors. Social media has transformed into a major platform that connect millions of users from around the world. This automatically makes it a lucrative place for businesses to reach out to their target customers. But, do you really think that promoting your business online is completely safe? The online population is incredibly huge and you never know when your competitor or any random user posts something defamatory regarding your business. When you allow user generated content over your social media channels or accounts, the risk of negative comments or disturbing content increases automatically. This would create a negative impression about your business and your target customers may not pay attention to your brand.

What is Social Media Moderation?

Social media is the most powerful platform that helps businesses connect to other businesses as well to their potential customers in an instant. Thus, the use of social media for conducting business or driving more sales is very common. However, some online users may hinder your success, by posting defamatory content – videos, comments, reviews etc. – on your social media channels. This in turn, makes your brand evolve as a fraudulent online business in the eyes of online customers. Therefore, it is advised to outsource services related to the moderation of social media. This will help your brand remain safe against any hostile agents and no user would be able to upload any sort of disturbing content that degrades your brand value.

Need of Social Media Moderation

Every day, millions of customers are connecting to each other on your social media channels/ accounts or properties. Hence, it is your duty to provide them with a safe and friendly atmosphere, where they can connect with your brand as well as with other users. But, what if any random, filthy minded user tries to disrupt the welcoming atmosphere of your social media property? Your brand reputation and value would be at risk. Your customer base would start declining and due to a bad reputation online, it would be nearly impossible to cater new markets or niches. Hence, social media moderation evolves as the only way that can help you sail through in such a crisis situation. These services protect your audience and brand from hostile agents, thereby creating a perfect atmosphere for the target customers.

Broadly speaking, such moderation services are necessary for the following major reasons –

To protect your brand name, trust and reputation
To avoid cyber bullying
To moderate user generated content and restrict any kind of obscene content
To improve product sales and protect the customers shopping experience

In simple words, your need to keep the brand reputation high among the online audience, is the ultimate need of outsourcing moderation services. No doubt, you can promote your business online without these services. Your social media app may run successfully in the market. But, as your competition and business grows, you will start facing certain challenges, amongst which, absurd user generated content will be the major one. Thus, if you desire to make way for a flourishing business, you need to eliminate all such challenges that come your way.

Major Types

Backed by a team of talented moderators, we offer high quality services for moderating social media for different global brands. Hence, to cater to your variegated needs and requirements, our services

Discussion Forum Moderation

The risk of obscene content is generally seen more on Discussion forums, as they allow users to openly discuss about your brand. Hence, this type of moderation ensures protection against spammers and trolls.

Live Broadcasting Moderation

Going live on social media is a big trend these days, and while you do this, the haters around, may post something defamatory. Thus, we moderate the videos, images and comments in real time, thereby saving you from oops moment.

Social Ad Moderation

Despite of crafting engaging ads, you may not get the desired results. The only reason behind this is spam comments and negative product reviews on your social media post. Hence, ad campaigns are moderated to give the best result.

Social Competition Moderation

When you ask social media followers to post videos, photos etc., you unconsciously invite spammers to post violating content. Hence, our team ensures that no inappropriate content is posted on your social media channel.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Moderation Services to Us

Being an online business owner, we can clearly understand the pain and efforts involved in promoting your business/ brand online. Apart from all the marketing strategies, it requires an extra endeavor to reach out to customers and protect the brand from filthy minded users. Hence, if you join hands with us, it would be easier for you to concentrate on other business activities and leave the moderation part to us. Our team ensures that no piece of absurd content is posted on your social media property and that the customers get a safe, welcoming environment to know as well as discuss about your brand. By outsourcing these services to us, you’ll have the benefits –

Streamlined Work Procedure

No matter, which task you are involved in, it would end up nowhere, unless and until you have a proper plan of action. This implies that you must execute the tasks as per a streamlined workflow, in order to get the desired results within time. Hence, our team designed a smooth work procedure that enables us to carry out the moderation tasks within time. As a result, the output turns out be authentic, appropriate and qualitative. Further, you must know that the entire task is executed under the guidance of dexterous professionals.

Specialized Human Moderators

Our years of experience in the business world taught us that no matter, how big or small your budget is the only thing that will keep you competitive in the market is ‘quality’ work. Hence, we focus on quality and not on quantity. This doesn’t mean that we do not take bulk assignments. We do work on them and we make sure that the quality is never compromised. To accomplish this, we work with specialized human moderators who have years of experience in moderation of social media for different brands. Your project is assigned to a specific team that specializes in your specific industry.

Instant Alerts

Anything can happen in business within a nick of time. By the time, you’ll respond to it, things may go beyond your power. Hence, while moderating content, we make sure that you are alert about each and every detail related to your social media properties. As soon as we discover any sort of disturbing video, comment, image or anything that may be affecting your brand reputation, we instantly let you know about the condition and remove the same in real time. With this, your social media doesn’t get polluted with absurd non-sense content, plus you get to know the things right on time.

Multilingual Specialty

Businesses are global these days, and if an online business owner is not leveraging the online platform by not expanding the business boundaries, he or she is definitely at loss. Your target customers can be placed anywhere around the world. Hence, while you target multilingual audience and allow them to post content on your social media channels, you may be giving permission to a whole lot of multilingual content. In such a process, you may get some content that do not speak your language and are defamatory. Hence, to help you with this, we have multilingual specialists on board, who moderate in all Indian and foreign languages.

In a nutshell, we are the perfect partners for you, if you planning to outsource such services. Not just we have the talent, but also expertise and experience in this domain. Such a combination helps us serve our customers better. So, if you desire to shield your brand against any bad agents (video, comments, images etc.), we are there to help. Social media is a powerful platform. It can either make or break your business. So, contribute your efforts in the former one and start investing in these immaculate services.

Why Choose Us?

After going through all the above benefits, you might have got a clear idea as to why hiring us for the moderation task is the best choice. While searching online, you may come across thousands of service providers, who will claim to serve you with the right services. However, you should note that something that we promise to you is unmatched and you will never get the same anywhere else in the market. Most of our clients choose us for the following reasons-

 Highly experienced human moderators and technocrats
 Multilingual moderation in real time
 Stringent quality control measures
 Complete minimization of inappropriate content
 Very affordable and scalable services

It’s high time that you must start acting now. We do not want you segregate your focus on moderation and business growth simultaneously. You just concentrate on important business activities and leave the moderation part on us. We will keep all of your social media properties clean and perfect for the target customers. For more details, get in touch with us today.

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